Mafia Heir's Contract Wife [Mafia Games V]

Mafia Heir's Contract Wife [Mafia Games V]

By:  M.Z. Mauve  Updated just now
Language: English
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After her 24th birthday, Seraphine "Sephie" Azur, a college dropout, meets Dominico Tomassini, the rightful heir and son of an Italian banker and real estate mogul. A violent incident during a party thrown by the Tomassinis thrusts Seraphine into their family's web of secrets. Dominico is forced to take Seraphine to Florence to keep an eye on her and ensure her safety. He lends her money while they live together as part of a clandestine agreement. After graduating and a long, painful year of pining for his love, Seraphine abandons her end of the deal, desperate to find happiness, freedom, and true love. Will she escape the Tomassini heir's tenacious grip and get her own life back? Or will her stubborn feelings for Dominico keep her trapped in his messy, dangerous life? [Romance/Billionaire/Mafia]

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17 Chapters
| 1 | Birthday Girl's Dead...Inside
•ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDCOPYRIGHT © 2024 by M.Z.Mauve• DISCLAIMER •Scenes, characters, dialogues and events in this story are all invented.This story contains mature themes, profanity, violence, and sexual content not intended for young readers. All photos included in this book belong to the copyright owners. Full credits to the owners.Unauthorized reproduction of any part of this story or plagiarism of any kind is prohibited by the law.| MAIN CHARACTERS |FL ••• Seraphine "Sephie" Lee Azur- 24 years old - receptionist and college dropoutML ••• Dominico "Doni" / "Dom" Deschanel Tomassini- 29 years old - CFO of his father's new firm that manages the Tomassinis' dirty money - founder and former CEO of a bankrupt fintech companyChapter 1••••••••••••••••••••[ S E R A P H I N E ] I'm a killer.I killed someone last night.Sweet old Sephie is dead. I murdered innocent little Sephie in more ways than I imagined. She died the moment I accepted the money. Gratefully. The biggest
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| 2 | The One & Only Heir
[ S E R A P H I N E ] "You good?" Dominico squints at me, then tosses back the whiskey in his second glass."Sì, Signore." [Yes, Sir.] The guy stares at me with furrowed brows. "Don't call me that." My heart drops at his emotionless voice. My shoulders tense up, and my cheeks feel like they're burning. "Pardon?""I'm not your boss." My gut clenches. Embarrassment heats up my throat and the back of my eyes. "Right." I try not to scowl as I put away the cleaning supplies. What the heck is this asshole's problem? Is it me? Because I didn't even try to look like I belong here? Is he disgusted by this outfit? Because I look too tacky for his refined tastes? According to some pictures online, he dated a 20-something Spanish model slash actress. Therefore he probably likes women with immaculate fashion taste.The jerk finally gets up from the stool and swigs the rest of his drink. As I keep my mouth shut, Dominico plops the empty glass back on the bar. "And I'm pretty sure you know my
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| 3 | Not The Bad Guy
[ S E R A P H I N E ]About 15 minutes later, I'm inside the cabin where Dominico told me I should "hide" if I want to avoid his father for the next couple of hours. I'm double-checking Dominico's injuries, making sure his nose isn't broken. I don't really need to ask whether it was his father's doing. My gut tells me I already know the answer. It's the WHY that's still bugging my sleep-deprived brain. Only, it's obvious what happened between him and his father is the last thing my companion wants to chat about.So far I'm 90% sure Dominico will live and won't need emergency rhinoplasty. The bleeding already stopped, and his septum doesn't look deviated, but the bridge of his nose does look swollen. My dad has taught me more than basic first aid over the years, and Dominico seems to believe me.We're still alone, still in the same clothes, exchanging awkward glances while I sit next to him on the left side of the bed. It's not too small for two people, but rather uncomfortable if he
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| 4 | The Damsel's In Distress
[ S E R A P H I N E ] When I step out of the bathroom in an old cotton shirt and clean leggings, the curtains are lightly swaying in the early morning breeze. They cast dappled shadows across the bed sheets. Okay. Dominico bothered to cover up the windows. Maybe he can't sleep in a room that isn't pitch-dark.I take a deep breath. I feel a bit lighter, relaxed, and not that dizzy anymore. The lights have been turned off. Except one. I suppose he left the nightstand lamp on for my sake. The yacht sways ever so slightly, and I don't hear any strange noises coming from outside.Thank goodness. Ignazio hasn't found me yet.Dominico is still on the couch, sitting alone and...What the heck? The guy's half-naked? When did he take his clothes off? Where did he put them?I stand still and open-mouthed beside the bed, my insides already in knots. But maybe this is normal for him? Sleeping in his underwear... And to be fair, his dark boxers still hide enough of his private parts and a few i
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| 5 | I Hate Mondays
[ D O M I N I C O ] Another sun-drenched morning on this thing. "Great." I sigh. It almost feels surreal after a long night of boozing and chaos. I shield my eyes from the blinding rays with my hand, wearing nothing but wrinkled pants and old boxers. I shut the door behind me. Right now Seraphine's much safer locked up in the bathroom. This shouldn't take a while. I step out into the quiet deck. Empty. Not a single soul. The waves look calm. Unlike my brain. Who the fuck woke me up for nothing? "Enzo?" I scratch my chest and head towards the stairs. I didn't order room service, and my father would've screamed his head off if it was him knocking incessantly. "Enzo," I call out, clenching my jaw as the throbbing pain in my nose intensifies. An unwanted reminder of my father's anger management issues. One of many. My face can still feel those two solid punches. It's a miracle I even fell asleep. Somehow those little pills Seraphine gave me worked their magic. The gnawing pain immed
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| 6 | Keep In Touch
[ S E R A P H I N E ] This bathroom is giving me claustrophobia. I sigh and press against the cool tiles, my lips getting dry and chapped. I want to jump off this yacht. Go home and be alone all week. But I'm not supposed to get out of here unless Dominico comes back and starts knocking on the door. Unless he gets me out of this cabin himself. Not sure why I'm trusting every single thing he says. It kinda feels like I have no choice, though. "Ten more hours." For now I'm stuck on this boat. Stuck inside this bathroom which obviously costs more than everything I own. "You signed that contract. Now suck it up," I sigh as my hands grip my phone. Shit. I really don't wanna show my face anywhere. I don't know if I can act like nothing happened and just get on with what I'm being paid to do here. In broad daylight, no less. It's comforting how Dominico's reminder and reassurance earlier almost defeat my frantic thoughts. I don't have much proof that he's someone I can fully trust, but
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| 7 | New Friend
[ S E R A P H I N E ] Drive me home? Is he serious? Why would he do that? It's probably guilt. Or he pities me because of what happened. Well, almost happened. Maybe he feels guilty for what his father tried to do. I don't expect him to, but, apparently this guy feels the need to make it up to me one way or another. "You... No. You don't have to." I look away from Dominico and check my phone. No new calls. No new messages. Nothing. Ugh. Pathetic. "Angelx30" is still offline. The guy must be tied up with work. Or vacationing somewhere remote. Somewhere I've never been. Hopefully not with his girlfriend. Or wife? Yikes. I hope I'm not ruining someone's marriage or anything.Dominico reclines and swallows the pasta in his mouth. "You don't want me to make sure my father's not lurking around?" He looks at me with his expressive green eyes squinting a little, his tone denoting some concern. A humorless grin follows his question as hesitation grips my thoughts. "No. No need. But, than
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| 8 | A Good Reason To Lie
[ S E R A P H I N E ]My nap is cut short when my phone buzzes between my thighs. I sit up and hastily fix my hair, the grogginess replacing the dizziness I've been ignoring all day. I sigh at the useless notification on my screen. Just another spammy email. "Ugh." I unbuckle my seat belt and stretch my back. The rain has stopped, and we're finally somewhere familiar. We're here in the spacious parking lot of my workplace. Dominico steps out of the car after parking the Maserati in the dimmer corner, just across the lobby. When I step outside, the evening air nips at my bare skin, and the place looks quiet. Typical on weeknights. There are several vehicles around us, but I think they're mostly my coworkers'. Dominico leans against the driver's window and doesn't look up from his phone even after I step in front of him. “Good nap?” I put on a smile despite the soreness in my legs and feet. My entire back needs a good crack, but I don't really have the time or money for regular app
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| 9 | The Seductress
[ S E R A P H I N E ] My mind won't stop racing. All this overthinking is making me dizzy again. The dim glow of my night lamp doesn't help much. I need four more hours of sleep, but my brain won't give it a rest now that I'm all alone again. I'm back here in my quiet apartment, my body tired as ever, but my swirling thoughts are too loud to shut off. “Ugh.” I don't think I'll make it through this week in good health and sane. I wanna blame Dominico...even though it's not really his fault. The guy's just trying to help. My conscience keeps reminding me to thank him again for keeping his pervy father away from me and for escorting me off that yacht, and then driving me back to the country club.But is it all an act? Does he have ulterior motives? Or he's just a decent human being I luckily bumped into? The latter seems true, but my gut still says it's a bit of both. I can't think of a particular reason why Dominico thinks being my protector (and fake boyfriend?) will do him any fav
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| 10 | First Date
[ D O M I N I C O ]“You found Ottavio?”“Not yet.” I look away from the cloudy sky and glance at Enzo.He just got back from New York. After another meeting with his top executives this morning, he picked me up just so he won't have lunch alone with his bodyguards. Like most weekdays. Today he looks like the suited up FOH manager who overspends on his clothes, while I'm dressed like the head chef who goes out to smoke halfway through service. Not like anyone in this place cares. Unless I'm at a big corporate event, I usually don't give a shit about how I look when I'm not at work. I'm getting old, turning 30 soon, and this generation's obsession with impressing other people they don't even know is getting fuckin' ridiculous. “But I'm sure his ex knows where he's hiding.” “You found Freja's new address?” Enzo mutters as his left hand distractedly fixes his gray suit jacket. It almost matches the checkered tablecloth, but he's still the best-dressed among this hour's customers. “On
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