8. Brent's Lover Staying at the Mansion

The atmosphere was quiet again. Beverley put down her fork and touched the black folder on the table. Just imagining its contents made her head go numb. Why is that man so annoying?

On the first page: The wife must be kind to the husband and the husband's family.

Beverley snorted.

On page two: The wife must act like wives should when appearing in public.

Beverley snorted again. Her face became even more sullen.

On page three: The wife should not interfere in the husband's personal matters, and the husband will do the same.

This time, Beverley agreed. That means they won't meddle in each other's personal affairs. Then she turned to the next sheet.

On page four: The wife should not travel alone at night.

"No," Beverley protested. "Why can't I travel at night?"

Brent looked at her flatly. "Unless you want to be kidnapped or harmed by my business rivals. And if that happened, I wouldn't care."

Beverley snorted. What kind of person is Brent? If the man was a mafia, then she believed there
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