Today as always Jess brought my dinner and left. I ate my dinner.

I didn't have any cloths here to wear. So I wear the guy cloths in the cupboard of this room. Which, I think is his.

I had fixed the couch in front of the glass door of the veranda. Taking in the beautiful view. The whole day I just kept sitting there and looking at the view. And sometimes tear slipped my eyes thinking about my life and I just sat there crying whole day.

It was late at night. I thought so because I was feeling sleepy.

I went towards the door and was locking it but it accidentally opened and I watched the door in delight.

I looked out of the door and saw a hallway few other doors and stairs.

Jess would be asleep by now. So I slowly and quietly went towards the stairs and went upstairs.

The hall was empty and there was a large brown door in the middle.

I opened it and it wasn't locked. I went inside and there was a large office. Which, I think is his.

I went towards the table and hesitantly opened the drawers in first drawer there were few files. Not important ones and in second drawer there was a black file.

I opened it and saw my father's pic and the file fell on the floor. I shakily kneel down to pick it.

But I saw there was a gun attached under the table and my breath hitched.

I stood up and then everything happened in an instant me slamming on the table with my back. My wrists on each side of my head and my legs hanging down from the table.

And I opened my eyes in pain and saw him. ANDREW.

In an instant I was slammed on the office desk with my back hitting the desk hard.

An unbearable pain erupted through my back due to the force of hit and a small decoration piece was slicing through my skin at the back.

My wrists were held firmly on both sides of my head. And my legs were hanging down of the desk.

And the most furious Andrew was standing in between my legs. And was hovering over me.

His eyes were pitch black. Jaw clenched and he was glaring at me. And held my wrists more tightly.

"AHH!! Please st-stop. You're hurting me." I cried out.

I was panicking and fear consumed me. He was looking monstrous as ready to kill me. He growled. Coming near my face.

"How dare you! Who, let you out." Andrew hissed.

I just kept quite not looking him in his dark pitch eyes. And I was biting my lips to stop the screams of pain erupting because of my back. Due to his ferocious grip.

"SPEAK WOMAN!!!" He snarled.

He growled and put more pressure on my wrists and upper body.

"AHH!!! STOP PLEASE *sob* .STOPPPPP..." I screamed in pain.

I started crying and screaming for him to stop. My tears were not stopping. It was unbearable.

In an instant he let go of my wrists and hold my upper arms in really tight grip. And jerked me up. 

Now I was sitting on the desk, and he was standing in between my legs and holding my arms.

I stared at him in fear. With quivering chin and trembling lips. Sobs were ready to come out. But I bit my inner cheeks to stop my self from crying.

My back was hurting like hell. And I looked at him in the eyes, and he was looking at me with pure anger.

"What are you doing here?" He spoke calmly looking at me but I averted my eyes. And kept silent. Scared if any of my words will piss him off more.

He jerked me again and bring his hand towards my thick silky locks and pulled them hard making me look at him in the eyes.

"W-why are you doing a-all this?" I asked.

I gather the courage to ask him this. But he just glared at me still pulling my hair. So I continued and with lot of courage I asked

"What is it between you and my father? Why kidnapping me?" She asked with little courage she has.

His hold on my hair and arm became tight. And he said.

"You'll just listen to me or else I'll kill you father." He threatened me.

I stared at him wide eyes. I know that he is capable of anything. And this only fueled my anger. I stared at him directly in the eyes with my teary eyes and shouted.

"What are you a God or something. I am not scared of you. My father will find me before your force full marriage. I will leave one day soon." I burst out in anger.

I shouted all this on his face and regretted saying it at that instance. His eyes became the darkest shade of black. And his nose was flaring due to anger.

His steel like hold on my arm and hair was unbearable. I struggled and in less than a second a hard slap landed on my right cheek .

A stinging pain erupted in my face. And my face was bend to the side due to the force of the slap. I remain statue in that position holding my cheeks. New set of tears stained my cheeks.

He then holds my left butt in one hand and right thigh in one hand and pressed his hard member on my women hood .

My eyes widen in fear. I stared at him, and he was no normal Andrew he was looking like a monster. I put my hands on his chest and pushed him.

But he pressed hard on my women hood and whimper left my mouth, and he said.

"You are my mine. Your father that piece of shit can't save you. And I'll keep you till eternity." He snickered at my face.

He then holds my chin in tight grip and while his other hand was in my hair pulling it mercilessly .

He kissed me with full of rage, anger, passion, lust he was kissing and biting my lips hard. I didn't respond and frozen there. I pushed his shoulders, but he only increased the pressure of his hold.

He was brutally assaulting my lips and it was hard to draw breath he asked for entrance but I kept my lips sealed.

He then pressed his member hard on my women hood ,I jolted and gasp left my mouth. And he slipped his tongue inside my mouth and started devouring it.

I was pushing him continuously but in vain. Due to out of breath I felt dizzy . I pushed him harder and he left my mouth and pressed his forehead against mine, and we both were breathing heavily.

I kept my eyes down don't want to see this monster in front of me. I tried to stand but he didn't budge. And said

"Because of this stunt of yours. We will marry tomorrow." Andrew stated.

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