Chapter 2


There wasn't anything peaceful when I awoke.

Perched atop the highest reaches of the stadium, the Alpha occupied a position of undeniable authority within the upper quadrant. With a mere gesture from him, the executioner's hands closed around my hair, yanking me unceremoniously. The once-lustrous cascade of my golden locks once imbued with an otherworldly radiance, had now suffered a cruel transformation. No longer a source of magic, they lay matted and destroyed, a stark contrast to their former glory.

Gone was the silkiness, replaced by a gnarled mess that clung to my pale head like a discarded afterthought. Suspended in mid-air, my torso hung, vulnerable, and exposed to the collective gaze of the onlooking crowd. It was as if my very being had become a canvas for their morbid curiosity, a spectacle for them to savor and dissect.

The thing about torture is that it will strip you of everything, even the will to live. They hadn’t extracted any information from me, and I knew how frustrating it was for them, but in reality, I truthfully had none to offer besides my life and soul. A day had already passed, and despite my efforts, I was still treated like a felon.

The audience wailed as if celebrating my doom, and some were angered by my presence. The tears streaming from my eyes were endless.

“Any last remarks?”

“I—know nothing...I a-am no one,” I was glad to proclaim the truth, even if it was for the last time.

Since no one believed me, none of the audience spoke, although I could feel their piercing gaze as if they were daggers ready to plunge deep within my soul. They wanted to tear me apart, but even if they could, they had nothing to extract.

"One last thing to ask... Where is your kin? Where are they hiding?"

“I-I d-do not know…” I answered with pure honesty.

“Very well…” He gestured a sign. This must be my end…

I forced myself to take a deep breath before closing my eyes. Heart pounding, I struggled to keep my peace altogether.

The audience’s voices flared in response to the command while my inner emotions howled. Then suddenly, everything de-escalated. Dim conversations suddenly replaced the crowd's voices and cheers.

“What is happening?” I heard a woman ask.


The executioner released his grip on my scalp and immediately, I plummeted against the cold hard ground. While I was exhausted, my throat parched and dried, I overheard the crowd going wild from confusion.

“What is the meaning of this!?”

“Why did it cease?”

It took quite a while for everything to quiet down.

“Just end it. I don’t want any questions. Bring her to my mansion,”

My head snapped toward the Alpha’s direction and found his gaze fixated on mine. Everyone was shocked by how sudden the situation shifted and how easily he lifted the execution. I can't even comprehend what just happened. Did he pity me? I wanted to ask.

I was fully awake for a moment, the second thing I was on the ground once again.

As someone who was tortured endlessly for hours on end, my body was bound to give in. I had also been tired since yesterday morning, and I hadn’t received a decent meal. With all that in mind, I welcomed the darkness consuming me. Closing my eyes seemed like the only thing rational at this point besides weeping.

I thought I could easily fall to my slumber; however, they simply couldn’t let me rest. A splash of water jolted me awake, I was visibly trembling due to my wetness, but no one offered a lending hand. The Alpha who was peering at me saw my shivering form and I saw his jaws clenched. Then he spoke—his deep voice rippled around the crisp air.

“I said take her to my mansion now. Awake.” He said, emphasizing the word awake.

Preoccupied with my sabotaging thoughts, I was bolstered by two men, holding my arms from each side. I barely felt my body anymore since becoming numb from my injuries. And I still had a feeling that this wasn’t the end of my misery.

The two men led me to a trail devoid of any inhabitants on its side path as if it leads to a place where no other person is allowed to stay or linger—at least from what I heard. The forest trees whipped and the wind perked up while I was being dragged away, shivering in response to the breeze, I tried laying my head low to steady my breathing.

Thinking of how I evaded death caused relief to wash within me. All thoughts aside, I was glad to have survived.

“You’re lucky to be alive today…No one escapes execution that easily,”

My attention quickly snapped to the man who spoke.

“I don’t have anything to do with you or any of your laws—and even I am a fugitive. I told you, I have no recollection of anything!”

I didn't suppress my emotions this time, I constantly feel vindicated.

The man looked at me, his gaze intense, but somehow, there was a tinge of understanding. “We don’t trust any wolves from the Sil—”

His companion immediately cut him off.

“Don’t tell her. If she does have no memories, then it’s better if she didn’t know. It might be one of their tricks again. They might be listening to her subconsciousness,”

I was left wondering about their statement. Subconsciousness?

After a few minutes, my questions subsided when a massive mansion came into sight. The men looked at me momentarily.

Upon leading me inside, they left without any words. I drew a shaky breath, thinking I was finally alone now. To my mistake, a sparkle caught my eye. Slipping away from the shadows of the room, Alpha Strevus came into sight, marred with features that could make any woman swoon at his feet. His midnight hair made his eyes more prominent and sharp. Thinking that I was staring for too long, I advertedly avoided my gaze.

Silence enveloped both of us when no one spoke. And at first, I had no intention of initiating a conversation however the tension brewing was suffocating and made me very uncomfortable.

"Why did you let me live?"

The Alpha's expression didn't falter when he responded—still emotionless as ever. "I am not obligated to answer you,"

My heart thrummed. His words since the beginning were like a constant slap to my being. The look in his eyes held nothing but pure hatred toward me. Despite everything, I always wondered what it was like to be stared at by him in a different light. Trying to suppress the pain, I became tentative when he finally spoke.

"Tomorrow, we will set off to my kingdom,"

“Kingdom?” I asked.

“Why do you sound surprised?”

I can't explain everything at once. I will continue to relay that I have no memories and that each new piece of information surprises me.

"It's not what I expected..."

"Are you insulting royalty?"

"No...why would I?"

While appearing docile, he made a remarkable snarl that sent tremors across the room. A mix of terror and fear crept right through me. There’s no denying I was scared to death. Actually, scared is an understatement.

“Your name?”

“I have no name…”

"In that case... I'll refer to you as my captive,"

I allowed myself to be called whatever—if that meant my life was guaranteed and I would not be hurt in any way, knowing my place and acknowledging I knew nothing of the world I was in, made me a bit more rational than I actually am.

"Earlier, you mentioned that—you do not accept me as my mate..." I uttered, having trouble sewing my sentences. Before I could continue, his face darkened, eyes shifting to a reddish-purple in color. My heart stammered against my ribcage.

What was he?

Unconsciously, I backed down and stirred uncomfortably in my seat. His gaze held malice and authority, one that can't be simply ignored.

A grin tugged at the corners of his lips upon seeing fear in my eyes, it wasn't warm but crooked. Apparently, he was purposely taunting me and wanted me to feel terrorized as if I wasn't already scared as it is.

“I do not need a queen or a Luna. I shall not usher one with blood-stained hands into my realm. Hence, your presence holds no place, for my kingdom seeks no affiliation with you.”

I nodded, afraid to utter a sound. It took me quite a while to regain my composure, only after when his eyes reverted into its beautiful green color did I meet his eyes once more.

A faint smile crossed my lips as I spoke weakly. "Your queen is your burden alone... My involvement doesn't extend to your lands, boundaries, or realm. I agree with the proposition—"

“If you accept this offer...I had no liability and claim to your safety,”

I regarded him with disbelief. Ever since awakening, my sole destiny seemed to be either death, execution, or torment, yet now the situation had taken an unexpected turn. And now he was expressing concern? The perils he mentioned paled in comparison to the ordeal he had subjected me to. At one point, I had genuinely believed it was the end for me – a fate where I wouldn't even have the chance to uncover my identity, let alone defend myself. These thoughts raced through my mind as I struggled, in stark contrast to his demeanor, who seemed to be enjoying my silent torment.

The man moved forward, passing me but barely touching my skin. Even without grazing, I felt it, the electrifying feeling of our skin brushing. Completely distracted by my own body's response, I stood silent for a while. Trying to process the emotions brewing within me since the day I laid my eyes on him.

“Do you feel it too?" His voice was husky and deep as he whispered right into my ear, and it sent shivers down my spine. It’s pointless to say that his presence didn’t perturb me, I was since the beginning.

I just nodded. I could hardly reel my thoughts together as he drew nearer to my face. I unconsciously closed my eyes, instead of closing the distance we were unto, he pulled back and walked away with a triumphant smirk.

"That's because you're my mate...And from what I can see, you don't even know what we are—not even what you are,"

What I am? His statement baffled me.

"I—I don't,"

"Then this will become a problem..."

"How is it a problem?"

"We are ravages, and you stand as our adversary as well. I would have orchestrated your death were it not for the memories you've lost, memories that I require...But understand this, a person who steps into the unknown is a danger to himself,"

"Why do you need them so much?" I asked, pertaining to his need for my memories.

"You hold a piece of valuable information. The world will be peaceful upon knowing….but I won't divulge much more,"

There were a lot of questions that I needed answers to. Part of me wanted to press further. Nevertheless, I chose to stay silent.

Throwing an uneasy glance at Alpha who was now walking beside me, I realized that my burning fear and curiosity were subdued by ripples of emotion that had no grounds to ensue. He was a beast I cannot fathom. I should be running away from him, but like a paradoxical intention, my feet kept pulling me to him.

As we were headed towards the quarters, the wind incessantly drew its force upon us. It whistled across the corridor.

"Are you alone here?"

The man didn't respond.

I just sighed and continued walking.

His jaw twitched when we stood in front of a door. It didn't take long for him to prop the door open. As we stepped into a small room with marble flooring, the furnish didn't astonish me as I thought it would. There was the usual table, a blank wall paint, a clear ceiling, and an ornament against the wall. On its right, a large window faces the bed frame. It allowed the moonlight to seep through, illuminating the small living space.

"Why are we sleeping in the same room?" I asked.

"You're unfamiliar with this world. You're a stranger to everyone here. My wolves patrol the area, and if they detect anything unusual, they won't hesitate to strike. I don't want you nosing around and inviting trouble."


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