13. I'm Not Drunk

Beverley could only remain silent with a stiff body. Her heart was filled with bitterness when she saw Brent pouring himself some wine. On the other side, David smiled, satisfied with Brent's decision.

"Mrs. Oliver, why don't you join us?" One of the comfort women beside David asked casually. "You should at least support your husband, right?"

Beverley took a deep breath. Finally, she sat back down. But she didn't say anything, just watched how Brent would play.

Brent and David downed a glass of wine together. The two stared at each other deeply. "It's a childish game," he said.

David grinned. He gestured for one of his women to help pour wine for them both. Then they drank the wine again together.

"Maybe this is childish. But what you are betting on is not trivial," said David.

"You really are an asshole," Brent said as he took another sip of his wine.

They spent glass after glass in fierce competition. Beverley looked at them in surprise and confusion. She could see the desire in Davi
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