Chapter 69


Trigger Warning

"There's always a duality of good and evil. Aligning yourself with great men is crucial if you aim to be the strongest,"

Sitting by the fire, I felt a tumult of emotions, none of which carried warmth. Jean held my hand, tracing the lines of my palm with his finger. Despite the platter of food in front of me, I refrained from touching it, repelled by the presence of this monster by my side. Contrary to my expectations upon returning, the room remained empty. I used to dread solitude, but now, I longed for the company of another person.

"I never declared a desire for power,"

Jean released his grip on me. "That is what you sought when I rescued... and trained you. I provided you with everything you needed, and in return, you betrayed us by crossing the line with our enemy."

Snatching my wrist, Jean forcefully pushed me onto the long wooden table. I struggled against his hold, and a flood of malevolent thoughts accompanied a frantic heartbeat. "Why are you doing this? W
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