Loving my Rejected Luna

Loving my Rejected Luna

By:  Blossom Harold  Ongoing
Language: English
29 ratings
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“I'm not asking you to love me back. As long as you let me love you, I'll love you till I die"_______________ Being rejected and thrown out of the pack by her mate and Lover was something Kiara never saw coming. She watched her life crumble before her eyes and decided that she was never going to forgive him no matter what. Two years later, after trying to put the past behind her and ignoring her ex lover and mate as much as she could, She bumped into him and the emotions and pain that had once been buried deep down surfaces to the top. But when a Powerful Alpha and a mafia Lord both have eyes on her, wanting her as their mate. Would she follow her heart which has longed for her mate? Or would she choose the man who would lay his world under her feet?

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is this book completed author???
2023-09-01 02:42:24
default avatar
please more bonus chapters
2023-07-08 02:12:33
user avatar
chapter 121 and 122 is same
2023-06-25 20:37:36
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Love Charisma
I'm not finished reading but I really hope she chooses Levi. I think Kane needs to understand the to little to late part. He broke her without giving the one he "loves" a chance, and I don't like where this is going ............
2023-06-12 02:28:00
default avatar
Aileen Donohue
Greta book
2023-06-12 01:17:18
user avatar
Blossom Harold
Levi’s book is finally out! Check out wanna be yours, Mafia King and add to your libraries. Let’s go on another adventure together!
2023-05-30 17:50:36
user avatar
Brittney Terry
what is the name of Levi's story I can't find that book?
2023-05-28 14:35:46
user avatar
Anissa Magee
Great book, awesome love triangle
2023-05-27 19:14:13
user avatar
Agujiobi Ijeoma
I love this book
2023-05-13 09:40:26
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Tephanie Davie-Waters
I love it.
2023-05-10 18:22:26
user avatar
Delinda Schumacher
188 chapters 5-8-23
2023-05-09 03:21:29
user avatar
Laura Evans
love this book can't wait for it fully to be finshed so.i can read it again
2023-05-06 03:41:25
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holl mair
Book is good, but characters names get mixed up alot which then gets very confusing! Ive already spent like £30 on this book and the book is still continuing, unfortunatly wont be a book that in happy to continue!
2023-05-03 00:02:07
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Justice Unique
The story is pretty good but on average a book is $20 -$35. I've already spent $40. This is the biggest issue that I have. Author you need a proof reader. Names of characters get mixed up or misspelle. But overall Great job. I hope I can finish. But its total cost is like purchasing a college course
2023-05-01 16:58:03
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Delinda Walker
so far it really good i just wish she would tell him off and tell him everything she went through
2023-04-29 08:00:01
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204 Chapters
Chapter one
"I, Alpha Zane, Reject Kiara Grace as my Luna and Mate. I never want to see your face ever again, you're dead to me" Kiara cried out in pain but never once did she look away from his eyes. His eyes that were once filled with love for her suddenly stared at her with repulse and hatred."How…. How can you do this to me?! I'm carrying your child!" Zane seemed surprised by that then he suddenly glared at her."And how am I so sure that the baby is mine? You've been sleeping around, haven't you? Why don't you go meet those other males you in bed with and see if they'll believe your little sob story?" Kiara's eyes widened then let out a groan as her heart clenched with pain."What are you talking about? I never…. I never sleep with anyone except you." She could hear the murmurs all around her but her sole attention was on him. The man she loved, the father of her child."I'm tired of hearing you speak, Kiara. Get her out of my sight, you have been banished from my pack from today onwards!"
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Chapter two
Kiara furrowed her eyebrows then pushed him away and stood up."I'm not your guardian angel. Next time if you want to kill yourself, do it where no one can see you." She muttered harshly then huff and was about to walk away when he grabbed her hand."Are you really going to leave me here, guardian angel?" Kiara turned to him with a frown."I'm not your guardian angel now let go!" The man stood up from the ground still holding her hand."I owe you one for saving my life. What do you want? I can give you anything" Kiara snatched her hand out of his grip."I don't want anything from you. I have to get back home before it gets too late now leave me alone," With that, she turned away from him and walked off.She hummed to herself and was about to put on her headphones when a car pulled up beside her."You didn't ask for my name. How can you save someone and not ask for their names?"Kiara rolled her eyes as she listened to his annoying voice."Can you please leave me alone? I'm not really
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Chapter three
Zane clenched his fist at the mention of Kiara."I thought I made it clear that no one was to say her name in front of me?" Zane muttered threateningly without turning to Samantha which just made her angrier."Why not when it's clear to everyone that you still love her. She betrayed you, remember?! She had a child for someone else and you, you're still here loving someone that probably moved on with her…."Before she could complete her sentence, Zane rushed towards her, grabbed her by the neck and slammed her against the wall.Samantha whimpered as she heard a few of her bones crack but she wasn't backing down."I've been the one…. The one by your side for the past two years. Yet, you refuse to love me, you refuse to see me. What does Kiara have that I don't?"Zane growled loudly in her face as he bared his fangs at her."Do you really want me to answer that? Fine! Kiara has the ability to make me love her while you don't. The next time you disobey me and talk back to me this way, I w
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Chapter four
•Kiara rolled her eyes as she yanked her hand out of Levi's grip."Could you stop trying to hold my hand and I told you, you don't need to follow me to my home. I can walk there on my own!""Now what kind of gentleman would I be if I let a lady like you walk by herself? What if someone tries to attack you?" Levi pouted childishly."The one who should be worried about being attacked is you because I'm minutes away from punching you in the face!"Kiara rolled her eyes.Levi gasped dramatically and held onto his heart, "You wound me, my guardian angel."Kiara halted in her steps then dragged her hand along her face before turning to Levi with cold eyes,"If you don't leave right now, I'll shout and make people think you're harassing me and do you know what they do harassers?"Levi gulped, "What… what do they do?"Kiara smirked, "Why don't we find out together? Hel…"Levi placed his hand over mouth before she could shout, then he turned to smile at people who were giving them odd looks be
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Chapter five
Morning the next day .Heather shrieked as soon as she saw Kiara's outfit which made Kiara furrow her eyebrows."What's wrong?" Kiara questioned Nonchalantly then glanced at herself in the mirror."What's wrong? You're going to meet your ex and you want to go dressed in that?" Heather frowned and even raised her voice."He doesn't identify as my ex. We don't know them, remember? And besides, what's wrong with my outfit?" Kiara was dressed like any other day. High waisted white pants, a turtle neck and a cream blazer with a pair of black sandals to top it all up.Her dark black hair was up in a messy bun and she was wearing little to no makeup."No nothing is wrong, you look perfect and you're Right, there's no one we need to impress." Heather finally surrendered with her both hands.Kiara glanced at Heather's outfit with a raised eyebrow.Heather was dressed in a form fitted black that hugged her slender figure in all the right places and because of how tall she was, the dress seemed
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Chapter six
Levi awkwardly nodded his head at Zane then led Kiara out of the lounging area. After they left, Daniel sighed as he turned to Zane who was still staring at the door. “Why did you have to approach her like that? You could have been more gentle and…."“And why should I?" Zane interjected, his voice as cold as ice.“That must have been one of the men she was sleeping with so why should I speak to her gently?" With each word, Zane's voice grew higher but he couldn't care less.He clenched his fist as the image of her running toward Levi and throwing her arms around him played over and over in his head. For goddess sake, why was he so affected by that?!He was about to storm out of the lounging area when Heather walked in. She furrowed her eyebrows as she glanced around but when it landed on Zane, her green eyes turned cold.“Did you drive Kiara away because I swear to the moon goddess, I'll beat your ass till you go running back to your fucking pack!" Heather muttered threateningly as sh
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Chapter seven
Zane didn't know why he was nervous when he called her. He hadn't expected her to pick up because he knew she normally didn't answer strange calls so when she picked and heard her voice, he froze a little, forgetting everything he wanted to say.“Kiara" He breathed out because that was the only thing in his mind at that point, her. She paused but then her cold voice came through.“What do you want and why do you have my number?" He sighed then suddenly got angry at himself. Why was he acting like love sick puppy when she obviously didn't give two fucks about and had already moved on?“I wanted to warn you, Kiara" He heard her scoff and silence passed between them before her voice came through again.“You don't have to warn me about anything, Sir. You said you never wanted to see me again and I'd like to keep it that way, Goodnight" Before he could say anything else, she hung up and he was sure she had already deleted his number which made him frown.In their situation, he shouldn't ev
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Chapter eight
Kiara glanced at herself in the mirror with a smile on her face. She had on a pair of washed out jeans and a baby blue crop top. Since they were going to be working, there was no use dressing too formally.She decided to let her dark hair flow Down to her waist then she wore her white and blue Nike converse then grabbed her small black purse before walking out of the room.“Good, you're done. I made you some sandwiches with extra ham" Heather said with a smile then pointed at the plate which made Kiara giggle.“Thank you but I should really cut down on the meat" Heather rolled her eyes.“We are wolves, I don't think anyone is going to judge us for eating too much meat," Kiara nodded slowly.“True" She brought out her phone and dialed the number Levi used to call her last night but he wasn't answering. She furrowed her eyebrows then shoved the full sandwich in her mouth.“Slow down, I'm not taking you to the hospital when you choke on that" Heather scolded and Kiara rolled her eyes.“L
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Chapter nine
Heather clenched her fist at his words.“But she didn't even cheat on you and you…." Heather's eyes almost bulged out of its socket when Zane grabbed her by the neck and slammed her against the wall.“Zane!" Daniel screamed then ran over to them and pushed Zane away from Heather then grabbed Heather as she coughed.“I saw the pictures, Damnit! So don't you fucking give me that bullshit!" Zane shouted with his red eyes blazing with anger. That was what hurt him the most, the fact that Kiara acted like she hadn't known what she had done but there was evidence. What was the use of lying?“Zane, calm down" Daniel muttered as glared at Zane while patting Heather's back gently.“Don't fucking tell me to calm down. You all are to stay in here till I say Otherwise and that is an order from your Alpha" Zane uttered in his Alpha Tone and Although Heather had left the pack with Kiara, She wasn't banished so Zane was still her Alpha.They all bowed their heads at him and Zane stormed out of the o
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Chapter ten
Kiara cussed Zane in her head as she walked back to Levi's office hoping Heather was still there. She couldn't stay here another second if Zane was going to continue being a jerk. Who did he think he was to talk to her about betrayal? He ruined her life!She opened the glass door of the office and when she saw only Daniel and Liam inside, she didn't even bother to say anything to them before walking away. Where the fuck was Heather? Her eyes widened slightly when she saw Heather resting on the wall up ahead and was about to call out her name when someone grabbed her hand and pulled her into the elevator behind them. She growled as soon as she saw it was Zane with a stupid smirk on his face. Without saying anything, she turned away from him and was about to get out of the elevator when Zane blocked her way and closed the elevator's door by pressing a button.Kiara glared at him then moved over to the buttons to open the elevator but Zane stood in front of that too.“What the fuck is
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