Maid To Be (Book Three)

Maid To Be (Book Three)

By:  Arazella Snow  Ongoing
Language: English
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With a wedding coming up, new matters arise. The newly-engaged couple battle to fight the woes that threaten to ruin their commitment. Follow Cameron and Nia on their new journey to a world that seems so hard to navigate.

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20 Chapters
Maldives! Oh, the fresh island breeze that comes with. Picture yourself in the serene environment, body scantily clad, feet bare, sinking into the white beach sands, and while the cry of birds broke out from trees, the smell of the Sea drifts into your nostrils. It is every joy unmatched, I tell you. The smell of the ocean breeze, sailed to me, pulling that warm feel to every part of my being. I caught the vivid trees swaying side to side, dancing to the tunes of the wind, sparking the joy in me, at such view I was made to behold. Today marked a week of me being here, yet that joy still stayed with me. The tranquility was what got a hold of me. And even with a couple figures to be found wandering around the area, the peace still lingered with the island, that I was sure of. Gaze went skimming around, taking in the number of people, with joy-filled expressions. It was like a different world out here. No screaming stranger, no nagging fellow, just people living their lives th
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It was one thing to be woken by the sound of birds chirping by your windowsill, and another, to an empty space right next to you, especially since you retired for the night with the body of your Fiancé wrapped in yours. Fiancé? Where’s Cameron? I sat up in bed at once, wanting to peer out the window, but was met with a table loaded with lots of food, right at the bedside. A bowl filled with fruits on one side, and a plate of ham and egg on the other. There was a bottle of sparkling water to go with, accompanied with a glass of orange juice. The sight had managed to put a smile on my weary face, with form soon tearing off the bed, moving closer to the mobile table. There was a note sticking out under the plate. Amidst all, my heart calls and yearns for you. It’s you and I on this Journey that seems puzzling, yet, in you I find every certainty. I love you, always. Cameron. Since when did he turn a poet? And only then did the door get pushed open, and in walked that figure I
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The ferry ride was filled with every tensity, and awkwardness filling the air which surrounded the forms of Cameron and I. Since we left the resort, he hadn’t uttered a word to me. Even while helping me into the boat, he refused meeting my gaze. That gaze which pled for him to understand where I was coming from, but he had only slipped into the seat next to my figure, face dull, eyes peering on at the waters ahead. The voice of Makai broke out around, with the profile of the man soon coming into view. He was a dwarf, with a knack for stories. That ever bubbly spirit, which was sure to pull those around him, was out to be detected. He had offered a shell of coconut drink to me the moment I climbed aboard, but unfortunately, I had no thirst for anything at the moment. All I sought was to have Cameron say something to me. Anything. “I implore you all to settle in well, and please, have your seatbelts fast and ready” His utterance had earned chuckles around, with eyes shifting thr
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I saw that figure hurry over to me, with arms spread out, a wide smile on her lips, her squeals broke out into the area, earning a few sneers from the lots of people who had just touched down after hours of an endless flight. She remained as enthusiastic as ever, gaze holding joy, while she pulled over to where I was. “Nia!” Ashley had crashed into me at once, the smell of an exotic mist hitting my nose. “Oh, how much I’ve missed you” She squealed, hugging me even tighter. She appeared even brighter than I expected, not after pouring her heart out a week ago, telling me how she had walked in on Nolan having sex with a girl he claimed to be his cousin. Nolan happened to be the new guy who managed to catch her eye just a couple months back. But my friend was one to heal fast. In a week time, you were sure to hear her speaking of how she had banged the spa guy, while she went for her care sessions. “I’ve missed you too” I called out, soon relaxing in her hold. “Where’s that swine
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"Why are we here, Ashley?" My eyes were fixed on the 'Corrine Bethany's' Store laid ahead, gaze watching the number of ladies that strolled out from there, all bearing smiles on their faces. "To pick a wedding dress, of course" Followed the response of the girl, while she unbuckled her seatbelt, soon having her makeup retouched. To be honest, I don't know what I was expecting, when she had pulled up at the house, stating that we had to leave as it was a matter of urgency. This shouldn't be surprising at all, because it was just the kind of thing Ashley Williams would do. "I just got back from my flight few hours ago, Ashley" I uttered. "Nia, you seem to be forgetting something" She had spun to me at once, eyes filled with pensiveness. "This wedding only gets to happen once. There are no re-dos" She let out. "We have to make sure all is perfect" I heard her say. "Now get your ass up, and let's go pick a dress" She uttered at once, getting off the car. I remained back in the sea
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I walked into the office, only to be met with an unfamiliar lady propped by that desk side, figure stood close to him, while their eyes were fixed on a paper Cameron had laid out before him. At each second, his eyes would flicker to the computer screen on the desk, and then back to the papers spread out, while the lady sealed it off with some stamps on its pages. My utterance had put a pause to their conversation, while their gazes took in my form, and with the silence soon falling into the room, I watched the lady pack up the files, and in a second, she was making her way out the area. A smile crossed her lips while she gave a little wave my way, even going out to congratulate me on the engagement. And only then did the silence return. While that figure sat over there, remained watching me, I gave myself proper entry into the area, finally meeting that calming gaze of his.“I received your flowers” My utterance broke out, with eyes fixed on him, watching every little reaction h
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Ding Dong!!!I could hear the rings of the door bell blare from inside the house, traveling out all the way to my ears. Lord! It’s been a while since I came to this corner. A long while since I’ve had a feel of what the neighborhood I grew up in, encompassed. Not much has changed. You still would find Ol Tim’s rickety ford parked right outside his yard, not to forget the number of squirrels, that scurried around his home, threatening to run the man mad. Even right outside Mother’s Porch where I stood now, I could hear him screaming at the top of his voice, bellowing for the animals to let him be. Oh, how long it has been. Ding Dong! I pushed the door bell yet again, having a peek inside, hoping to see that figure coming to reveal herself, and having almost given up, the door tore open, the same instant I turned around to leave. “Oh, darling!” Her eyes beamed on at the sight of me, arms spread out, welcoming me into her embrace. “You look lovely!” A bright smile had graced her
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The figure of mother was frozen to a spot, eyes fixed on whatever was out there, and at once, I had pushed myself forward, going to have a look for myself, and only then was I struck with the shock that befallen her. Right outside the porch, stood three figures, gazes shifting from mother to I, with a smile playing on their lips. Perhaps, a fake smile. There stood Aunt Bertha, eyes beaming on at us, like that was the same expression it held the night she sent Mother and I out her home, stating she never wanted to be a feet close to us. So, what then could it be that had brought her to this corner? And that man she had welcomed into her home, the instigator. He remained stood close to her side, that quirky grin held on his lips, while his fingers went itching at his mustache. “Hello, Nia” His voice still sent chills down my spine, with those intent fixed on me. “What do you want?” Mother called sharply, inching nearer to them. “Oh, is that the welcome we get to receive after hav
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“What is this place, Ashley?” I turned to the cheer-filled girl beside me, watching as her eyes lit up at the activities before us. “This is a prep center” She let out.“Prep for what?”“Marriage of course”“You can not be serious” “I am very much serious, Nia” She followed. “How else are you supposed to be oriented with what is out there for you. This is a better means at helping you out” “Why would you sign me up for a marriage class, Ashley?” My eyes were fixed intently on her, my whole being awaiting an answer. Now, believe me, it wasn’t the idea that had me worn, it was the people that I was made to behold that most had me stunned. There were a dozen of ladies in the area, all who didn’t seem to me like they were about to get married, in fact, a high number of them were middle-aged women who looked like their marriages were failing, and they came out in search for their last resort. I was the only one here who seemed unaware of what was going on. The rest of the women appe
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We had taken a stop at a restaurant, wanting to rid off every thought of what we had to sit through back at the marriage prep class. I still could find that irk held on Ashley's face, and even while we made leave from there, she still went on about how blunt Adriana had been, going so much into details. "Will you believe me now, when I tell you not to delve into one thing or the other?" I chuckled at her, taking a gulp of wine from the glass on the table."Believe me, I thought it would be much interesting" She let out a breath. "It was. Just not the way we expected it to be" I followed. I reached for another glass of wine, downing it at a go, and soon met with the gaping eyes of Ashley. "What are you doing, Nia?" Her voice remained low, eyes shifting form the empty glass and back to me. "Having a drink of course" "I need to keep you sober for the bachelorette's party, which is in—she took a glance at her watch—approximately an hour's time" She let out. "The girls already are
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