Her Silent Tears

Her Silent Tears

By:  Sumaiya Fairoos  Completed
Language: English
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What happens when fate plays a major role in your life? Was is it their destiny or was it their fault for choosing the wrong path? The story revolves around three individuals who experiences the cruelty of this world, who never thought that they would live a life that's unimaginable. What happens when it's a mistake that cannot be forgotten or forgiven. The sun bids goodbye for the day, the moon walks in brightly, like always they curl up in the bed, wiping their silent tears which constantly kept rolling down their cheeks. As the sun rises, they put up their fake smiles and face the cruel world where everyone believed that the pain behind their smile was kept hidden until destiny took power into their life. Whenever they yearned for love, it was replaced by tears and tears only. Fate plays with their life where they are unable to hide nor run away but to deal with the consequences, no one can hear their pain likewise no one can feel their silent tears which holds their emotions that words couldn't express. Three broken souls hoping for a miracle that would swipe them from the pain they are suffering, hoping that they would be relieved from the nasty world.

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Priyanka Singh
when will you write another Book..... it's been so long time
2023-09-11 17:36:22
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The book was ready good love the way the author seems to have wrote this from her Heart ...️ Looking forward to the Sequel ......
2022-10-16 08:00:25
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Nusrat Jahan Mitu
i love this novel very much.
2021-07-03 01:53:48
user avatar
Your book is so interesting! I loved it. It's amazing! I'm looking forward to reading more. I like all the characters especially Haya and Zeenas. It is full of emotions and love, truly i felt emotional while reading some scenes 😢 it really touched my heart. Good luck and lots of love sumi ❤
2020-12-07 18:47:08
user avatar
The book is amazing!!
2020-11-30 15:04:59
user avatar
Love the story
2020-11-27 22:10:24
user avatar
majeeda bukari
I love the book
2020-11-26 02:24:34
default avatar
Tammy Heccker
loved it!!!
2020-11-25 20:52:58
user avatar
Ivanka Smith
Such a lovely book it is! Had an amazing time reading it. Keep up the great work, dear author. Loved it. Looking forward to the sequel. Good luck and lots of love 💕
2020-11-25 18:28:12
user avatar
Jennifer Habegger
I would give it 5 star if it weren't for the grammatical errors. It made it hard to follow at times.
2021-04-22 08:48:46
71 Chapters
Chapter 1 - My fault
Haya's povI hope I never get tired of staring at the sky, when I tilted my head upwards I could clearly see millions of bright stars dotted on the black canvas of night, the sky sprinkled with stars.I gazed up at the sky and studied the silver glow of moon but the look that the moon gave me didn't cause the storm to go inside of me. Instead all my memories started playing back in my head and that's when my tears made it's way down my cheeks. I closed my eyes and started recalling the past.The eerie darkness of that night would never escape my memory. On that day my mom and I was on the way back home."Mom why do you need to go to get my dress late at this hour of the night.""Haya I want everything to be prepared as early as possible because there is only two weeks more my baby girl.” my mom replied looking so happy.I kept quiet and was only concentrating on the road."OH MY GOD HAYA" my mom screamed making me to press the brake, I looke
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Chapter 2 - Flashback
Haya's pov "You killed your mom due to your stubbornness haya.""No no no.... Akmal please I can explain, somebody please listen to me." I tried to explain although I couldn't breathe properly."You mom loved you more than us, how could you do this to her." Dad retorted angrily while walking toward me but my uncle held him back."It was mom who wanted to...... I stopped midway when dad slapped me hard and that's when I realized that my dad slapped me the very first time in my life."Enough of your lies" my father's voice echoed through the walls " here onwards you are no longer my daughter, it's just a piece of burden I have to carry on till the end, did you all understand." He declared it to everyone."No, dad please hear me out for once please." I begged him."Dad, dad" I woke up with tears in my eyes. Another nightmare, when will I forget all those memories.It's been five years since that incident took place but I couldn't fo
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Chapter 3 - Teasing
Haya's pov"Why do you need to go to new York.""How many times do I need to tell you haya, it’s my friends wedding and I have to go he's my childhood buddy, you know right." Ayaan answered really pissed because I was asking him the same question for the past two days."That doesn't mean you should be going for two weeks." I argued back hoping that he would stay back.He groaned in response and replied "Why not.""Why not, like seriously are you the groom or what.” I stated arching my eyebrows."For your kind information, she’s not beautiful enough to tempt me."my brother stated with a smirk thinking that he's the most handsome guy on earthI literally rolled my eyes."It's just I would feel lonely without you.” I pleaded trying to make him understand my perspective."Haya, I’m your brother not your boyfriend" my brother said laughing. "You know what, your not handsome enough to tempt me."I stated with gritted teeth.
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Chapter 4 - Devil's entry
Haya's povI bit my tongue, trying to hold the tears that threatened to leave my eyes and that's when I can't hold them back. first, one small crystal bead escaped from my right eye, I can feel the warmth sliding down my cheeks and rolling off my chin, then another and another until my eyes flooded with them, coming like a rainfall.My brother walked towards me that's when I burst out into tears because I couldn't take it any more, I sobbed into his chest clutching his jacket and he held me in silence.The tears burst forth like water from a dam, spilling down my face and I felt the muscles of my chin tremble like a small child. In response my brother was rubbing my back in order to soothe me."Shhh.. enough baby sister.” I heard my brother whispering in my ears.I pulled back, looking at him I told something which I always kept as a secret. “do you know that you hold a place in my heart that could be filled by no one else, there have been good times an
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Chapter 5 - Bitter truth
Haya's povIt's been one week since he left and I miss him so much, I closed my eyes and groaned in response. No matter how much I try to take him out of my mind all those happy memories, his silly jokes keeps reminding me about him. My train of thoughts broke when a knock was heard on the door."Come in." I yelled.A maid entered."Ma'am Mr.Ahmed wants to meet you in his study.” She told.To say I was shocked would be an understatement because for the past five years he never spoke to me, suddenly why is he calling me, a part of me was so happy but I felt something unusual going to occur."Ma'am" A voice interrupted me again.I looked at the maid for some clue but got nothing in return."Ok, I'll come in five minutes.” I said sighing and she left.With a heavy  heart I walked towards my father's study and opened the door to reveal him sitting on his chair reading a file as usual. I cleared my throat in order to gain his att
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Chapter 6 - proposal
Rayyan's pov"Noooo leave me" Arha chirped hitting my chest with her small fists."Five minutes, sweetheart" I mumbled holding her in my arms tightly."Wake up, you sleepy head or else I'll bite you.” She told fuming because I was not letting her go .I chucked in response.She crawled on top and kissed my right cheek, then my left."Please wake up” she pleaded."Never” I replied still closing my eyes.I heard her sighing in frustration."Ouch " I yelled letting her go and sitting up.Did she just bite me.”I glared at her, in response She was just laughing and clapping her hands."Arhaaaa"I whined like a kid, getting up from bed."Mr.Rayaaan Aabid, have a shower, come downstairs, breakfast is ready and everyone is waiting for you.” She ordered in her sweet baby voice."My name is Rayyan not Rayaaan." I corrected.She looked at me with her big doe eyes trying to say my name properly but her attempt fa
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Chapter 7 - Betrayal
Haya's povThe sky is always there for me while my life has been going through many, many changes, when I look up at the sky, it gives me a nice feeling, the sky take on shades of colour during sunrise and sunset, the colour that gives us hope that the sun will set only to rise again.Today was the day I was waiting to get answers from Ayaan. A part of me was very happy to see him again but a part of me was dreading to know the truth.A knock on my door was heard bringing me out of my thoughts. I hoped it was a maid but when I opened the door I found no one, who on earth before I could finish my eyes landed on a beautiful gift box lying down the floor.I knew who it was, bending down carefully preventing myself from falling I picked the box and walked back inside, sitting down on bed I unwrapped the box, a smile made it's way to my lips."Do you like it " he asked, I looked up to see him standing in front of me with his beautiful smile.I got up a
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Chapter 8 - Forced
Third person's pov"There is no choice Rayyan, I've already spoken to your dad, it seems like he had already made his decision and no matter what, he is not going to cancel off this marriage.” Raida informed her son who was fuming with anger, his room was in a mess which made his own mother to feel scared at him right now.He threw a vase across his room which broke into several pieces and his mom shut her eyes due to the sudden outburst."I can't marry that stupid, filthy shit." he growled " Mom you knew that I had an affair with Catherine, then why mom.” he punched the wall taking his anger which he couldn't take out on his father."Stop, are you insane. Look I knew that you love Catherine, not only me but everyone. Since the beginning itself your dad disliked her, what am I supposed to do about it?” his mom reasoned not knowing how to calm him down.Rayyan sat on his bed and gripped his hair tightly not knowing how to solve this issue, he trusted his
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Chapter 9 - Agreed
Haya's pov I felt someone caressing my cheeks, I forced my eyes to open. I blinked several times to get a better view and saw Ayaan sitting beside me with a worried expression.I really didn't want an argument right now because my head was spinning, I saw my hand was bandaged and it was really hurting but the pain of being betrayed by my brother was too much to take in."You gave me a mini heart attack” he joked, I didn't reply because I would end up crying if I answer him back.Why in the world is he acting as if nothing happened."Haya, please I can explain” he spoke again."When I wanted to explain myself that day did anyone hear me out” I snapped back pushing him away from me, I got up and now was sitting on my bed."I don't need any explanation you've already ruined everything” tears made it's way down my cheeks.When will these tears stop."Haya I know it's a mistake, I seriously wanted to tell you but I didn't have t
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Chapter 10 - Crazy friends
Haya's povThe days passed quickly with the preparation of the marriage stuffs and now there is only few days more for my marriage. In all these past weeks Ayaan often came to check up on me, I could tell he was really feeling guilty of his actions, for the umpteenth time he begged for forgiveness but I cared less.Usually the bride would be super excited and nervous thinking about her marriage but here I am so calm and thinking ways to get rid of this marriage. When there was few days before my marriage with Akmal I was super excited, the whole house was busy with people, decorations, guests, selecting dresses, rituals and so many but thinking of now I wondering whether there is a wedding taking place in a few days or not because the house is only decorated, no guests, no noises of people chatting, it was literally boring.I shrugged off that feeling and prayed luhr, after performing the Salah I thought of having a little nap because as usual it was boring. As I w
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