More Than My Bodyguard

More Than My Bodyguard

By:  Elizabeth B.  Ongoing
Language: English
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Vera is the daughter of a Spanish ambassador and lives under his control ever since her mother died. But she also wants to have fun and the only opportunity for her to enjoy life again is to begin a dangerous game with her bodyguard. Although Enzo can be a killer, he has a soft heart for the daughter of his boss and that since High school. What she doesn't know about is, that he was in love with her for years before she even got to know him. But he won't give up on her and make her his as fast as he can, to protect her from guys that are obsessed with her too, because he isn't the only one at all. See how his plan will go and what will happen if it's not working like he wanted it to.

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2021-06-25 16:58:10
14 Chapters
Secret talk in the cabin
*Vera* My father sent me to the mall. More precisely; us, because my personal bodyguards were by my side as always. There were three in all; two who stood more apart and had everything around us in view and one who was always close to me.  His name was Enzo and I had been raving about him for a while, but I didn't miss his eyes either. I would love to have him to myself for a moment... But his job made it strictly forbidden for him.  He couldn't lose focus for just even a second. Because at first glance, my father was just one of the Spanish ambassadors, but he had his long fingers in illicit business.  To my regret, this contributed to massive compromised security, which was why I needed to be protected all day.  When Enzo finally glanced at me briefly and nodded, I closed the curtain and tried the first piece on.  It was just loose blue jeans that were clearly too expensive just because the brand name was on
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*Vera*In the meantime we were back in my apartment and I was already on the sofa reading a book.Among other things, I had to choose a dress for a gala tonight when we had went to the mall.Actually, I wanted anything but to go there. But as I said, I was under my father's control. The reason for my reluctance was Taylor Conson, the son of a friend and successful business partner of my father. He had a good image with most people, but he was very touchy with me. He insisted on close physical contact between us, which I found mostly simply inappropriate and uncomfortable. But there was another problem; my father wanted us to be close again and probably that we would marry someday. Because it would be all to his own advantage. He would have more influence in Taylor's father's decisions and the possibilities through his power. So he could eventually expand his business even more. Enzo has never met him though, because he hadn't
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*Vera*As soon as I got into the back of the car, I had to suppress an annoyed groan when I saw my father, who greeted me with a warning look. "Mr. Stark should have made sure that you got down here on time and I've already told you to hurry!" He hissed angrily at me. "Enzo has nothing to do with it!" Was all I said and then looked out the window as we already drove through downtown. My father just snorted angrily again, but then also stayed silent. Suddenly I noticed that there were only four people in this car. Casey, drove us through the crowded streets of LA and Enzo sat tensed next to him. "Where's Charles?" I wanted to know immediately. "He's already there, Vera. However, Taylor will be there today too, so your bodyguards will keep more distance from you." My father now calmly explained the matter. I rolled my eyes when I heard that name. Even though I held Taylor in hi
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Three guys at a time
*Vera*He finally broke away from me and we could examine our faces at each other. "Oh Vera, it's been way too long since I last saw you!" His lips formed a happy laugh for me. "Taylor." was all I quietly replied. "I love to hear my name out of your mouth." he grinned mischievously to tease me. "I almost forgot how pretty you are." He told me, what made me look down.  He always were the flirty type. I appreciated that but it made me feel so average. Not that there was something wrong about that, I just knew that he flirted with every woman.But at other moments I do would be flustered by his compliments."You really missed me, didn't you?" I now asked, what clearly surprised him. "Maybe I did." He smirked, while he took my hands in his, after he recovered from the shock, which was caused by my sudden outburst just now. Normally I would be speaking formally but today I real
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I love you
*Vera*It was next noon and I had already been to my university and had had couple lectures behind me that I had to intend in person. Because normally, I was taught via online lessons or had to work out the material myself.However, there were exceptions and my father allowed me to go there with Casey so as not to miss this special and very important lecture. Lucky me was sitting in my favorite Café with Jaehyun. I always smiled around him but today my smile was extra big for him.We hadn't met in way too long and now were happier as ever to see each other. He held his my hands in his on the table.We sat across from each other and had just eaten some cinnamon rolls and donuts with coffee.We talked about the last week, that we hadn't seen each other and now he just sat there and smiled into my eyes. "I love you, you know?" He said in a proud and honest tone. My eyes widened in surprise at
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Too fast
"Good morning!" I said enthusiastically and walked to Enzo to back-hug him. He was facing the kitchen island, so I could admire his bare back. My arms swung around his stomach and my fingers slowly stroked his toned abs. He let out an almost moaned groan. "Good morning, Rose. How did you sleep?" He asked as he turned around so he could smile in my eyes. "Good. And you?" Good was an understatement but I wouldn't let him know that. "I almost stayed awake the whole night because I watched you." He admitted while he cupped my cheek with his hands and let his thumb glide to my lower lip. "You really didn't have to do so, you know tha
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*Vera*After some long seconds, he parted our lips to get himself and me off our chairs. He was in front of me and grabbed my waist to press me against his hard body.He then picked me up so that I automatically wrapped my legs around his hips and pressed his lips on mine again.I moaned at the indescribable lust that burned so suddenly inside of me, that made me feel so intoxicated."You taste so sweet baby." He breathed out against my red lips from sucking.Then he trailed wet kisses and bites down my neck to my collar bone."Ahh~" My breath hitched."You smell and taste so Goddamn good. You're mine Rose." He growled against my neck.He walked to my bedroom and laid me down on my bed. And again our lips found their way together as his hands slipped under my shirt. I wasn't wearing a bra so he could caress my sensitive skin without any problems.I moaned in his mouth as he pressed me tighter against him."Say my name Rose.
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No sleep
*Vera*It was about two hours later and I was sitting on my couch, reading a book and doing work, while Enzo was still sleeping in my room peacefully. But I remembered that Casey would come soon to swap positions with Stark. So I had to wake him up. I was about to close my book and do that but Enzo just stormed out of my room at this moment. “How long did I sleep?!” He almost yelled. “Calm down Enzo. It was a little more than two hours, it's fine.” I told him in a calming  tone and stood up, but he didn't stop looki
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*Vera*A few hours later, after I finished college things and texted a little with Jaehyun, my phone was ringing again, making me curious. I fastly rushed from my bedroom to the living room, where it was laying on the table, to pick it up. I didn't have to wait long until Enzo's raspy voice was heard through the speaker. It gave me chills although it was just such a simple thing. "Vera, can I pick you up in ten minutes?" He came straight to the point. "But you know, Casey is still outside standing in front of my door and
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*Vera* Finally my doorbell rang and I headed through my room, a bit excited for what was waiting for me. But ready for an eventful night with my so called secret boyfriend. God, it was such a cliche that we had this forbidden relationship without anyone knowing. I really wasn’t sure what to think about the fact that he told Charles and Casey so early. It was very brave of him to risk all of this. But I would know more after I would be more precisely informed about his plan or whatsoever. “Hey, are you ready, Baby?” He greeted while a beautiful but playful grin embellished his lips.
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