More Than A Man

More Than A Man

By:  MJ Opera  Completed
Language: English
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The only way where someone can ever be more than a man is when the person is a woman pretending to be a man. It was never Penn wish to don on male clothing and act like a man but it was the only thing she could do if she wanted to survive. Living on the streets before she came across a man whose character was erratic and unpredictable, the man offered Penn to be his heir and Penn had no choice but to accept because her life depends on the protection which the man could offer. Penn secret was discovered by her new adopted father who wanted her to remain in her guise as a man to deal with certain issues and cause an insurgency which the man was convinced that Penn was perfect for. Keeping her identity a secret from others and at the same time planning to take down the empire is more than enough work for anybody could handle and as if that was not enough. She just had to learn some deep secrets about her family that seemed to tilt everything she believed in and fall for the Prince even when she knows that she was trying to dethrone his father. Yeah, Penn life was capital letters COMPLICATED. ••

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More Than a Man is a fantasy and adventure novel, written by author MJ Opera and readers say it is a captivating and engaging novel. Starring Pennelope, a girl who lives under a lie because of her actions, she ran away from home for committing murder against a dictator who harassed her, and now pretends to be a boy in order to survive on the streets. But one day, Lord Vallas will find her and take her in, because Vallas thinks that together they can defeat the empire, although Pennelope has other plans in mind. If you are curious about his plan, join Pennelope in the novel More Than a Man.

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Different enjoyed the book
2022-10-03 05:40:07
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Nicely written
2022-09-29 01:34:00
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excellent nice story..
2022-01-01 13:36:54
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julia abdalla
Can’t wait to read part 2
2021-11-16 00:04:38
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Ybhor Zurc Aled Torres
so great and fun to read...............
2021-09-06 17:26:48
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Bethel A Hosea
👍👍👍👍. nice one!
2021-07-23 05:59:28
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Deepali Farate
it's amazing book,I loved it ......
2022-03-28 21:48:58
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bintang putih
Sadly, after spending soo many coin u will never know the ending.. I regret read this..
2021-09-13 19:21:11
70 Chapters
1He is a bad man. The thoughts flashed through Penelope head as she watches the War Hero General parade around to the cheers of people surrounding him, she would have liked to think that she was mistaken with her quick judgement of the man but she knew she wasn't. Her father had told her to trust her instinct, he told her that it was the only thing she could trust in life and right now her instinct told her that this man in front of her was no good. Of course her instincts has let her do some foolish things too, like running away from home only to arrive in the lion den because she had thought it would be safer. From her crime yes but for her survival? She is doing a poor job at it, it has barely been three months since she left home and came to the empire capital and yet she was already half starved to death, her bones showing but the goodness with her new appearance is that she had lost some of the baby fat she had on her and that made her look more
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After bathing and turning a little cleaner, Penelope wandered close to the crowd, wondering why people was there until she started to hear the new prime minister, General Cain booming voice. "These children will no longer be on the street. I will create a safe place where they will be given work and earn their way to food and shelter to stay." The man continues as people cheered but Penelope shook her head. Hope, that was what this man is selling, nothing else, it would be a miracle if he does deliver on his promises but maybe she was just the one who was being unnecessarily bitter. She had lost hope a while ago and she doesn't plan on getting it back anytime soon, not when it means that she would open herself to be hurt by others. "For the plans to be in motion, it will take some time but know this, I will do everything in my capability to make that time and its effects short for you lot. No more going to bed hungry." The man boomed as the cr
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"Sire, we shouldn't be this close to the palace this night, we should have left a while ago. Nobody should link you to what is going on in the palace." One of the men following Lord Vallas said but he just shook his head. "And nobody knows that I am here by this time." The man leaned on his cane, his fingers brushing the design, the golden Raven. His mind flashed back to the street boy of earlier, the boy was right and at the same time he was wrong. The people who wore the golden Raven on anything other than their amour are the real heroes, the ones who would do anything to protect the Empire even from the emperor. And they certainly don't follow the path of justice, not when Justice is now blinded and led by the partial, not when justice is on the side of those who want the down fall of the empire. "But sire…" The guard who voiced his complains earlier started again but Lord Vallas replied, his tone razor sharp with his will."You can leave
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Penelope stared at the man in silence while the man stared back at her.  She licked her lips nervously as she lets out. "When did you know?" "When I grabbed your wrist." The man replied. "What on earth would possess a lady to go through such an unscrupulous scheme? What will your parents say? They must be sick with worry and even if you are an orphan, what will your relatives think? Females are not meant to roam and sleep in streets, they are always taken care of…" Vallas rants filling the room with his anger, maybe one of the reasons why this hits too close to his feelings was because the girl he was supposed to get married to do something of this sort in a bid to escape getting married to a warrior. She was found out as a girl while escaping and was killed in the worse nightmare available to a lady. And it is like this Girl in front of him wanted to follow in Riya footsteps. "By being married without their opinion. I don't want to get
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And the next morning, they were off. Beating the early crowd which always occupied the cobbled streets and merchants who arrive early to sell their wares to the travelers for an exorbitant fee. The capital was a big place but what made it bigger were the other villages that was set up around the capital, there by adding to the capital might and forming a hub of business activities which interlinked one part to the other. Most people often made the mistake of referring to it all as the capital but it wasn't, each of these villages were under districts which was under a noble and then the king. The reason why Vallas was running away from the capital was because the capital itself is a district and under the control of the Prime Minister unless the Emperor interferes and that was something which the man rarely did. He needed to leave the clutches of the man who had something out for him."Nervous." Vallas asked Penelope from beside her, he had been watching her just as
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  The next morning, Penn was awake, dressed and ready to take on the world when her door opened with a bang. "Good, you are awake." A taller buffer boy strode into the room without knocking. "My name is Stanley and I am going to show you around today."Without acknowledging the presence in the room, Penn continued with putting her new shoes on. She would need to see Vallas later so they can make plans about how they would go about achieving her mission."Hey." The tone of the boy, Stanley turns sharp. "You have no right to ignore me.""Get Out." Penn said instead."Excuse me?" the boy questioned. "Go out. Close my door, knock, wait for an invitation then come in." Penn said as Stanley stared at him. "Do you want to keep gaping at me or do you want to get this ridiculous chore over with so we can go about our lives and not see each other again."Stanley snapped his jaw closed so hard that she could
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"And here is the meeting room, it has been empty for a while but I don't suppose it would be empty for much longer since Master will send missives to tell his friends he now has an heir and visitors will start visiting, most of them will be entertained here." Agnes explained but Penn thoughts wasn't in the explanation. It was on the words Leda used in ushering him away from the kitchen, Stanley was her son? And Penn had just used her large mouth to bad talk the second most powerful person in the compound son and probably the most deadly. "Sir… Our tour is over." Agnes said softly laying a hand on Penn chest and batting her eyes at her but Penn ignored the gesture.  He had bigger things  to think about than trying to decipher the meaning behind the rapid eye blinking the girl was doing that was making  her look weird.  Penn jerked at the contact, she didn't like to be touched by those she didn't know but still she smiled. "Of course.
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Penn opened the door to the meal hall which suddenly went quiet as she entered but the silence didn't unfazed her, instead she took wide strides to the man table where she sat down besides Vallas and opened the dishes before her. Vallas continued his conversation with his trainers while Penn listened with half attention. It was a while after that before conversations resumes it flow in the room.Penn started to pay attention when she heard her name from Vallas in passing words. "…will need Weapons training and a training in subterfuge and in Lessons on behavior."At the last words, Penn snorted and when Vallas looked at her, she asked. "What am I? a girl? Why do I need lessons as if I am going to be wooing suitors?"Vallas removed his eyes from Penn own because he knew the exact questions Penn was asking. "That attitude of yours is one of the reasons why you need those lessons.""No." Penn
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"Young master, you cannot run away from your lessons." Rima says searching for Penn who was on a low branch of the tree closed to her quarters, eating an apple and watching her behavior teacher face slowly getting red with anger. There were few things which Penn got to like about her new life and one of them was getting on Rima neck and watching her lose her cool. The girl was too composed and straight laced for someone who was young. Even Master Vallas was more carefree than her. Penn paused that thought. Master was on a class all on his own. He was even more carefree than Penn herself."Penn, this is not funny." Rima stomps her foot on the ground. "I can't keep losing you, what will do you think that your father will do if I tell him that you keep escaping from your lectures? I will be sent away and that will bring discredit to my father since he was the one who actually suggested that I should be your teacher." Her eyes filled with t
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Since Penn agreed to ignore the actions of Stanley, Rima had been lost in thoughts. Penn was a better man that Stanley was. He was kind, considerate and loyal to those he cared about, all qualities she was looking for in a husband. And it also helped that Penn was easy on the eyes. His beauty rivals hers and she was the girl. His brown mop of hair he never bothers to care about, framed his face in unruly cuts, something she had learnt that he did himself with a sharp knife. His face although it was shaped like a woman, there was nothing womanly about Penn. His eyes were hard, that of a man who had seen things in life. Enough things to haunt him but he refused to let them get to him, Penn spirit shone bravely from his eyes. His nose was a little crooked from being broken multiple times but they added to his appeal.  His body was a bit on the slim side…not racking up muscles like other boys but he was muscular enough and people rarely know of his sl
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