Chapter 3: Birthday Gift

In the end I guess myths and legends work out. I don't really know how and why a name means so much to demons but judging from this situation and my intense anime knowledge I did something and it seems like a pact was created between me and her. Well then what should I do now?



(Kiri: A contract?? How?? Why? I don't know what kind of contract that was. I have never seen anything like that before. It was similar to a familiar contract but felt different. What the hell is going on?)


''Hihi.. I don't have a clue after all I am just a human but it seems like you're in a fix, aren't you?''

Kiri: Stop joking around there is no way a mere huma- 

''Hmm..what were you going to say about me?

She suddenly stops talking and looks at me like I'm the demon in the room or something'' and she seems shocked to the core. ''What happened ? Why are you giving me that look?''

Kiri: You ? What the hell are you?

(Kiri: I was surprise that my memory manipulation failed and even after trying to find the cause I could not see it but now for some reason maybe because of that contract we are now connected, I could look at him properly and that...----  Seriously what in the world is up with that level of spiritual presence??!!!! It's all over the place. If I have to compare it seems to be on par with most of the high ranking demons. No!!... It's far greater. Why couldn't I notice this before?)

''Oii I can't have you look like that forever. First tell me what was your motive coming here?''

Kiri: Ohh that was because I need to in order to pass the final test so that I can be promoted to a higher class demon and one day earn a name.

(Arreee...why did  I tell him all that. That was super confidential. A demon telling a human her motive. What is wrong with me? The contract? )

Humans release me at once. I am the daughter of a noble demon. I cannot have you ordering me around. 

''Ordering?? I don't really remember doing anything like that? Hmph.ordering huh? .hihi..''

Kiri: (Ahhhh i said something I shouldn't have.!) Listen here human just cause you got a few spiritual energy you don't have to be so cocky.

''Hmmmm by the way Kiri do you mind waking up my family and release them from the spell?''

Kiri:Okay? Heh ? Why would I do that?

''It's an order''

The moment I said that she suddenly cried in pain and did what I told her to. It seems to me that I have somehow gained authority over her.

My family woke up and slowly regained their senses. My dad looked around and looked at me ''What the hell happened? Ehhh... A girl!!!!!''

I look at him with a smug in my face and said

I just received my best Birthday Gift Ever.

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