Mated to my Stepbrothers

Mated to my Stepbrothers

By:  BurntAsh3s  Completed
Language: English
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Jane Winters moves to Los Avalos with her mother, Sarah, who is getting married to the Alpha, Kyle Heiden. Once there, Jane realizes that her new stepbrothers are the two boys who used to bully her. They had lived with their mother for two semesters and had made Jane's life hell. Now faced with having to live in the same house as them, Jane makes two new friends. Freya is bubbly and just what Jane needs. Sebastian likes her as she is and wants more than just friendship. When Jane turns eighteen she realizes that her mates are Reid and Ryan Heiden, her stepbrothers and bullies. Jane is convinced they're playing a mean trick on her when they tell her they want her. Follow Jane's story as she stumbles through awkward teenage phases, tries to sort reality from fantasy with her twin mates and Sebastian's declaration of love. Who are the good guys and who are the bad guys? Will Jane make the right choice? Who will she choose?

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Shannon Patten
Start off great, but close to the end doesn't make sense. You could have told us more about what happened with the baby.? What happened with the beta because he wasn't locked up? What happened to the other alpha territory? All in all great book
2023-10-13 15:48:56
user avatar
Joyel Castro
I really like the story. just once though I would either like the boys to wait or have the girl not be a virgin because it seems so wrong that she saves herself and he can be what they call a man w**** and she still gives in. I like though that Jenner and his pack you wait for their mates
2023-10-13 13:02:51
default avatar
Absolutely loved this story!! Loved the twins!!!
2023-10-13 03:40:14
default avatar
Esther Carolina Melendez
Nice story enjoyed very much
2023-10-09 02:26:17
default avatar
Catherine O Shea
Great book
2023-10-08 20:52:50
default avatar
Temilade Hadassah Adetunla
It’s very interesting, I loved the character Jane played…. It a must read book for everyone, I’ve read it severally and I will keep reading it ...️
2023-10-08 00:30:02
user avatar
Delinda Schumacher
7 chapters 7-11-23
2023-07-11 16:20:13
user avatar
A nice, easy read. Very few grammatical errors and no strange name swaps. I loved the banter between Jenner and his ranked wolves. Jane’s character grows well, but then seems to revert again. Sex scenes were good. Ending felt a little rushed. Overall 4.75 stars.
2023-10-08 06:52:20
user avatar
Khizra Sidiqui
the ending was too abrupt. Ryan and Reid both ignored her so story should have been a little stretched out
2023-10-18 08:27:27
59 Chapters
Chapter One
“What?” Jane Winters sat on her bed with her mouth slightly open as she looked at her mother, Sarah, in disbelief.“I know it seems too quick, but, honey, I love him.”“But getting married in two weeks?” She hadn’t even met her mother’s boyfriend and now she was getting married! Jane could hardly believe her ears but she wanted her mother to be happy. Her own happiness didn’t matter that much to her.Her parents had gotten divorced two years ago and Jane had seen her mother cry and mourn like he had died. But he was still alive and less involved in Jane’s life than she would’ve liked.“Oh sweetie, you’ll love it. He’s the Alpha of his pack and his territory borders on a national forest. They have a great high school in the town where you can finish your senior year.”Jane regarded her mother. She was a sweet, loving and warm woman. She looked so happy that Jane couldn’t find it in herself to bratty about this move. Marrying an Alpha was a big deal and Sarah’s eyes twinkled when she ta
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Chapter Two
Ryan pushed himself off the wall and took a step towards Jane. She gulped visibly, not understanding why they were there. Hadn’t they gone with their father for that family walk? Reid glanced at Ryan and also took a step towards her.Ryan’s demeanour changed as he looked at Jane. “Why didn’t you tell our father that we are acquainted? Why lie, little pup?”Little pup, the nickname given to Jane by the twins, irked her the most. They never called her by her name. She hated the name “Little pup”.Why was he calling her on that lie? Did their father know what bullies they were? She doubted that he’d approve of their behaviour. She’d seen enough of Kyle Heiden to know that he, at least, was a good man, not like his evil twin demons.Jane shook her head, not wanting to get into an argument with them and pushed past Ryan. She still needed to get her phone from the dining room. Reid blocked her way and Ryan half turned so that she was trapped.Reid reached for a lock of her hair but she pull
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Chapter Three
The sky had darkened considerably as Jane looked through the windows of the classroom. Her phone was in her locker and she couldn’t even call for help. Was her mother wondering where she was? Blinding, hot tears gathered in her eyes when the door suddenly opened and she fell backwards, her head hitting the floor with a thud.“Whoa … are you okay?”Jane’s eyes opened and she looked up into a smiling face. “Uh … yeah, I somehow got locked inside.”The boy smiled and held out a hand to help her to her feet. “Lucky for you I came back for the notebook I forgot on my desk. Mr Pathnil will skin me alive if I don’t complete my homework.”Jane smiled too as she nodded her head. Their teacher was a drill sergeant. “I’m Jane. Jane Winters.”“Sebastian Howell.”He was quite handsome in the whole sand, surf and sun kind of way with his sun-kissed blond hair that was a bit too long and his deep, blue eyes that felt like it could see right through her. He pulled his hand from hers, the one she hadn
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Chapter Four
Jane woke up and looked at the gray sky. She had forgotten to close her curtains the previous night and she shivered slightly as she looked at the thick clouds. The day looked bleak and the dark clouds matched Jane’s mood.She was quiet during breakfast and she was glad that her mother didn’t push her for conversation. She had probably spoken to her father the previous night. Jane didn’t want to think about it anymore and she was actually relieved when she heard the twins in the foyer.Autumn was upon them and Jane could see the change in the leaves on the trees lining the streets. Gold and rust coloured leaves blew in the wind and Jane remained huddled in the backseat of the SUV as she drove to school with Reid and Ryan.Reid kept glancing in the rearview mirror as he drove and Jane could feel his gaze burning into her. She wouldn’t acknowledge him by looking up and she pretended not to notice. Ryan was looking out of his window and for once the two brothers didn’t talk up a storm.R
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Chapter Five
Jane stretched her body and turned onto her pillow with her eyes still closed. The wet spot on her pillow had her eyes snap open. She wiped a hand over her cheek and scrunched her face up in disgust. Had she been drooling in her sleep?Her dream came back to her in vivid flashes. Her eyes widened as realization set in that she’d dreamt about Reid again and this time Ryan too! She clenched her eyes shut as she remembered kissing Reid and then kissing Ryan.Her hands had been beneath Ryan’s shirt! ‘Please kill me now,’ she thought and sat upright in her bed.What the hell was going on? Chocolate and lavender, apple pie and cinnamon, the scents twirled around her and she closed her eyes as she inhaled deeply. The scent was faint, barely there but so delectable that she was sure she was imagining it.‘Happy birthday to me,’ she thought as she got out of bed and got ready for the day.Jane stood in the bathroom after getting dressed and looked at her reflection. She looked just a tiny bit
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Chapter Six
Jane stood transfixed, their scents mingling around her. She felt compelled to walk towards them but she shook her head fiercely and thought, hell no! Reid stood with his eyes closed as he sniffed the air and Ryan’s eyes were darkening.Jane took a step backwards, forgetting that the first step was right behind her. Before she could land on her ass though, Ryan had a grip on her arm and steadied her. He blinked and his eyes returned to their normal sea green.“It’s you.” Jane had never before seen that smile on his face. “The dreams all make sense now.”Dreams? Had they been dreaming about her like she’d been dreaming about them? Was it so bad that they had intensified their meanness towards her? Jane couldn’t wrap her mind around that. How were the two of them her mates?“No. This isn’t happening to me.”Reid’s hand touched her other arm and she felt the most delicious sensation go through her. “We should probably talk.”Jane could only nod her head. They did need to talk but their c
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Chapter Seven
The door opened slowly as Jane stood transfixed next to her bed. Reid and Ryan slipped inside, closing the door behind them softly. Jane swallowed nervously as their scents engulfed her. Reid had a t-shirt on over his pajama bottoms but Ryan was bare chested and Jane couldn’t look away.“Jane.”She blinked and they were both standing right in front of her. How had that happened?” She looked up at Reid, who was smiling at her, and she moved backwards. The backs of her knees touched the bed behind her and she promptly sat down.She closed her eyes as Reid reached out towards her and tucked some stray hair behind her ear. His touch was warm, comforting and her heart beat accelerated. That vivid dream of kissing him flashed before her eyes and she snapped them open.She felt movement on the other side and turned her head. Ryan was now sitting next to her on her bed. Their scents were toying with her, calming her but she shook her head and slapped Reid’s hand away.“Don’t touch me.” Her wh
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Chapter Eight
Jane was surprised when she looked in the mirror that morning. Her normal blue eyes were now a shade lighter, looking like clear pools of water. Her skin looked amazing and her hair had a luster to it that she hadn’t really noticed before.She got dressed in skinny jeans and noticed that the jeans now hugged her and she turned in the mirror. She looked good, really good. She matched the jeans with boots and a tight shirt and her favourite jacket over that.She applied mascara and lip gloss and pouted in the mirror. She shook her head and smiled at her own silliness. She grabbed her backpack and opened her bedroom door. Their scents reached out to her and her breath hitched in her throat.Reid and Ryan stood by their door, obviously waiting for her. Their eyes roamed over her and Ryan grinned. Reid moved first and kissed her cheek, his mouth hovering next to her ear. “You look almost too good to be let out of the house.”Jane looked at them and realized that they too looked really good
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Chapter Nine
Jane finally made her way to the parking lot. Reid and Ryan sat on the steps as they waited for her. Sebastian’s car wasn’t in the lot anymore and they both stood up as she pushed the doors open.“You’ve been crying.” Jane rolled her eyes at Reid’s observation.“I’m fine.”They followed her down the steps and Reid pushed the button on the keys and the doors unlocked. Jane pulled the rear door open and slid into the SUV. Ryan stood by the door and looked at her before closing it and climbing into the front.“What’s wrong, Jane?”“Why did you break up with your girlfriends?”Ryan turned in his seat and looked at her. His eyes were open and honest as he answered her. “You’re our mate, Jane. Why would we want them?”Jane didn’t answer him because she didn’t know why they wanted her, if in fact they wanted her at all or if it was just some sick joke. She leaned against the doorframe and looked out of the window.“Jane …”She sighed with irritation and glared at Ryan. “You growled at Sebast
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Chapter Ten
To Jane’s surprise, Ryan and Reid walked out of the grocery store with everything she’d picked packed in bags. They loaded the groceries in her car and climbed inside. Ryan had the pizzas on his lap in the backseat and Reid was grinning at her.“I really don’t mind buying your tampons, you know.”Jane shook her head as she started her car and started driving home. Ryan and Reid discussed the difference between heavy and normal flow as Jane’s cheeks burned with embarrassment and they laughed when she turned up the volume of the radio to drown out their voices.At the house, the twins carried her bags to the kitchen and helped her to pack everything away. She felt so awkward that she escaped halfway through and ran to her room. A few minutes later, someone knocked and her door opened.“You forgot this.” Reid placed the box of tampons on her nightstand and she lowered her head.“Thanks.”Reid laughed then and she glared at him. “Come on, the pizza’s getting cold and we’ll even let you ch
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