Mute Ava

Mute Ava

By:  Ifeoma Ijeoma  Ongoing
Language: English
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“This is her Collins, she is the girl that couldn’t apologize for breaking my phone” Calvin said glaring daggers into me.“No Calvin, she couldn’t apologize coz she’s mute” Ava is a mute independent young lady who has people who understands her disability but she gets to meet a ruthless, stinkingly rich billionaire who insulted her not knowing she was mute.

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13 Chapters
Chapter 1
  Ava's pov I killed the engine as I exited my car and got into the restaurant that was dressed in the outskirts of England. Stopping by at the kitchen to do a full sweep and see how the chefs are faring, my phone dings and I glance at the sender
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Chapter 2
Ava's pov I rush over to the mall to pick some necessaries. I'm in such a hurry because I have a huge appointment with a new customer madam P had introduced to me , I run in my flats and practically bump into someone and throwing what looks like an iPad and iphone on the floor. 
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Chapter 3
Am in my underwear when my phone beeps and I look down to see a message...  Its Colton  I pick it up to check...
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Chapter 4
 I put on my nightwear and remember the events of today. Was really hecticThe guy Mrs. A 
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Chapter 5
Enjoy the chapter loves!   "No man, she wasn't able to apologize to you because she's MUTE".
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Chapter 6
And then I hear a knock on the door.... A man walks in, he's in his late fifties, he's wearing a tee shirt and plain trousers. I look up to see the man and a gasp escapes my mouth. 
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Chapter 7
I look him dead in the eyes as he brings out the same fucking dagger from before, I try to loose myself from these wicked chains.. "Its no use pumpkin, its a chain " he says it like it's the most obvious thing in the world. God there is no way out of this, what am I gonna do? 
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Chapter 8
Well enjoy the chapter loves.. ❤❤"Let go of her"
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Chapter 8
Well enjoy the chapter loves.. ❤❤"Let go of her"
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Chapter 9
Ava buries herself on her FAVORITE couch the moment they step in. She had missed it. Anyway, she noticed Colton wasn't happy and she thought she knew why. She sat up looking at him as he walked past her, going inside. He had every reason to be angry with Ava, she has hidden more than enough things from him.  He walked out handing Ava her notepad and pen with his face not breaking into the slightest of smiles. "Start writing " he says looking down at Ava, then turning his back. 
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