Our Love Unknown

Our Love Unknown

By:  chiichayyy  Ongoing
Language: English
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Joseff Uller Anderson Nieverro known as “Juan” was never been interested in anyone. He’d rather busy himself with studies than to lay any glimpse to anyone. He may be an extremely good-looking and intelligent man but his personality was never been good. He always wore this menacing look no one would choose to look except for his best buddy, "Pedro". The only person who can see him through the deepest of his being. Pierro Ezrael Dela Rama Olivarez, known as “Pedro” was Juan’s ass best buddy. A very playful and handsome man. Pedro is popularly known as a local young celebrity. His captivating smile and charming personality made everyone love him. But behind every man’s happy face is a boy lost and still haunted by his past that even the closest person he has does not know anything. For years of being best buddies, Juan and Pedro thought that they are bound to live together only as best friends. But a lot of things happened when Juan started feeling a weird sensation whenever he and Pedro is close together. The confusion made him distant himself to Pedro. But what he does not know is that Pedro felt the same ever since. Until that night happened, that cause everything to change. They started unveiling and experimenting with the secret both of them had found out. And when good things happen, the bad one comes in the midst of it, which causes them to separate. Years had passed, both successful and living the life they chose. Juan and Pedro’s path will come across again because of a deal. And that deal could lead to many things, either it will fix them or they will leave everything from the past and will pretend that they never know each other.

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4 Chapters
“Good morning, Sir. Your meeting will start at eight, an hour from now with the CEO of Fly High Airlines. And another meeting before lunch with-” Joseff cut his secretary. “Fly High Airlines? Who’s the CEO?” he asked while looking at some papers he needed to sign. “Philip Nieverro, Sir,” his secretary said. ‘So it was still your dad managing the company, ha?’ he thought when he remembered the guy who had occupied his mind for years. He grimaced at the thought and motioned his secretary to continue. WHILE on the other part, Pierro was walking confidently inside his father’s company with his left hand in his pocket and his right hand fixing his shades. While he was walking, the employees of the company, men and women, could not help but sigh in admiration for the most gorgeous man they had ever seen. It was their boss’s son, the one and only. Opening the door of his father’s office, Pierro saw his parents both being clingy to each other, making him almo
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“Pedro! Wake up lazy head, you’re going to be late for school!” Eulla, Pedro’s mom, yielded outside of Pedro’s room.    She couldn’t come inside to pinch his lazy son out of his bed, and that is because his son Pedro locked the door knowing that his parents are a bunch of crazy trolls. However, that did not stop his mom from slamming and shouting outside his room making Pedro groan in annoyance.   ‘If I do not only love this woman, I probably yielded out.’ He thought while standing up lazily, approaching the doorway so he could open it for his mom.   Upon opening the door, his mom pushes the door smacking his head harshly. And Pedro hissed while cupping his right cheek and forehead because it hurts, a lot. But instead of saying sorry, his mom dragged him to his shower room and left him with a glare.   “Push out all your laziness now son, you need to go to school.” His mom’s final words befor
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“HELLO buddy, I brought something for you!” Pedro excitedly said to Joseff, as he remembered his talk with Austin. “J-Joseff, uhm, o-obviously he’s cold and s-snob to e-everyone. B-Based on some s-stories I h-heard he’s living a-alone and he doesn't l-like h-hanging out w-with a-anyone.” Pedro already figured out what Austin said except the part where he said that Joseff is living alone, but he let him continue. “And, uhm, he’s a-also very s-smart. He e-excels in e-everything. A-And that a-almost everyone admired him.” Austin said and silence ate them after. “Hmm, that’s all? His life is so boring then,” Pedro reacted while thinking of other ways to get Joseff’s attention. “Uhm, I r-remember he likes c-cheesecakes,” Austin added making Pedro’s forehead crest. 
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“Lucio come on lets go find Juan,” Pedro said hastily to his driver beside him as they walk through the parking lot. Once situated inside his car, Pedro is agitated and his mind is flying along with the thoughts of where he can find Juan."There is a word tomorrow for this, and you can see Juan tomorrow so what’s this fuss for?" A thought from his mind stop him from tapping his shoe onto the floor of his car."Yeah, that’s right... And why should I care anyway? I feel like a stalker now." His hair rises upon mentioning the word "stalker". Hence, he stops his driver from driving. Once stop safely, the driver looks at his boss’s son to ask if everything’s alright, but his señiorito is currently having a deep talk with the air and he’s still in his right mind to not disturb him.Later on, Pedro was back from his reverie when he saw a mini cafe across the road where he was looking at. He can already feel the urge to go to that cafe when he saw the man he was just thinki
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