My Contract Love Story

My Contract Love Story

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“I have a proposal for you..... a marriage proposal” he stated and Ashleigh could not hide her shock. “I’m sorry? Could you repeat what you said?” she questioned, staring at him like he had two heads. “I am asking you to marry me" he repeated again. Ashleigh Hartman lived a rather ordinary life working as a cleaner at Tixton company in order to save up for school but an unsettling event brings her out to the CEO, Adrian Cagliari. Adrian proposes a marriage contract for six months with Ashleigh Hartman and she has no other choice to accept.... how will the next six months go?

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34 Chapters
Chapter 1
“Hey dream girl! your break is over. Time to get back to work" a loud voice sounded through the small break room, waking the lady who slept on the couch up. She groaned as she realized that her little sleep session had come to an end, and the next time she will be sleeping in is at home late at night. Standing up, she rushed to wipe the beads of sweat on her forehead and pulled out a comb from her bag on the couch. She then proceeded to remove the sanitary hair net and re-comb her hair.Pulling her hair into a firm bun, she reached for a box containing new hair nets and wore one. She walked up to the mirror and looked over her light green uniform, ensuring she was not out of place, she walked out to meet the owner of the voice who called her. She walked to the middle-aged woman who sat at the desk; the woman had a firm face that looked like she won’t tolerate nonsense. “Miss Ashleigh Hartman, once again you have overslept” the woman said, giving her a judging look. Ashleigh ran up t
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chapter 2
Tyra immediately dropped the bat. Her minions who were also recording, turned to see a bunch of men and women staring at them. The man in the middle walked up to where they stood, each step echoed loudly in the room. They felt the coldness exude off him as he neared them and instinctively stepped back. He slightly hovered over them. His frame seemed to be so well built it almost popped through the suit and his proportions were amazing. His handsome face has the coldest look currently as he stared at Tyra and her friends. However, that was the least of Tyra’s worries at the moment. “Who the hell is this man" she drooled in her mind, lusting after him. As she drooled over him in her mind, she also feared for her life, she watched as he walked up to where Ashleigh was tied and untied her hands, and how Ashleigh fell into his embrace. “This opportunistic skunk ” she mocked, as she looked at the both of them. Ashleigh on the other hand, let out a huge sigh of relief as she held onto t
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Chapter 3
Adrian Cagliari stood at the top of the food chain of technology industries at 27 years old. He was one who had a keen eye for good innovations, he separated himself from the family business and built his dream company Tixton from the ground up. Tixton is now one of Cagliari's major successful businesses, and he became a force in the making. Building and maintaining his family's legacy requires a firm hand, so he was rather firm and disciplined, overseeing all matters both in Italy and America, as well as other branches in the world. He was domineering, assertive and principled, ensuring everyone was at the edge of their seats when working with him. It was like a curse and a reward. As he discussed with the investors, his secretary and his personal assistant was outside mentally preparing himself to interrupt the meeting. Turner then walked into the spacious office with a phone in his hands. Pausing the call, he raised his eyes to his secretary who felt a chill run down his spine. "
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Chapter 4
"Adrian, if it is okay I would like to have dinner with you sometime next week. Your mom told me you're around for the week" she proposed, looking at him with a hint of eagerness in her eyes. "Yes Adrian, I feel you guys should have lunch and catch up with each other. It's been a while" Caelia's mother spoke up, looking to Eleanor for support. Adrian looked at his mother who made a gesture to agree and then looked at his uncle who had a neutral stance. "I apologize Caelia, I will not be able to join you for lunch. I have a lot of matters to settle here during the week" Caelia's face reddened in embarrassment and she bit her lips. "I will ask my secretary to arrange for an appointment for you, just tell him where you want to go" he added, signalling to his secretary who came forward. Caelia was about refusing but he gave no room for rebuttal, he stood up to leave. Eleanor placed her hand on her back encouraging her and she nodded obediently. "I will discuss with him later" she whis
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Chapter 5
She wondered why Mr. Cagliari wanted to see her as Mr Turner pressed the button to open the private elevator. "Are you sure? I can take the stairs" she suggested but he stood firm and she entered; as they made their way up her mind ran in circles as she thought of what could make the CEO want to see her. She has had no complaints so far and had no reason to see him as well, she would only know when she gets there. Once again, she found herself on the fourth floor of the company, which was known as the executive floor. This was where the office of the president was here and his vice president, although he has never met him before. They walked past the conference room to the end of the hall where a door was labelled CEO in gold. "You may go in" he gestured as he opened the door and she walked in. The space was wide, and it was furnished exquisitely with Italian furniture, she was astonished at how wide a room can be. Her eyes roamed around the place before landing on the couch to see
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Chapter 6
"Whatever I want to know about my parents I can find out myself" she retorted and he chuckled at her. He truly admired her courage and naivety, thinking she would be able to find out about her parents so easily. "My dear..." he drawled, running his hands through her hair playfully. "Be my guest. You would be dead at the first try. Your Aunty Smith knows this very well, your case is not as simple as you think it is" he continued. Her fiery gaze tugged at his heart string wildly, he liked her little acts of defiance even though she is a shivering leaf. "I am the only one that can guarantee your safety. You can only walk naively around this world for long but they are lurking in the shadows, waiting for you. Once you step out of your shell, trust me your head would be in your hands. But don't take it from me though, find out for yourself how long you can survive out there" he drawled, gesturing for her to leave. Ashleigh was filled with fear at this point, she looked at Mr. Cagl
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Chapter 7
"Ashleigh!" the voice shrieked and she jolted out of her seat to see James laughing his head off.She hit him repeatedly as she tried to still her heart and after a while he started apologizing when her hits became more painful."You went missing after that call from the secretary so I came to find you" he said, sitting on the chair which she finished dusting."I'm sorry James, I just have a lot on my mind right now" she muttered as she wiped the desk down with a wet rag."Why? What was the meeting about? You just left with the hot secretary and didn't give us the tea after" he complained and Ashleigh stopped what she was doing. She spun to face in him surprise."Wait.... James!!" She exclaimed as James scratched his hair sheepishly."Well... he looks fine but he's always out of it anytime I see him" he admitted and Ashleigh laughed loudly.She had only a few interactions with Mr. Turner and they were very polite and sho
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Chapter 8
The next day at a private law firm, Adrian Cagliari stood in a private lounge provided to him by his lawyer. The room was moderately sized and had been moderately furnished; with a window that stretched from one wall to another with a view of the gate, one could see who was entering and leaving but someone standing outside couldn't see in. Adrian stood at the window wearing a blue coloured suit with a black shirt, his hair slicked back gel and he had a chilly aura around him. This devilishly handsome man peered at the window, sipping the coffee in his hands slowly. "Boss, I just spoke with the driver you sent, he mentioned that Miss Ashleigh refused taking the car and said she will make her way here by herself" Turner reported and Adrian glanced at his watch, frowning deeply as Ashleigh was already an hour late . Adrian's major pet peeve was lateness and people who came late; he was of the opinion that everything had a particular time at which it should happen, this makes the o
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Chapter 9
"I feel we should talk about the living arrangements. After you left the office with your aunt yesterday I made some arrangements" he started the conversation, and Ashleigh looked at him keenly."Aunt I have arranged for a penthouse for you, it is not too far from where we will stay so she can come and visit you at any time" Ashleigh frowned, looking to her aunt who looked pleased at the arrangements but was hesitant."Adrian I feel this is not necessary, I am supposed to give you both a gift instead" she refused gently but Adrian was firm in his stance."Aunt I feel this is very trivial compared to the gift you have given me. Besides, I will be assured of your well-being if you stay in the place I have arranged for you. It is much more safer" Mrs Smith knew she eventually had to give in so she nodded calmly, thanking him.Ashleigh on the other hand was petrified at the thought of staying with him and immediately raised her objection."I
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Chapter 10
According to Mr Cagliari, she should have to look the part of a CEO's wife in every aspect, that meant not taking any of her thrift or store bought clothes. They were also taken for a spa session where there had all services offered to them as VVIP's of the place, Ashleigh had a much needed facial and hair treatment and she looked more appealing. Her face now had a dewy look, her round eyes were more prominent due to the lash treatments, her coffee- brown hair now looked more healthier and grew rapidly than before making it thick, with the curls framing her face. The man in question was not around, she was informed by the butler that he is on a business trip and any information will be passed on by him. "He claimed to be annoyed me but still did this much for I and my aunt when he is not supposed to be bothered. Business trip my foot" she thought to herself as she listened to Mr. Atkinson. This changes no matter how subtle she was, still showed and caug
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