Mr.Tenant's lust for Jessica


“Rilika, how could your parents have permitted her to attend this gathering? She long since let go of her shame, and I have to say that she now harbors some resentment towards you,” one of Rilika’s friends whispered near Rilika's ear while their eyes followed how Jessica walked forward haughtily.

“We are not of the same blood as her. In order for her to find a husband, our father thought that she needed to have some sort of social standing,” Rilika grumbled, envious of Jessica's high standards, which had overshadowed her beauty. And it was extremely intolerable for Rilika to stand against.

“Marriage! Haha! Men are not fools to fall for beauty while ignoring the seed of another man next to her unless it is an elderly man on his deathbed who only needed some temporary pleasure.”

Rilika, hearing them finally felt a little satisfaction in her sour heart. No matter how beautiful Jessica looked, the perception of people would remain on their feet regarding her.

“Jessica,” Darren sho
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Debbie Parks
What a bastard
goodnovel comment avatar
Carmel Grooms
Mr Tenant is going to see the real Jessica and so is her father. I love how Cornell is very respectful of his mother but also protective of her she raised him well
goodnovel comment avatar
Wanda Seaborn
love your story

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