"I found someone Mum!" Alexa yells excitedly the next morning after their excapade the night before.

Sharon walks into the living room where Alexa stayed all night. "I'm starting to have a rethink about this..."

"Don't be such a sob mum. This means we'll get whatever we want from now on ourselves without having to ask James." Alexa rolls her eyes

"James? Who's James?"

"Dad. We won't have to ask that man for any money or beg and we can get all our staff back and even add to what we pay them originally."

"Fine. Who's the buyer and how much is he buying?"

"He wants to buy everything at once. For a big amount. You have no idea how much he just proposed to me that he wants to buy it all."

"Isn't that like a really big quantity? Anytime someone wants to buy this much in a book or a movie, they always end up killed."

Alexa laughs. "This is reality mum. Reality. He wants to meet today."

"Today is too hasty. Tell him you're busy with sales today and you'll meet tomorrow. Don't seem to cheap."

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glad sue fashion show was a sucess
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author that so funny. great chapter. I knew something was going to happen to them. brain I hope don't success.

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