Chloe  POV:

He left after saying those words. I felt numb as if my life had stopped. I can't even breathe properly.

My knees felt like jelly and I fell on the floor.

I sat there crying my life out. I don't know for how long I sat there and cried.

A knock on the door pulled me out of my trance. I looked up and saw the same woman.

She saw me on the floor and put the tray of food on the bedside table and rushed toward me.

She held my face in both of her hands and wiped my tears.

"Don't cry, girl. You'll be fine shhh." That woman consoled her.

I hugged her and cried, my tears were wetting her shirt, but she didn't care and patted my head and comforted me.

"H-he said *sob* he will marry *sob* me after a week. I don't *sob* want it. I want to *sob* go home. I'm just *sob* twenty." Chloe cried out.

"It's okay. Stop crying girl shhh. I'm here." That woman spoke.

I stayed in that hugging position for a while and my sobs died down after a while. I broke the hug and cleared my face with my hands.

"What's your name girl?" That elderly lady asked.

"My name is Chloe. What's yours?" I asked softly.

"My name is Jessica. But everyone called me Jess. I work here as a head maid." That elderly woman replied.

She smiled. I smiled back and asked her.

"Where am I? Do you know him? Are there more people who live here? Why did he kidnap me?" I asked all the questions.

"I can't tell you where you are but this place is far away from the main city. And he is Andrew. He is rude and hard from the outside, but he is so soft and a good man from the heart. I raised him after his parents. He is hurt. He is like my son, but he never shows it in front of anyone. And only Andrew lives here and me and my daughter, she is of your age we manage the house. And lastly, I don't know why he brought you here. He never brought a girl home. It’s unlike him. And NO MORE QUESTIONS. Eat your dinner." Jess told her sternly.

She said smiling. I just nodded and she left after locking the door.

I saw the food and events of the morning flashed in front of me. I ignored it and ate my food silently. The food was delicious.

After dinner, I lay down on the bed and I felt sleepy. There was no wall clock in the room. Ugh, I can't even know what time it is.

I saw the door and went towards it and tried to open it but it was locked, so I locked it from the inside as well. So that monster won't come inside but who am I kidding his voice is the door lock.

So I pulled the side table in front of the door. Now I'm a little satisfied, so I went to bed and my parents' thoughts came to my mind. I know they would be searching for me.

It's been more than 2 days since I think I'm here. They will be hell worried. I hope they find me before he forcefully marries me.

I don't understand what he wants from me. He said something about me being his key and revenge. What did I ever do wrong to him? Why is he doing this to me?

I never had a relationship in my 20 years of lifetime. I know I'm beautiful with white milky skin and hazel eyes with moose brown hair till my waist and a nice body.

Many guys wanted to be in a relationship with me. But I avoided it. I only wanted to be with the man I love. I wanted the man I love to be my first in everything.

But this psycho stole my first kiss. A small tear stained my cheek. I hate him so much.

I want my answers and I'll ask him directly this time.

And I dozed off to sleep.

The next morning

I woke up to the knock on my door. I jumped up and unfortunately fell on the floor. I groaned in pain.

Then I asked who was there and the voice came, Jess. I felt relieved and opened the door.

She looked at me in disbelief at how I locked the door and I just shrugged.

"Thank God that it is just me. Or the boss would be so furious." Jess spoke concerned.

"Boss?" Chloe asked, confused.

"Andrew everyone called him boss," Jess informed.

She gave me my food and left.

It's been 3 days and I haven't seen Andrew. I'm happy that I don't have to see that monster but I also want my answers.

I asked Jess about him and she said he is out on a business trip. I wondered what kind of business he does.

Today as always Jess brought my dinner and left. I ate my dinner.

I didn't have any clothes here to wear. So I wear the guy clothes in the cupboard in this room. Which, I think, is his.

I had fixed the couch in front of the glass door of the veranda. Taking in the beautiful view. The whole day I just kept sitting there and looking at the view. And sometimes tears gathered in my eyes thinking about my life and I just sat there crying the whole day.

It was late at night. I thought so because I was feeling sleepy.

I went towards the door and was locking it but it accidentally opened and I watched the door in delight.

I looked out of the door and saw a hallway with a few other doors and stairs.

Jess would be asleep by now. So I slowly and quietly went towards the stairs and went upstairs.

The hall was empty and there was a large brown door in the middle.

I opened it and it wasn't locked. I went inside and there was a large office. Which, I think, is his.

I went towards the table and hesitantly opened the drawers. In the first drawer there were a few files. Not important ones and in the second drawer, there was a black file.

I opened it and saw my father's pic and the file fell on the floor. I shakily kneel down to pick it.

But I saw there was a gun attached under the table and my breath hitched.

I stood up and then everything happened in an instant, I was slammed on the table on my back. My wrists are on each side of my head and my legs hang down from the table.

And I opened my eyes in pain and saw him. ANDREW.

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So many Grammer error , it changes POV changes from I to her all the time it’s confusing

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