Chapter 66


He said, "The only real reason you can't is because you were in the wrong place to begin with. This is where you belong. Where you once lived. Time is not only the answer to getting your answers, sometimes you just need to go back to the past... go back to where you truly belong."

I sighed, acknowledging the truth in his words. "You're right. If I want to remember, then this place is the perfect setting to harness my memories." The decision to confront the past, to explore this familiar yet mysterious place, lingered in the air like a quiet resolution.

The surroundings, once overlooked, now held the potential to be a canvas for the fragments of recollection. I stood there, a silent observer ready to retrace steps that had faded into my memories.

The air seemed charged with subtle energy as if the very atmosphere held the key to unlocking the doorways to remembrance. The familiar sights and sounds took on new significance, transforming into clues that could lead me back to the mo
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