Chapter 70


"Head west of the City; come find me there."

The boy didn't hesitate, snatching the letter from my hand. He unintentionally glimpsed at my covered face, the glow in my eyes briefly holding his attention long enough to unsettle him. Pocketing the letter, he quickly exited the dimly lit room. The echoes of multiple footsteps reached my ears as I clenched my hands together, contemplating the day that lay ahead. I needed to act swiftly, preempting any suspicion from the Northern guards regarding the threats I had sent.

The flickering light and the tolling of bells disrupted my thoughts. Something triggered my senses, but it faded as Accius' presence became apparent. Too tense to meet him outside, I awaited him within the small cabin. After a brief moment, the sound of hooves ceased at the entrance. I envisioned Accius dismounting, his familiar scowl etched across his features.

"I was hoping you'd come to the tavern."

"I couldn't, not when most of the members are my own, not when I betr
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