73. Someone Harass My Husband

Beverley bit her lip when Brent’s hand rubbed her panties. “You’re wet, baby,” he whispered contentedly. She couldn’t help but feel embarrassed.

Brent’s hand pressed against her clit from outside her panties. She immediately gripped the man’s thighs. “Brent, I’m afraid I’ll squirt here,” she hissed worriedly.

The man kissed her cheek gently. “I’ll take responsibility.”

Beverley wore cotton shorts, which made it easier for Brent to go further. His fingers slipped inside her panties. He finally touched her wet pussy.

Her body instantly trembled as Brent’s fingers rubbed her pussy. Beverley struggled to hold back her moans. She bit her finger to keep the sound from escaping.

Brent giggled. Beverley became annoyed. “What are you laughing for? You’re really torturing me!”

“Torturing you?”

“Yes, oooh....” Brent rubbed her clitoris, and Beverley’s body instantly stiffened. Her head looked up, with her mouth hanging open. She looked so sexy and voluptuous.

Brent became even more tempted to ma
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