Chapter 7: Chance?

''A Slave contract. Apart from its curse , disobeying any order would trigger a penalty to the slave . It won't kill the slave but forced her to survive through all that pain.Its an absolutely cruel contract that was forbidden by our Demon King himself and not to mention no teachings or any type of record was to be publish or even talking or attempting it would result in death penalty. So why is it? Why is it that a mere human could create something like that? You what the hell are you?''

The mother was on her knees hearing that. Kiri seemed too shocked to even show a proper reaction. And with all that was going on a certain individual was focusing all his bloodlust on me. He was there sitting at one of the top seats.

The mother turned to him ''Dear? What should we do?''

Dear? So that means that dude up there is Kiri's father. Seemed like I made an enemy out of a terrible dude.

Everyone was out of order. Then someone from the top seat spoke.

''Human you are lucky to have held a noble demon daughter as your hostage. If not for that we would have dispose both you and your slave contract to your doom.''

''Hostage huh? Hmph. I See.Yo Kiri undo me off these chain.''

Kiri, still recovering out of her shock, slowly came and undo me. I could feel the disgust in everyone's eyes.

After all, they could only watch. Disobeying the contract would result in a penalty after all.

A voice different now came from the top seats.

''Human what do you wish by doing all this?''

''Nothing in particular after all I only came here out of curiosity.''

''Right now you are standing in front of the worst demons and you're staring death right in the face. Why is it that I sense no fear from you?''

''I don't really know how to answer that.(  well if I had to say something. It's all been cliche for a while. I feel like I am living an anime but there is no way I can say that)''

''Even so for a mere human to invoke a forbidden contract it is impossible. I'm going to have to send someone to investigate your life.''

''I don't really mind but if you were to do something to my family then don't blame me what happen to your princess here.''

The crowd now anxious and looks at me with death glare and disgust.

Very well she replied, ''I assure you nothing will happen but we will interrogate them if we have too''

The moment she said that Kiri's mother stood up and said

''If that is the case let me do the investigation. I refuse to let some unknown human take control of my daughter like an animal.''

I was going to tell her off but for some reason my pity for Kiri and my conscience told her instead

''Very well, but don't  forget your daughter life is in my hands.''

She looked at me and went back to her seat below her husband.

''For now the court is adjourned until further information. The Luxuria family will be responsible for the temporary protection, shelter as well as the human's needs.''

The mother exclaimed. ''We have to be responsible?''

''Well this is your daughter's failure looking at it from another viewpoint.''

'By the way before this court is adjourned. Human what is your name?''

I could feel everyone glaring at me at that moment.

Now that I think of it I haven't really introduce myself I guess and ''Since you're going to find out anyway my name is

                                  Avareza L Ban, a normal college student living an ordinary life. Nothing more nothing less.''

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