126. Case Closed

Violet and I immediately stood up and looked around when the group of police entered the campus area. Some of them entered the Chancellor's room, and some immediately spread out and arrested several people.

"What happened?" Violet screamed while hiding behind my back.

"They came to arrest drug users and dealers," said Vano, who had just come to us with Kenan.

"Does this have anything to do with Adipati's case?" I asked while looking closely at Kenan.

The man just nodded slowly. I breathed a sigh of relief hearing that.

"Unfortunately, the perpetrator of the murder is still at large, the police are hunting him in Bali, because they fled there." Kenan looked at me with a sad look.

I smiled in response to his words.

“Sooner or later they will be found. I am sure of it. After all, the drug suspects had been caught, Adipati's struggle was not in vain. Now just wait for them to be found!” I said casually.

Kenan smiled faintly, then nodded slowly. Kenan's cell phone rang, the man immediately
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