Mafia Resentment

Mafia Resentment

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Just one misstep, but the cost was exorbitant. Everyone who knows me refers to me as a demon with an angelic face. Moxie Guerra was my name. Seventeen is my age. I'm the type of woman who has high standards for everything. I would only want the best food if I were to eat. If it were up to me, I would only wear the finest, most expensive clothes. When it comes to a man that I like, he has to be super rich, super handsome, and super popular. I am descended from my father's concubine, who passed away after I was born, because of that my father's second family despises me. Since my father was a mafia boss, I was raised in the most hazardous environment possible. Nobody thought I was patient or compassionate. However, I was terrified of my father. And that's what my weakness is. But when I learned that my father had made the decision to marry the richest son in the nation without seeking my consent, my invisible horn appeared. I wasn't a mafia boss' daughter for nothing. I'm as self-centered as my father was. I go to a location I know my father won't suspect I'm heading to. I stop in the closest bar before leaving. When I had enough bravery, I drove to my mother's town, where there were many trees and other plants, and the road was not made of concrete. My entire existence was more significant than my fastidious attitude, despite the fact that I loathed living in a normal province. My automobile, however, collapsed in the middle of a huge highway on the way there. I managed to survive despite being drunk. A man in a black Hummer drove up and saved me. His awful, dangerous smile.

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23 Chapters
1 before
(3 months after)MoxieI tilt my head. My eyes were covered by a piece of clothing. I admit I was scared. Yet I have to focus. I was the daughter of a mafia boss; fear shouldn't be in my dictionary.I can sense danger around every corner!I was born tough; fear has no place in me. I try to remove the cloth from my eyes by moving them. I could smell the filthy hell the place must have been.I was seated in a hard wooden chair. Damn, if this were my last day on earth, I should call god or Allah or whatever people call them.For goodness' sake, I was abducted; who knows if I would survive? Nevertheless, the firmness of the chair I was sitting in caused me to loathe it.I was unable to move. I was tied up tightly. Whoever did this knows me very well. The smell gives me the idea that I was in some poorly lit place, like a beggar's room, if I'm not mistaken.I quickly began to roam my eyes after I successfully removed the clothes. I wanted to throw up. This place was worse than I thought.
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2_ accident
MoxieI sing along at the top of my lungs with the music inside the car that I just stole. a few hours ago.Yes, I know how to carjack. I'm not a mafia boss's daughter for no reason. Stealing something was easy peasy for me.My guards? I easily escape from them. As of now? I'm pretty sure I was over a hundred kilometers away from them.However, my heart is still beating so fast. I usually escape through them, but this is the first time I've done this with no plans of returning.I took a glance at my suitcase, where some clothes were. cash that I had to withdraw almost every day since I couldn't just withdraw it once. I'm sure my father would suspect me if I did that. So I just withdrew maybe more than the usual amount of money I use to shop almost every day. For that, my dad would just think that it's my escape from the stress I've been experiencing. Since learning about the arranged marriage my dad made with the wealthiest son he knows, my dad is certain that I simply double-shopped
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3_ attractive
IceIt was opaque that night. I was on the hiding spot inside of the old building, holding my dangerous and one of my baby bolt action sniper rifles. I was pointing it at the people down in the dark alley. There was an illegal negotiation between the most wanted syndicate; however, they couldn't be caught by the police because most of them were paying the justice. This is the first time he has been able to witness one of their firm members engaging in this unlawful transaction in the nearly ten years that he has been an assassin chasing down evil guys throughout the globe.But this was also the first time he wasn't sure if he would do it or not. Why? because his soon-to-be wife's father was Mr. Alvin Barton. Candice is a girl who has chocolate-colored eyes and has an innocent smile.He still remembers Candice's rudeness toward him when they first met. They were still kids at the time. However, after how many years of pursuing her and following her wherever she went, she finally gave
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4_ danger
MoxieI'm not sure why, but I seemed to be so tempting in his ominous forest eyes. I can't help but shake my head. This is the first time I felt this way about a random guy; for some reason, this man was too alluring. I'm not easily attracted to people, for Pete's sake. But how is it possible that one man could make me feel everything that I haven't felt from anyone else? His Italian accent made me want to open my legs for him. though he wasn't actually doing anything.I should stay away from this man. It'll be a disaster if I try to come any closer. Yet, it seems like I am not myself anymore. Just by looking at him, I forgot all the things behind.suddenly a thundershock came in, drawing a line in the sky, and the features of the guy in this dark road shimmered more clearly in my eyes. That means I am more into him right now.We both gasped as the rain began to fall from the sky. We couldn't move from the exact spot where we were for about five minutes. just standing there, examining
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5 doom
Ice I cursed a hundred times as this seductive lady crossed the distance between us. I'm doomed. I utter I try to focus. Think about Candice. An hour ago I betrayed my fiance by killing her father. Now I let myself be tempted by a stranger. What the hell is happening to me? However, just one kiss by this stranger made all the trains of thoughts inside my head vanish. All I could think of was her scent and her beautiful face. I'm smitten. This is the only explanation for all that happened to me. I admit I don't feel too much attraction toward my fiance, just like I am attracted to this girl, so what the hell did this woman have? I couldn't get enough of the girl. The mix of alcohol in her lovely mouth makes me want more. She's so addictive. I couldn't get enough of her. The rain dropped, and for a moment, the web in my head was embroiled. The next thing I knew, I was ripping off the thin clothes covering her delicate core. Her moan of pleasure sounds like music to me. Every
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6 meet his parent
Moxie I'm ready for all kinds of attacks that may come from this man while he's glaring at me. We just had sex! Now he's acting like nothing happened. Is this how one-night stands work? Or maybe we hadn't finished it? I peek at his visible bulge secretly. As I see it, it's still hard... I wonder if it hurts. Maybe he's acting mad because of that? But it's because of the accident. He doesn't need to act like a jerk. Why the hell did you point the blame at me? Ugh! Ice phones ring, which makes the atmosphere around them lighter. I hope he didn't fake his name like I did. "Hello? Yes, I'm visiting their tomb. Why? Really?" "Don't worry, I'll be back as soon as possible." I just listened to what this man had to say on the other side. Though she didn't understand she was frustrated enough to apprehend what he had been saying. Besides, it's not her business. The call ended. His gaze turned back on me again. "Don't think too highly of yourself," not because I was attracted to you ea
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7 his girl
Moxie "What are you doing here?" Moxie asked in panic. As what she could see through those dangerous pairs of eyes. His broad shoulder is on display. And good lord, I promise my eyes was to pop out. I almost always check my mouth if I'm drooling. This man is more dangerously gorgeous with the lights on. "I told you I'm dangerous if a woman teases me." "More if she stares at me like what you were doing now." Narrowing my eyes, I didn't expect any kind behavior from this man, which is why I instantly fell for that kind of gaze. Damn him. "I warn you. I'll scream if you come any closer towards me." "Why? Are you afraid that you couldn't stop your self-toss on me?" Ice said... Should I be the one asking you that? "You literally come over in my room." I grin while I notice his jaw clenching. peeved at what I said. I see we both have high pride. "What?" "Did I hit the nerve? " "I came in just to remind you to shut your mouth." nothing happened on the road." I smirk. "Including wh
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8 a mistake
Moxie "Are there any malls or boutiques nearby?" I asked while having breakfast with t he entire family. We are on the first floor, where the family's kitchen is located. a few people passing by the hall, which I can see through the open door of the kitchen. Maybe some tenants are staying on the first floor. I wonder if they have a kitchen as well. If their rooms were as small as mine, she could tell the space was not enough to have a kitchen. "Are you planning to buy something?" Hazel asks. On the other hand, Ice just went on eating like he didn't hear anything. "Some stuff, and maybe groceries?" "Since I'm staying here, I should buy food, right?" "I thought you wouldn't think about that. I suggest you buy your own stove where you could cook for yourself." Ice interrupts all of a sudden. I eye him in horror. I don't know how to cook! I don't even know how a stove works, for Pete's sake! “She shouldn't have to do that. We could put her in our budget." Daisy, Ice's mother, said
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9 Feisty
Ice I really hate this woman's gut. She's the only girl who could keep up with my naughty behavior. Or should I say she is more mischievous than me? to the point that I easily pettish at her words. I teased her, yet at the end, I would end up annoyed. I could tell that she was used to it. She has a strong personality; she has no fright. She spe aks out her words, though she knows the impact of the way she replies. If a regular dude, for sure she's already tossing in her bed, for instance. But since I was the one who stole her fucking V card, I wonder how she handled the other man she pissed off. Either the guys coming upon her are pussies or she has bravery that all men would be afraid of. But as I notice, she's not that intimidating, so how? Is it maybe her family? I nod. Her family is surely so powerful that no one could behave inadequately toward her. Good thing my pride keeps up. That's the only thing keeping me from tossing her in bed that night. I tilted my head as I saw he
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10 attractive to you
IceShe struggles and fights. She wants to escape from me. "Why did you tell that to your sister?" Do you know what consequences you have to go through after this? Damn, I'm not here to be with some random cheater like you.I swallow hard. The more she struggles, the stiffer the thing down in my pants gets. "Damn it, don't fucking move, baby girl, or I'll let out this monster inside of me again." I'm sorry, I just thought we needed to talk before I went. Yes, I do have a girlfriend. Making out with you last night is totally wrong. But I remind you that you were the first one to initiate. "I'm just an ordinary guy, you know."I tilt my head as she moves again. Damn this girl! She won't stop until I laugh crazily."Stop the car," she said, using the famous word for a woman if she fights with her boyfriend inside the car. The thing is, I'm not her boyfriend. I can tell how dangerous her tone is. She let me know that at any moment she would send me to hell if I didn't open it. "I said
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