Mine - her hazel eyes under my possession

Mine - her hazel eyes under my possession

By:  Breezy_Boo_  Completed
Language: English
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I hate keeping her underground in the cell. I love her so much. I gave her everything. HOW DARE SHE LEAVE ME? she is my wife. My other half. I know she is afraid but i love killing. I love the sight when my enemy's body drain out of blood. and did everything to keep all this away from her, hidden. she is too kind to understand this.Yet, she saw me killing my own "so called brother". she didn't even gave me a chance to explain myself. She is still unconscious. I found her and brought her here. GOD, I missed her, i missed her soft skin, her hazel eyes, her long brown hairs, her smile. But she left me."wake up." i shouted pouring water on her. she opened her eyes. she is observing where she is. Cell is dark and damp, she can't see me. "I missed you, My love." I stepped towards her. Her eyes widened in shock. She can't move. her hands are tied above her head and legs secured in chains. I pulled her cheeks and made my way down. she still don't know that she is naked. I noticed my marks are gone. But now, she doesn't have one. This makes me angry."what shall I do with you?" I said picking up the whip from the ground. Tears roll down her eyes after looking at the glass pieces on the end of whip. it is meant to cut the skin. "No" she whispered. horrors visible in her eyes. I smiled."You need to learn my love. For your own good. Just few days, let me purify you, let me mark you." I said chuckling. I hate to see her this horrified. I need to teach her."MINE"

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Tehreem zehra
A dying FL is a bad msg to the society author...take care
2024-05-08 23:30:25
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Parth Udhani
amazing story line and most loved book
2022-02-07 11:35:01
user avatar
DhineLee Afidchao
nice and amazing story
2020-12-07 10:13:51
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Reem Mohammed
Best book till date.
2020-12-02 04:39:48
user avatar
is it like a vampire one
2020-11-25 16:59:44
user avatar
try it! it's a very good book
2020-11-08 12:12:30
user avatar
The book is good. I like it
2020-10-14 20:44:27
user avatar
Katina Bradshaw
Book all over the place Ugh
2020-10-27 04:30:58
50 Chapters
Entering her life.
Zoe's Pov..Tunnnn Tunnn TunnnnI opened my eyes to look at the wall. 10 am. Fuck i overslept again."Mummaaaaaaaa" i shouted getting out of the bed. "I am late again." I shouted again. I couldn't get out of the bed because of my blanket. Its wrapped around me.My mom entered the room with her hands crossed on her chest. "Its weekend. And you graduated few months back." She said.I froze. Yes, i already graduated, I thought I was late for college. Ohh god. I looked at her with "i am sorry" face."Come down, have breakfast. Say goodbye to your brother he is leaving." She ordered."Yeah, in a minute" I sat there.I graduated few months back. Even with 8.6 gpa I always get rejected in the interview. While all other fellow mates have already found the job. My family don't want me to work but i want to.I got freshened up and climbed down stairs. I saw my elder bro
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Zoe's pov..I glance around the club. It was a posh club. It would cosh a fortune. I felt uneasy. I looked around again. Few men were drinking, dance floor was full, flooded with all the rich people. But my eyes rested on a highly tinted glass wall. It felt like someone was staring at me."Crystal, I don't think this is a good idea. I want to leave, please." I requested politely.Crystal hold my hand and pulled me forward.I hissed in pain, her bracelet cut my skin. Few drops of blood fell on the ground.I saw crystal turning pale. She started shivering and looked at the highly tinted glass wall. I was turning to leave when I felt a hand on my back. "Hello beautiful." A man spoke."You are hurt, let me help you." He started cleaning my blood. I smiled at his generosity. He was raised properly.I looked around and crystal was no-where to be seen. The gen
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Brother's boss?
Jack's POV.."Where is my sister?" Shouted aarav, my love's big brother.I walked out of the room with a smirk on my face. And stood face to face. His eyes widened in shock. "Boss" he stated."Yes, aarav. Your deadline ends now, 12am." I chuckled."No boss. I-I... My sister...she was in the club." He said in shock."I know." I smiled."Don't hurt her please. Just give me 1 more day, I will surely won't disappoint you, sir please." He pleaded.I chuckled. "No your time's up my boy." I said coldly.His hands trembled. He ran towards the room where his sister was sleeping.But couldn't pass me, I was in his way. He ended up getting a sharp punch on his jaw. He punched me back. "Now you have pissed me." I shouted. I hold his hand and twisted it slowly. He struggled to get free, pity. I hea
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Zoe's POV...We reached home. Aarav asked me to keep my mouth shut about last night. And ushered me to my room. I laid on my bed and thought about last night. Something is definitely missing. I looked myself in the mirror. I looked like a messed. I changed into new pjs after a long shower. I heard yelling from downstairs so I rushed down. I was about to enter the dinning room when i heard "You don't understand, we can't do anything. He is unpredictable." Shouted aarav."We just can't hand over our zoe to him." My dad shouted."You don't know what he is capable of. Just don't let zoe know this. I will talk to her later." Shouted aarav and busted out of the dinning roomI rushed back to my room but he saw me. "What were you doing down here?" He shouted.He dragged me in my room by my arm. "It hurts aarav" i yelled."You don't k
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Dinner together
Zoe's pov...I entered the house and was instantly bombarded with questions "Did he harm you?""Are you hurt?""Did he treat you well?"...etcI nodded "yes he was actually gentleman." "Yeah?" My mom started sobbing."Yeah. He is little old-school. He pulled me harshly when I was going to hug amir." I shrugged."Back to your room" shouted aarav as he entered the house."No. I meet this guy and now I am free." I protest."Zoe. Now" shouted papa."NO." I hold my grounds. They cannot ground me like this. What about my freedom?Aarav harshly grabbed my arm and dragged me to my room. "Aarav leave me, it hurts." I cried in pain. He is holding me so hard, this will surely leave bruises. He threw me on the bed and locked the room before leaving.I laid there crying. I loc
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Clearing the mess
Zoe's POV..After jack left last night, I laid on my bed thinking about him. The way he touched me, I felt butterflies in my stomach. The way he pulled me, the way he kissed, the way he touched me it all made me feel new. I want more. I want him to touch me. I blushed and dossed off.The next morning I got dressed and hid the bit marks with makeup. I headed downstairs. Aarav was sleeping on the couch. I walked towards him.He was still in his yesterday's clothes hairs ruffled and a plaster on his hand. What happened? I touched his forehead, he was burning. I ran in the kitchen and gabbed some ice water and strips. As i was entering the living room i saw mumma caressing him. He looks so tired.We placed some wet strips on his forehead and he woke up."What is this?" He growled."Goodmorning to you too." I replied. He looked at me wide-eyed, pulled me in his gr
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She did what?
Zoe's pov...I woke up with my head throbbing in pain. Everything was dizzy and revolving around me. I looked around. A room, not my room. It was wooden furnished with black interiors. Intense.Amy came in the room and handed me a pill and juice. "Hi drunk head." Said crystal without looking at me  . I knitted my eyebrows together, i remember coming to beach and drinking. I looked around. I have been here before, its sam's room."Don't think too hard, You  drank vodka last night with beers and ended up swiming for 2 hours, then we dragged you here." Said  Amy. She looks fresh as flower."Why do you look so fresh?" I asked."Because i can handle drinks. Now go take a shower and come downstairs for breakfast." She ordered and started walking towards the door."When did crystal came?" I asked. I was not talking to crystal after the stunt she pulled. She came
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Brewing lies
Jack's pov...I left the house. I know aarav was cooking something vicious in his mind. He won't hurt her, he loves her. But he surely has something in his mind. I walked out of the house, and sat on the passenger seat of my car."Where to, sir." Said Elijah. I shook my head smiling. He drove me to richard's house as he thought this was a trap and i would get hurt. When i came out with zoe, she thought he was the driver.  He started driving."She is really sweet, zoe, you smile more now-a-days." Said Elijah. He is working for me for over 2 decades now. He knows me. We practically grew up together. He is like my brother.I looked at him and he continued, "she brought me a gift too" he said pulling a really weird looking thing out from a bag."And what might that be?" I asked frowning. Why would she buy something like this wierd. I haven't figured out what is it.
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Falling for him
Zoe's pov.."Good morning" i said shuffling in the bed. Aarav and mumma slept with me last night. I still feel aaravs arm around me. "Morning fatso." Replied aarav."Hmmm, I am not fat. Just look at your arm first. Move it, I can't breathe." I said moving away.Aarav lift his arm and got upHe looked like he didn't sleep at all. He spoke in husky voice"Get up now. I am leaving in an hour" he said motioning towards a paper on my night stand. "I am not getting out of my bed. It feels so soft." I turned  and wrapped the blanket around me.He shuffled me up and handed me the paper. He motioned me to read it.A car will be waiting for you round the corner. I know your secret route. I want you to leave now. Emily will be waiting for you in the car. Don't sit on the seat, just slip in the trunk of the car. Pack your essentials and food. Don't ask an
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Proposed part 1
Jack's pov..."Who are you?" She asked, her voice soft full of curiosity. She feels so good in my arms. I knew she would ask me sometime."Who do you think am I?" I ask pulling her closer to me. "A question for a question?" She said getting out of my embrace. I exhaled. I don't want to scare her but the dominance inside me says otherwise. She turned to face me waiting for her answers.I can't answer. I can't lie to her. I have played this conversation a 1000 times in my head, i saw this coming. I was ready. I had prepared lies but i can't. I just can't lie to my love. She is honest with me. I just looked in her eyes. She traced her finger on my face, her touch is soft. I inhaled deeply and closed my eyes. I have never felt like this before."Jack" she said and i opened my eyes. "Tell me about you." She spoke again."Zoe, go to sleep. You are tired." I said pul
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