Chapter 2074 Very Important Details

That voice seemed to unveil Rosalie's dust-sealed memory like an old chest.

An image from that year flashed across her mind in an instant.

Under the sweet-scented osmanthus tree, Mama and Aunt Lou were eating cakes, chatting and laughing over tea. As the sun set, Rosalie came from the kindergarten on the corner of the street, lugging her schoolbag as she rushed home, less than a hundred meters away.

Then, she exclaimed. "Mama, I'm home!"

At that time, Mama was so healthy. Her eyes were always joyful, and she was as beautiful as an angel.

Aunt Lou was also very young at the time, she had just married and had no children. She liked to ask her Mama for advice on family life issues.

How wonderful it would be if life could stay that way forever!

Unfortunately, everything was ruined by Gordon.

Rosalie’s thoughts were raging. It took a long time before Rosalie came back to her senses and told Aunt Lou that she had returned to Coast City, and everything was fine.

Aunt Lou continued to
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