Chapter 67

I gave him a curious stare. Regardless of what he envisioned, it had to be doable. Otherwise, I'm unwilling to do things I am incapable of doing. At the moment, Accius is in full-on mystifying mode. Sure enough, I was correct in my suspicions.

"You've got this. This is in your hands now. You just need to do the same thing you did in the snowy mountains,"

I paused at his remark. How did he know that? Was he among the vampires that attacked the East?

Concerned about his involvement, my heart raced. From what I can tell about him, he seems like a sincere individual. I'm not usually a good judge of character. However, my situation does not permit me to be judgmental. I had to make do with the resources at my disposal. That leaves him the only person I can place my trust in at this point in time. It's a gamble, but I'm willing to take it if it means getting out of this abyssal place. I need to find a way to reconnect with Knight.

As a response, I gave a nonchalant nod. At the very least, I
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