Mated to The Ex Alpha's Uncle

Mated to The Ex Alpha's Uncle

By:  Fashola Sofiat  Ongoing
Language: English
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Rejected by her mate, Maya finds out that she is pregnant for him but due to his new woman, she runs away from the country and bumps into someone she didn't expect. Two years later, they reunite and secrets that were unknown or hidden starts to resurface after the birth of her twins. Romance also rises between her and her former mate's uncle. How will they navigate their way around their feelings?

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Fashola Sofiat
2023-11-23 04:03:37
7 Chapters
Chapter One
"Stand up and leave, we are done here." "What? What are you saying?" Maya asked, her eyes wide with shock and surprise. What is he saying right now? She just gave her virginity to him after he told her that she is his mate. Why is he telling her to leave?! Or is he just telling her to clean herself up or what? He sighed deeply, pushing his silky hair back and little short strands fell to frame his chiselled face, "It's just as you heard. I'm done with you so you should leave, Vivian will be here any minute from now." "Jared, what are you saying right now! Why should I leave even if Vivian is coming? I'm your mate, you should treat me like one!" Maya yelled, her eyes wide in anger. "Mate? Even if you are, if I reject you then it should be over right? And you should do the same. You see, Vivian is the only woman I like and you… You were just a spare that I could use because Vivian was angry at me and I wanted to make her jealous." Jared shrugged indifferently. He rolled his eyes whe
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Chapter Two
“I… I’m pregnant?”Maya murmured in disbelief and slowly put her hands on her flat belly.“Yes. You are approximately two months pregnant, you have gone through a lot these past few months and fortunately, the baby is okay.” The doctor, Doctor M said, her eyes were fixed on Maya who seemed much unfocused. She looked to be in a daze and could not even hear what the doctor was talking about. And truthfully, the only thing that Maya had on her mind was the word, “Pregnant”. How could she have gotten pregnant?For one month, she had been experiencing bouts of nausea and tiredness, she only attributed it to the fact that she has been working nonstop for the past one month but somehow, she had the thought of coming to the hospital for a checkup. Maya told the doctor what she had been experiencing and then the doctor asked the most dreaded question, “When last did she see her period?” After this, Doctor M suggested a pregnancy test and look how it turned out.“Did you say that I am two month
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Chapter Three
Amid the busy airport terminal, she was trying to navigate her way through the crowd when she saw someone approaching her swiftly. He was trying to maneuver his way through the crowds and seemed to be in a hurry. Panic crossed Maya's face as she tried to avoid him, but a collision was inevitable."Watch out!" The figure reached out to catch her, and before she could fall, he wrapped his arms around her, helping her regain her balance. His silver hair, reminiscent of the moon, brushed against her forehead and tickled. Once Maya had found her footing, she sighed and turned to face him, but as soon as she saw his face, she froze. He looked incredibly handsome."Oh... My flight... I'm sorry for bumping into you!" Maya frantically bowed as she quickly grabbed her bag and turned to leave; if she wasted any more time, she would miss her flight. Before the man could utter a word, Maya dashed off, and the silver-haired man glanced in the direction she had gone, offering a small smile before l
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Chapter Four
TWO YEARS LATER"Get the car ready for me," a young man ordered, his deep, resonant voice sending shivers down the spines of all who heard it. Not only was it attractive, but it also had the power to fuel people's fantasies."Yes, sir!" The driver nodded, and within moments, the garage door was open, revealing a sleek and beautiful midnight-blue sedan. The young man wore a charcoal gray suit that accentuated his tall, lean frame; his movement’s exuded grace, akin to that of a dancer, as he slid into the driver's seat. A slight, mischievous smirk graced his lips, adding to the aura of mystery surrounding him.The engine purred to life, and with a gentle press of the accelerator, the car smoothly merged onto the road. Rome's silver hair fluttered in the wind as it caressed his face, and his canines slightly peeked out from his lips.Aftera few minutes, they drove past a small cafe and the driver was told to stop. Rome blinked and went into the cafe, it looked cozy from outside. The sce
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Chapter Five
"Is this how you want it?" Maya asked, tilting her head to the other side, a dark glint appearing in her eyes."What are you gonna do about it? You're just a woman who... Ugh!" The man suddenly groaned in pain. His knees buckled, and a sickening crack filled the air.Rome observed the scene with a wince. That had to hurt. The man was now kneeling on the ground, his knees making a small crack as Maya held down his shoulders, forcing him to kneel."Sir, this is a café, not your house. You can't come here and do whatever you please. So please leave and next time, make sure you watch where you're going, and don't let me catch you around here again," Maya said in a cold tone, paying no mind to the curious but also fearful glances from the other customers."You... How dare you treat me this way! I..." Maya sighed and walked behind the man's back, since he didn't want to leave quietly even after her warning, then she had no other choice than to kick him out herself. No one had any idea what
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Chapter Six
Maya walked home in silence. She thought about the man she had met in the café and why he looked like he recognized her. She had never seen him before so why did he recognize her? She sighed, thinking about all of these now wouldn't do her any good. She had been in this country for two years and she had been raising her kids alone. No one knew about her identity as a wolf and although she found so many wolves living her, she did good not to draw attention to herself. She didn't want anyone to realize who she was. If anything, she was prepared to move to another country once she had stayed for three or four years. Although it would not be good for her kids to move to another country, she had to run away from Vivian who was still hot on her trail. Thankfully, the house she lived in was protected by a barrier; a barrier that would protect them from anyone with an evil intent. Maya opened the door to the house and immediately, the milky scent of two toddlers hit her nose. She smiled a
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Chapter Seven
Maya glanced around the café and it was empty, she and Rome were the only ones inside the café. She crossed her arms and put on a cold expression but deep inside her, she was trembling and asking herself different questions. This guy and Jared were brothers? She never knew that Jared had a sibling, he was always alone and he told her that apart from him, his parents didn’t give birth to any other child. They also smelled a bit alike so Maya knew that he wasn’t lying when he said they were brothers. “Who are you? Did Jared send you here to find me? Or was it Vivian?” Maya decided to stop acting like she had no idea what he was talking about. He already knew who she was so there’s no need to keep pretending. She could only stall for time and run away with her kids. “Jared? Send me here? Miss Maya, you’ve got to give me more credit than that. I’m not someone that that stupid brat can order around.” Rome sat on a chair and crossed his legs; he looked so at ease that Maya wondered if he
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