Chapter 5

My heart slightly jumped inside my chest at the sound of his voice. I raised my head to meet his dark blue eyes, his eyebrows slightly raised in surprise.

I've never seen someone as handsome as Nicholas Shaw.

He was wearing a suit that was more formal than what he usually wears to work. Usually he only wears a shirt and jacket, butthis time he wore three layers. Shirt, vest and coat. His cufflinks flashed slightly in the lobby light as he raised his hand to press the elevator button, preventing the elevator doors from closing again. His jacket and vest are black with a dark blue tie, matching his eye color.

I was still looking at him when he called me the second time.

"Oh." My feet stepped out of the elevator, then stood in front of it a little awkwardly. I just thought about it and bam! suddenly he was in front of me.

"Hey." I forgot my formal attitude for a moment.

"You still here?" he asked, pulling the corners of his mouth down.

"I told you I have to finish my work .. " I muttered
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