My Heart Belongs With You

My Heart Belongs With You

By:  Gia lee  Ongoing
Language: English
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I noticed Stacy besides him and peering at her hand clutching his arm, it was plausible that she is his girlfriend. Leo already moved on? How could he and that quickly? We just got divorced three days ago and he's already dating someone? "Hi Margaret." He smiled at me. I was so startled I couldn't speak my lips faltered and my eye lashes shook. "Hello?" Stacy spanned her hand towards me. I peeked at her lips which were coated with crimson lipstick, her owl-like eyes, her flawless cheeks and her remarkable nose. She wore a dashing ruddy gown which disclosed her curvaceous hips. She shook my hand, "I am Stacy Leo's fiancée." She smiled with her mouth slightly opened I could plainly see her dazzling angel-white incisors. She's not just a girlfriend. Leo's engaged to her? Unbelievable! Little wonder why he always kept late nights while we were together. And the rumors about him having an affair, they were really true.

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6 Chapters
Her Ex-husband
Deluded! Outraged! Such emotions overwhelmed me as I spot my ex-husband Leo striding across the room with his girlfriend, Stacy. I crouched in the middle of the room of Grillar Restaurant clutching a tumbler of chilled soda. Leo and Stacy ambled through the doors from the entrance in each other's arms. The doors were coated with an abstract design of vines and flowers. Leo and Stacy noticed a desolate seat in the left row. It was coated with a white tablecloth. It was strategically set as if the Queen of England were to be expected. They were approaching the table and they halted soon as they spot me. Leo's lips curled into a smile, he spoke to Stacy, "come on, let's go say hello to Margaret."Margaret Davies is my name."Sure." Stacy smiled back at him and they approached my seat.The room was tranquil and peaceful. The hummings in the room was inaudible. The only sound that can be heard is the peaceful piano melody classical music playing faintly like lightning falling in the backg
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The Roof top
A clear portrayal of Leo and Stacy smooching each other lovingly flashed through my mind and my hands began to twitch. I got dazed and I staggered a bit. I stood at the edge of the rooftop and I glanced down staring at the luminous vehicles driving on the smooth road and a few pedestrians strolling on the sidewalk. Lanky lampposts stationed on the road glistened the road. It dawned on me that it is the last view I'll be seeing before I'll die. I did not care. I stood at the boundary of the roof and stretched my left leg over the edge it wafted in the air. I moved nigher to the edge and I pulled my other foot off the edge and I was almost slipping off the boundary I unexpectedly felt a tight grasp around my stomach and I halted. My face was puzzled and I was wondering what was gripping me. I peeked down and I specked a rigid hand draped on my stomach. The hand looked masculine. It yanked me off the edge and we moved backwards.I veered and I glanced at a tall full-figured man besides
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The Rooftop
My heart drummed fast peering at Logan lying feebily and specking crimson blood flowing from his head and moistening his hair. The goon clasped me by my arms. His grip was stiff, it felt like my arms were clutched by hefty chains I couldn't move my arms. He yanked me I refused to walk and my legs were dragged on the floor as if they were cartons. He overpowered me gripping me by my stomach, I jerked still he continued pulling me and we halted beside the edge of rooftop."Help!" I howled as if from a mountain top, "someone help us!" Tears prickled my eyes."Stay quiet!" The goon pushed me down. I lay on the floor and I struggled to spring to my feet. He clenched my arms and I felt constricted I couldn't move and he knelt besides me. He clutched my blouse shredding it, it tore horribly and it became tattered as if devoured by a dog. "Help..! Help me!" I screamed."Keep quiet." He clutched my neck tightly and I fought hard to breathe. I gasped for air. He peeked at my bra and his lips cu
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Logan's apartment
Two security men scurried to us. They have been loitering around the back of the restaurant and they were curious about the noise they have been hearing. They arrived at the rooftop to inspect if anyone is on the rooftop. "What's going on here?" Said one of them. I was startled by his voice. Who could it be? I pondered. Are there more goons? I felt my heart racing, I veered and I let out a sigh of relief realizing that they are just security men. The security men glanced at the fainted goon and at Logan. They noticed the knife the goon stabbed Logan with lying on the ground. It was coated with Logan's blood. Their faces got puzzled."what the butt happened here? Was there a scuffle?" Spoke one of them.I nodded and replied sharply, "yea and this man I'm holding, he got hurt and now he's dead he's not waking up and he's isn't moving, " I pointed at the goon, "that guy killed him." My brows knitted. Inwardly, I was seething.The security guard knelt besides Logan and he checked his pu
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A fire disaster
It prevailed a frenzied dawning the subsequent day. Rays of the sunlight gleaming through the blinds of Logan's bedroom was causing him to stir. He groaned when the first beam of sunlight hit his face. Last night, I tugged Logan off the sofa. I grasped him and I let him lean on me as I trudged to his bedroom. I dropped him gently on his bed. His bed sits on a beige carpet that covers the whole room. I grasped a dark blue fuzzy blanket and draped it around him.I lurched a bit, I was feeling drowsy, I was dazed. I tried to edge away from Logan's bed and I plummeted on his bed. Feeling the comfy blanket nuzzling me I felt relaxed I fell asleep besides Logan.Logan unhurriedly opened his eyes and he glanced up at the ceiling. The ceiling seemed familiar and it dawned on him that he is in his bedroom. He attempted to sit up and he paused as he senses a throbbing pain in his arm he let out an audible groan. He tossed and he felt startled seeing me lying beside him."What's she doing here?"
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Fire disaster
He panicked and he let the bags of groceries slip from his palms and they dropped to the floor.Mia was stuck in her bedroom. She stood on the bed screeching, "help! Help me!" She shuddered at the sight of a huge fire which formed a fence around her bed.Logan listened to her cracking voice and his heart drummed wondering if the fire is swallowing her room. "Mia! Mia!" He yelped."Logan you gotta save me." She screamed back. She glanced at the fire nuzzling her bed and screeching at her and she panicked, lurched and tumbled on the bed. She felt like she is in a lion's den and she is going to soon be devoured. Logan glanced at the door to her bedroom. A huge fire snuggled the door and it was crawling towards the ceiling unhurriedly like a serpent. Logan felt jittery wondering how he is going to jerk the door open. His skin was getting clammy as the scorchness of the fire caresses him. He jabbed the door open with his thick boot thrice and the door plummeted to the floor and he scurrie
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