Marriage For Pleasure (English)

Marriage For Pleasure (English)

By:  febbyflame  Ongoing
Language: English
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Daphne lives happily alone as a Doctor. Until she found out from her mother that she was in an arranged marriage with a man she didn't know. It was very difficult for Daphne to just accept that the marriage was going to happen. That's why she had a decision that she didn't fully think about and prepare for. A night full of passion and rage. She preferred to give her virginity to a stranger. And fate was playful, because the man she was with that night was Treyton Louis Fuentevalle, the man she was about to marry. But, what's surprising is that the man doesn't remember her, and what's more painful is that he remembers her sister the night they were together. Will the marriage still last? Can Daphne be able to be with the man while she shares her sister whom she hates the most? What if she finds out Treyton's true motives? Will she be able to handle it?

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Felicia Ogar
good storyline but still needs to be edited by someone fluent in English
2023-09-26 06:26:16
44 Chapters
Chapter 1: The Unexpected Marriage
Chapter One: The Marriage>> Treyton"Ahhhm... F*ck, Treyton! Ahh!" the woman moaned repeatedly as Treyton continued to claim her.Both of them are sweating while each other is enjoying what they are doing. But Treyton doesn't think so. He had almost gone around the entire room and the woman's body but still did not let him arouse.This is his problem.Treyton couldn't even count how many times the girl had been taken out. He already knew that the woman was tired, but he would not let his attempt to get out fail. It was the woman who insisted on going with him, so she shouldn't have complained.Treyton grabbed her waist and then laid her down. Her two hands were raised above her head and then locked. This is going to be wild and bloody, but he will try."What the fvck are you doing?!" the woman snorted at Treyton.Treyton gasped as he stood in front of it."Just do my command, Liza," Treyton said."I'm Laura, not Liza! Oh gosh!" the woman shouted in annoyance, then struggled. "Let me g
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Chapter 2: VIP ID
Chapter Two: VIP ID>> Daphne Romero"What are you talking about, Mom?!" Daphne shouted.Her mother started coming to the condo unit where she was staying."You're getting married two weeks from now.""What? Are you insane? Are you drunk? What are you talking about?""Daphne, I'm deadly serious here!"Her mother handed her a brown envelope. There was a marriage contract paper, it stated when and who she would marry. It was signed by Tristan Fuentevalle and Danilo Romero, the name of his Father.She shook her head. She could not believe that her Father would agree to this type of marriage. A kind of marriage contract? With the person she didn't know? She thought that maybe this is not real, maybe her Mother just wants to manipulate her."This is totally insane, I will not agree to this. You can leave now, Ma."She pushed her Mom out of the apartment where she was staying. She's living with her own since her Mom remarried just one year after her Dad died. She is angry with her so she do
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Chapter 3: One Lustful Night
Chapter Three: One Lustful NightThe man quickly picked her up in bridal style while the two of them continued to kiss. She didn't even bother if anyone was looking at them. All she wanted at that time was for the heat to escape from her body.Daphne only found herself in a large room when she felt him lay her down on the large bed. This time she could clearly see how excited the man was for her. And she didn't know why she was happy with what dhe was seeing.He kissed her again. Down to her neck, at that time she knew that she's literally wet down there. She is also making a delicate sound because of the pleasure she feels. As the man's kiss went down, she remembered about the wedding.She will marry someone she doesn't love. She thought that it would be better if something happened to them with this man, before she was taken by the man who was only reconciled to her. Little by little, her mind came to an agreement.While they were both sharing a warm kiss, she slowly unbuttoned the
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Chapter 4: After A Night
Chapter Four: After A NightThe next day, Daphne woke up because her leg was hurting. She slowly moved until she felt a thigh resting on her. Because of the shock, she immediately covered her mouth.She carefully removed the leg from her thigh and then looked around.She felt a little headache. Even though she was shock– what happened last night slowly dawned on him. The whole hot night they shared with a strange man.She looked at the man beside her. She saw a handsome man fast asleep. Before she could fantasize about the man again, she quickly stood up and picked up her scattered blankets. She quickly dressed and left the room.When she got out, she only found out that they were in the bar's VIP room.She immediately called a taxi, even though the part of her flower was tingling. From the mirror of the taxi, she could clearly see how miserable she looked. She sighed and then closed her eyes as she calmed herself down."Calm down, Daphne, it's just a one night stand, nothing more tha
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Chapter 5: The Runaway Bride
Chapter Five: Run Away BrideDaphne looked at herself in the mirror. She's now wearing a sky blue shirt and jeans. No make up and just like a normal night to her. She wouldn't dress up just for a dinner she didn't want to go to, but she had no choice. Fortunately, her Head Doctor allowed her to take leave for at least two days.She also wears her eye glasses. If in the hospital she often wears contact lenses, now she doesn't want to. She thinks that the man who is going to marry her might turn off her and he himself will withdraw from the marriage, that would be more favorable to her.She got into her own car and then went to the restaurant that her Mother told her. That restaurant is exclusively that's why when she got here she didn't wonder why the guard seemed surprised by her outfit. Honestly, there is nothing wrong with her appearance, her outfit just doesn't really fit the place.She didn't go straight to the table that her mom told her to. She went to the restroom first to calm
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Chapter 6: Unexpected Kiss
Chapter Six: Unexpected KissBefore Daphne could get into the car, her Mom hurriedly followed. She was seething with anger because of the rudeness shown by her eldest daughter. She wants this marriage to be successfully done without any problems, but it seems that her daughter will not get along."What scandal is this, Daphne?!" her Mother asked annoyed, then pulled hed arm.Daphne quickly wiped the tears from her cheeks and bravely faced her Mother."What? I'm not causing a scandal. Why don't you ask your other child? Just her dressed— scandalous!""Diane is always like that! What's wrong with you?!""Yes, she always like that, because you didn't teach her how to wear in a professional way! Oh, shock! Did you see her lips? Did you see the lipstick on her lips and the lipstick on the man's shirt I'll marry?! Well, me, yes, I saw it! And I saw them, kissing near at the girls restroom!"Her mother slapped her hard. She felt the pain and numbness of her cheek. At that time she knew that
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Chapter 7: Threatening
Chapter Seven: Threatening"Storm, are you sure Diane Romero was really with me that night?" Treyton asked his bodyguard, Storm.The bodyguard thought for a moment. He did not expect his boss's sudden interest in what he had been with the night they went to the Enchanted Bar. Most of the time, he only delivers the woman he shared the bed with and at the same time gives a large amount of money in exchange for not showing it anymore.He didn't care why his boss always have women in bed, because for him that was normal for a rich man. Storm shook his head secretly and looked at the papers on her boss's desk. There is the information he gathered about the Romero brothers."Y—Yes, I asked her that night. And also based on the information I gathered, Ms. Daphne does not like to go to that kind of places, she is too conservative and workaholic." Storm responded.Treyton looked at the papers on the table again. He couldn't understand why nothing seemed to be new every time he saw Diane, but h
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Chapter 8: Mysterious Attitude
Chapter Eight: Mysterious AttitudeOnly three days later Daphne was busy again visiting her patients. Fortunately, Doctor Cabrera did not spread the word about her upcoming marriage. After finishing her work, she received an unexpected call from her head Doctor."Hello, Doctor Romero. I don't know what you've done, but Director Casteñola wants to see you now."When she answered the phone call she did not know what the reason was. When Treyton's face registered in her mind, her hands got cold. She arranged herself nervously. And then forced to be normal. She left the Doctor's quarters with a smile on her face. She is ready to greet the people she meets with a fake smile.When she reached the Head Director's office, she did not hesitate to knock three times before speaking."Head Director?""Come in." when Daphne opened the door, the Head Director immediately looked up at her. "Oh, Doctor Romero! It's a good thing you don't have an emergency with your patients, and you allowed me to see
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Chapter 9: Hidden Agenda
Chapter Nine: Hidden Agenda"It's good that you came here."Daphne looked at the woman who had just arrived. It's her Mom. As usual, she is still with her new husband."Just make up for what I did in the past.""You should, Daphne, because you're getting married in just a few days. And maybe you also want to get back at your sister? For lying just to get out of here?"Daphne smirked. "Until now, for you I'm still lying? Why didn't you ask her?""Do you think I didn't ask her?" her Mama replied annoyed but only in a low tone of voice."Oh, you asked here but of course she denied it, it's probably the ending that I'm the liar. Where is she now? I'm gonna talking to her myself.""S-She's not here, because she's busy with their upcoming exam."Daphne didn't say anything and just took a glass of wine from the waiter. She quickly put it down and hurried out of the mansion. She was sure that the mansion had a garden and she wanted to be alone, because she felt like she will going crazy if sh
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Chapter 10: Awakened Beast
Chapter Ten: Awakened BeastThe wedding went ahead that same day. Even against her heart and principles Daphne couldn't do anything. There is also a mansion ready for them. But Treyton just let her stay where she wanted to stay. That's why she stays in the guest room.Daphne can't sleep well every night because every night Treyton brings different women at home and noisily shares their body heat. She always lack of sleep when she comes to the hospital, she can't sleep because of their noise as if she is listening to their grunts and moans.Today she thought of not going out because she felt bad. She won't wonder why because besides staying up late, she's also tired from work. Here she got to know the maid who were with them better and Manang Sonya was one of them.Manang Sonya gives her whatever she needs. She also acted as her personal maid because she didn't want anyone else to enter her room. She is currently in the garden and breathing in the breeze. She noticed Treyton's car just
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