Mated to my Ex's Lycan King Dad

Mated to my Ex's Lycan King Dad

By:  Aurora Starling  Completed
Language: English
49 ratings
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"First ever She-Alpha divorced by a cheating husband, almost had a one-night stand with her ex's dad, the Lycan King! Can it get more dramatic?"Grace's world was turned upside down when her mate chose another, shattering their bond and marking her as the first divorced She-Alpha in werewolf history. Now, she navigates the rough tides of single life, nearly landing in the arms of her ex-husband's dad, the handsome and enigmatic Lycan King, on her 30th birthday!Imagine this: a relaxed lunch with the Lycan King interrupted by her scornful ex flaunting his new mate. His snide words still echo, "We're not getting back together even if you beg my father to talk to me."Buckle up for a wild ride as the Lycan King, steely and furious, retorts, "Son. Come meet your mom." Intrigue. Drama. Passion. Grace's journey has it all. Can she rise above her trials and find her path to love and acceptance in this thrilling saga of a woman redefining her destiny?

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I liked the book. However, I felt that things were wrapped up in a hurry. There was no explanation how set came back and no epilogue to finish up the last few strings of the kids and the castle. Love it overall just wished a few more things were explained.
2024-06-05 11:24:40
default avatar
It's a good book but very short chapters. in all honesty, you can skip 5 chapters, and they will still talk about the same thing in the next chapter. I got bored in the beginning, but if you keep reading, it gets better.
2024-04-29 22:26:21
user avatar
Chawni Read
ok, so great book! loved the storyline, but now that it's complete, is there possibly going to be a sequel? there's so much I still want to know ...
2024-04-27 05:49:01
default avatar
it's good, looking for more updates
2024-03-08 20:04:50
user avatar
Jessi Lynn
I'm about to not finish this. Grace is a selfish idiot.
2024-03-05 06:28:28
user avatar
Chawni Read
seriously, though... can I marry Charles??? I mean, he's obviously not perfect, but he does seem like most things a girl could want from a man 🫠......
2024-03-04 09:47:05
user avatar
When will the next update come?
2024-03-04 03:25:59
user avatar
Delinda Schumacher
420 chapters 2-20-24
2024-02-21 01:11:24
user avatar
Kriszta Kegye
I have just at the end of the book, or at least what is ready so far. This is a captivating novel, loads of unexpected turns, interesting characters and exciting story. This is the best book I have read on this genre so far! I hope it will not only develop by chapters and don't have to wait too long
2024-01-15 22:18:26
default avatar
Thank you for the update
2024-01-04 07:05:30
default avatar
Victoria Ma
I am so invested in Grace’s growth and journey to the senate, and the possibility of setting Astarte on a path to healing rather than stubbornly pursuing destruction! Can’t wait for more chapters, and I don’t want it to end too soon ... not without a bright future for the kiddos
2024-01-03 14:00:11
user avatar
Nicole Zimmer Burnside
Great story but there really needs to be an ending soon.
2024-01-01 21:13:21
default avatar
How often do you update
2023-12-30 12:17:59
user avatar
Latoya Mcleod
I really do like this book but the chapters are really short.
2023-12-16 06:06:04
default avatar
This book is such a treasure the author has impeccable talent. I would recommend this to anyone. A truly great read!
2023-12-09 03:01:42
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562 Chapters
Chapter 0001
Money Grace Today was my 30th birthday. I was divorced, mateless, a survivor of infidelity and broke. If there was a woman in the werewolf or lycan community who had it worse than me, I’d like to meet her. Maybe we could split the cost of this drink that wasn’t doing anything for the sor
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Chapter 0002
I had thought my marriage to Devin would be the start of a new age. A lycan leading a werewolf pack? It was something Eason said would start the path to better lycan and werewolf cooperation. I remembered reeling him back from making it a big deal when he we got married. It didn’t take much convinci
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Chapter 0003
Grace I turned around and tilted my head up to look into the man’s face. He was tall, towering over me. In a crisp green button-up, a dark vest, and dark wash jeans. He wasn’t so close to loom over me, but he was warm enough that the air between us was sizzling. It was the confidence in his tone
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Chapter 0004
“Perfect,” he growled, slipping his hands under my dress and lifting me. I wrapped my legs around his waist, and we kissed as he carried me toward the couch. I’d popped a few buttons on his shirt, desperate to get my hands on him, when his phone rang. He groaned, pulling back. He lowered me onto the
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Chapter 0005
Grace “Right here,” I told George as we arrived in front of Darkwood Apartments. Eason and I kept an apartment open for when we needed to escape from clubs, and bars in the middle of the night, and were too drunk to trust ourselves to make it home. Eason got more use out of it than I ever had, b
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Chapter 0006
As I sat back, my eyes caught the sight of one of my father’s old posters. His face, younger and alive smiled back at me. We’re family, the poster said. And family gives each other a ride to work—free of charge. I chuckled a little as my eyes turned misty. I remembered the PR team thinking that
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Chapter 0007
Charles I hung up the phone and reclined in my seat, feeling victorious. Over fifty percent of Sharpe Medical Supplies was mine. Wolfe Medical would have no choice but to do business with me now, and that would be my chance. The longevity drug they were developing was going to take off in the ma
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Chapter 0008
The account was just as he said, and I almost laughed. “I suppose his wife cleaned him out during the divorce?” “I don’t believe so,” George said. “I am looking into the circumstances around it based on some reports regarding his relationship with Amy starting while he was still married.”
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Chapter 0009
Grace “I’m so sorry, ma’am, but the terms of the loan agreement are clear.” The representative sighed again. “If you can’t come up with at least one payment by the next payment debt, we’ll have to foreclose on your house.” I shuddered at the words. The woman had genuinely seemed sorry. I too
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Chapter 0010
I turned away from him, ready to leave. “If you don’t talk to me, I’ll call your debts due.” I scoffed. My eyes burned as I turned back to glare at him. I wanted him to see the fury on my face. His eyes were calm. His expression was neutral. “Get in line,” I hissed. “I’m sure you’ve hear
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