74. The Fierce Beverley

Brent was speechless. Beverley’s response was completely beyond his expectations. She wasn’t angry or thinking negatively of him at all. Instead, she cared about him being uncomfortable with Natalie’s actions.

“Honey, you are handsome. It’s only natural for a woman to be obsessed with you. Are you scared, hm?” Beverley rubbed Brent’s head like a mother caring for her child. “Take it easy. I won’t let anyone harass you again.”


Brent didn’t know whether to laugh. He held back his smile. His heart felt warmed by Beverley’s treatment. Without saying anything, he kissed her gently on the lips.

Natalie, who saw that, became jealous. She felt annoyed to death. Who knew that Beverley wasn’t provoked by her? She was so protective of Brent!

Then Beverley broke away from Brent’s kiss. She chuckled and then turned to look at Natalie. Her expression turned cold. Her gaze was sharp.

“Aren’t you satisfied with annoying my husband yet?”

The woman she asked coughed. “Beverley, don’t forget you
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