Marked by the Alpha

Marked by the Alpha

By:  Mathieu Forest  Updated just now
Language: English
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As the bastard daughter of the Beta, Layla Fabrini has always known her place in the Sanguis Pack. She is used to flying under the radar, but all of that changes when she discovers her fiancé's betrayal with her half-sister. Suddenly, Layla becomes the target of cruel bullying and vicious attacks that almost cost her her life, until the pack’s enigmatic Alpha, Hector, steps in to save her. … My mouth filled with saliva, moistening, and I felt the air around us go taut with a specific type of tension that always found its way into all of our encounters. Not trusting myself to use words, I nodded in answer to his question and a dangerous glimmer lit up his eyes, causing the hairs at the nape of my neck to stand up in warning. “Prove it, then,” he told me, and I blinked. “Excuse me?” “Prove that you mean it when you say you will submit to every command I give you.”

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Marked by the Alpha by Mathieu Fores is a werewolf novel with five stars. Layla Fabrini is a bastard daughter of a Beta. The pack looks down on her and treats her poorly. Adding insult to injury, her stepsister and fiancee managed to betray her. The bullying continued until Alpha Hector came to her rescue. As her savior, Hector wants Layla to dedicate her life to him. Can she do this to at least protect herself? Or is this an opportunity to find a better mate who will cherish her?

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Janetta Harris
Great story but way to much deatail that doesn’t do much to move the chapter or story line along
2023-09-23 00:53:14
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It has been an interesting read. The author communicates well.
2023-09-20 14:05:21
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Christine Owings
140 chapters 9/16/23
2023-09-16 22:16:14
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Love this book and the story it tells keeps a hold of you…would definitely recommend to others!
2023-09-12 03:54:18
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How often do updates come out? I just found this book a couple days ago and I’m already stuck on a cliffhanger….it’s exciting and has my full attention. Can wait to find out what happens next…
2023-09-12 03:52:57
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Kelli Deater
Absolutely LOVE this book! Totally recommend and the author updates often. Well written and worth waiting for!
2023-09-11 21:57:28
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Brooke Atkinson
Hey, when is your next update please? :)
2023-08-31 01:35:00
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Sandra Gibson Gooderham
Hi when are you going to update please
2023-08-24 23:46:38
user avatar
Tammy Massey
how often is the book updated
2023-08-21 03:20:14
user avatar
Derena Marie
will this book actually end at some point
2023-08-14 11:49:08
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I'm getting tired waiting for update I'll leave this book and spend on a complete one Instead
2023-08-06 10:37:47
default avatar
Great book!!
2023-08-01 03:09:54
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It’s says 108 chapters but I can only read up to 107
2023-07-19 09:08:51
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Sonja Mallery
Superb story! One of the best stories on the App! You will not be disappointed!
2023-07-19 00:34:47
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Kasey N Adam Swearengin
Really enjoying this story! But if you can't be patient with the writers maybe wait for it to be finished before reading. I hate negative comments toward the writers when it's not updated fast enough for some readers. It is rude and has to be disheartening for these writers.
2023-07-12 21:13:53
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149 Chapters
Chapter 1
Layla’s POV“Shhh!” a familiar voice hissed inside my bedroom, and outside the room my fingers froze over the doorknob, not moving. “Someone’s going to hear us.”It sounded like my half sister Lu, and a sick pit opened up at the bottom of my stomach as soon as I heard my fiancé Alex reply her“And what if they do?”Through the slit in the door I peeked and saw them on my bed with their feet entwined. Alex didn’t have a shirt on, and Lu was just in her bra.“Our Pack will lose it,” my sister purred, batting her eyelashes at him. Her tone was coy as she ran a nail down Alex’s chest slowly. I felt sick. “Alpha Hector hates a fuss—and besides, Layla won’t be too happy.”“I’ll protect you from all of them,” Alex said, lowering himself to kiss her forehead. He sounded confident, at ease, and a stranger listening to him would’ve thought that he was one of the greatest fighters we had. “I thought we agreed on not bringing her up when we’re together.”‘Her’ as in me. Lu moved to shoot back a re
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Chapter 2
Layla’s POVI took a step back before I could stop myself as he approached, but the sound of Lu chuckling stopped Alex and he her, his face contracting in rage.“You bit—” he started, but before he could say another word to Lu, my father grabbed him by his collar, pulling him in close enough that their noses were almost touching. “Mention Lucretia’s name again and see if I don’t hunt you down,” dad warned in a quiet, menacing tone. “Even if you run and hide, I’ll find you.”Watching him now, it was easy to tell that Gaius Fabrini was the Beta of the Sanguis Pack, and a number of emotions warred inside me as I took the whole thing in. I felt proud of his show of strength, but also hurt because he hadn’t hesitated to jump to my sister’s defense when Alex moved to insult her. Meanwhile, his solution to my own disgrace was marrying me off.Alex shrugged my father’s hands off his collar taking a couple of steps back.“Oath breakers!” he declared, looking at us through hard, flinty eyes.
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Chapter 3
Layla’s POVAt the question, my breath hitched in my chest and I felt a shiver run down my spine as his powerful voice washed over me. With tears streaming down my face I turned slowly to find Alpha Hector taking in the scene before him with a look of displeasure. His lips were pressed into a white slash, and his eyes were narrowed.I suppressed a gasp as soon as my gaze fell on him, taking in the sight of him wide-eyed. He cut a frightful figure in the bloodstained shirt he had on. There was dried blood splatter all over his face, and his hands looked like he’d dipped them into a bucket of red paint. A moment passed before it dawned on me that none of it came from him. Part of his shirt had been ripped clean through, but the skin underneath remained smooth and unbroken, though I knew from years of seeing him train that his body was a patchwork of scars roped over corded muscle.He was back from the battle he’d set out for two days prior with some of our pack’s finest, taking care
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Chapter 4
Layla’s POVFor a moment I could only watch in horror as the two men stood towering over me, one with his wrist secured firmly in the hand of the other. “How dare you do that in front of your Alpha?” Alpha Hector roared, and from him a ripple of barely repressed violence ran down the Pack bond. It was the angriest we had ever felt him, I realized, and in the next moment goosebumps rose all over my skin as soon as I registered just how close behind me he was standing—close enough that I could feel his body heat wash over me. I gulped.Dad took several steps away from me, bowing his head in a show of submission. He hadn’t grabbed his wrist to massage it, though I could only imagine just how badly he wanted to.“Alpha, I’m so—”“I came home with a victory,” Hector continued, brutally cutting my father off. “And this is what I am greeted with upon my return?”No one, not even the youngest among us, dared to speak a word.He continued.“The truth is clear. This Pack will never force a per
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Chapter 5
Layla’s POVThe next morning the house was silent, and mostly as my father and Reno were out serving out their punishment of double pack training. It was the most peaceful I could remember being in a long time and would’ve been perfect were it not for the fact that I could sense Lu’s sulking in spite of the fact that I was in the living room and she was all the way in the kitchen—something to do with the passive aggressive clattering of pots and pans as she moved around.The sound of a knock on the front door drew me out of my thoughts, and as I got up to answer it I saw Lu sidled out of the kitchen and leaned against the doorway.“Hey slut,” she said, and I stopped in my tracks. “No matter how hard you try to throw yourself at Alpha Hector and make yourself out to be the victim, you will never, ever be close to him.”Resisting a shiver, I opened the door to find Carlos, the leading Delta of the Sanguis pack and my father’s right hand, standing behind it. His bulky form filled the do
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Chapter 6
Layla’s POVFor the first time in forever I woke up with a smile on my face, and as I got up out of bed there was an overall feeling of weightlessness in my limbs that I couldn’t remember feeling before.Today was the day of the Triumph Procession, and even as I’d dreaded it yesterday, my antics from the training field had wiped me out so much that I was dead asleep as soon as my head touched the pillow. So for someone about to embark on one of the most important moments of their life, I was surprisingly well rested.I didn’t know how today would pan out but I was sure of one thing and that was the fact that my life was about to end up changing probably for the better. I pulled my auburn hair up into a ponytail, humming a little made up tune while I brushed my teeth, and once I was done I padded out of my bedroom and into the living room, where I found my father and Reno talking over their breakfast.As soon as they registered my presence, they fell quiet.
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Chapter 7
Hector’s POVFor two years now I had kept it to myself, the knowledge that Layla was my mate. When I found out my reputation was already set in stone, and anyone who knew of me would’ve said I was cold, powerful and uncompromising. These were qualities they all chalked up to the fact that I had gone so long without finding my mate or settling down.Not that I cared. I had never wanted a mate and family.But on a specific day, my entire life changed forever. That was her eighteenth birthday.On that day Gaius and I had been drinking, and in the middle of it he let slip that he didn’t want to go home because it was his daughter Layla’s eighteenth birthday. Turning eighteen for werewolves meant that they were officially transitioning into adulthood. It meant finally taking on certain responsibilities and finding your mate. Each Lycan would be gifted a small pouch by their father that contained wolfsbane according to tradition.Apparently, she was at home waiting to receive her pouch fro
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Chapter 8
Layla’s POVIt happened so quickly, and as I fell the only thought ringing through my mind was that I had doomed not just myself, but my entire Pack too, as well as the procession. Nothing to see here, just my shitty luck coming into play as usual.My body hit the ground, and the force of impact was so strong that it knocked the breath right out of my lungs. I tried to get up immediately, but I moved too fast and a sharp jolt of pain in my shoulder made me groan.Horrified gasps rippled through the crowd around me. “S–she’s incurred a bad omen on our pack!” someone shouted, and turned in time to find one of my pack members pointing a shaky finger at me. He was tall, and lankier than you would expect a wolf to be. I let out a heavy sigh.“Yes!” another person called out from somewhere at the back. I couldn’t make out who it was, but the voice was distinctively female. “Layla is disfavored by the Moon Goddess.”Murmurs of agreement followed her declaration, and around me I heard sever
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Chapter 9
Layla’s POVAfter the brief interruption, the Procession continued as planned and I tried to concentrate on everything going on around me rather than the heat I could feel radiating off Hector’s skin as we swayed gently, carried in the sedan chair. He didn’t say anything else after slipping his cloak on me, but the silence we shared was comfortable and in minutes we finally arrived at the central clearing where most of our Pack’s celebrations were held.At the middle of the clearing a huge bonfire had been lit—the holy fire—and as we drew closer to it the heat it gave off washed over my skin. I felt a bead of sweat trail down my forehead as the cloak around my shoulders sagged heavily.I’d be damned before giving it up though.A lone figure dressed in a snow-white gown stood with her back facing the burning pyre, and she was staring right at us: Delphine, the Pack’s High Priestess who usually played the role of the Moon Goddess in these types of situations.Naturally, she fit the rol
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Chapter 10
Layla’s POVI had been tricked. The realisation shouldn’t have come as a surprise to me as I watched Delphine smile at me with my mouth wide open, but somehow it did. She had messed with the fire before I arrived, made it go out so she would swoop in to save the day while everyone cried out for my blood.I may not have understood her motive, but I could feel the fact that my suspicions were correct deep in my bones.Satisfied with the shock she could read on my expression, the High Priestess’s smile lingered for just a moment longer before her eyelids fluttered and she went limp in Hector’s arms once more.“Wait!” I called out before I could stop myself.Hector’s steps faltered slightly at first before he came to a halt. I could feel the eyes of every single Pack member trained on him as he turned slowly to consider me.The weight of the cloak he had thrown over my shoulders was a comforting distraction as I took a hesitant step towards him.“I–I want to check on her,” I explained th
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