Soundless Violin

Soundless Violin

By:  Nadiyah Muhaimin  Ongoing
Language: English
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I may come off as spoiled, but I can tell you now that I'm far from it. Coming from a theatrical family doesn't help my case though, music was basically drilled into my brain. I'm sorry. I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Celesta. And I'm cursed… Cursed with a colorless soul. How will I ever get it out of me? I can tell you now that it wasn't easy, but somehow I managed to get through it… with the help of my Muse.

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Looking forward to read more of this story, way to go author.
2021-05-19 03:15:37
6 Chapters
Chapter One
    Music was never an option for me. I mean, yeah I love it and all but being forced to do it since I was a child… is a major turn off. That afternoon, I had to perform again and like I always do I pleased my father. That was the only way to get his affection, I had to perform to perfection. Once the background music stopped, I lowered my white violin and breathed out. “Ladies and gentlemen… please give it up for my daughter Celesta,” my father gestured to me. The audience clapped when I stood up with my violin and bowed gracefully. Yup… I was the daughter of a famous theater, my mother was a singer and my father was a strict conductor. Aside from running the theater, they also held classes here as well. Music students would come here from all over Rome to study under my parents, I never attended the classes therefore I never had friends. It sucks. As the curtain closed, I took off my heels and m
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Chapter Two
           Closing my balcony door, I stood there for a while thinking about what he said. How does music make me feel? No one has ever asked me that before… How was I supposed to answer that? It totally threw me off. Walking over to my desk, I looked at the pieces and flipped through them: Vivaldi Concerto in A minor. Paganini Kreisler- La Campanelle. Scarlatti Sonata in D minor. I hate to admit it but they were good pieces, the first one and the last one was piano pieces whereas the second one was a violin piece. “I guess I’ll start on the first one,” I walked over and grabbed my mini piano from the closet. Sitting back on my bed I started on the first piece. As the noted began to flow, the sick feeling came back and the sound became inaudible, I tried my best to ignore it but after a while, I stopped
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Chapter Three
          A month has passed since I started attending classes. The stares and whispers stopped… thankfully. Apollo helped me during class if I didn’t understand something and I asked questions if I needed further explanation on the topic we were learning for that day, I still felt awkward seeing Onyx whenever she would wait for Apollo after class but she seemed to take a liking to me. But since it was Friday, I was itching to ask them if I could hang out with them today. “Are you alright?” Apollo asked after class. I smiled, “Yea, thanks for helping today… again.” “It’s fine,” he tied his hair up, “Although I am surprised you don’t already know the material.” I sighed, “Sadly no. Daddy never taught me things subjects.” “Ah I see,” he smiled to himself. Onyx waved when we got to the bottom of the steps, “Are you ready?” “Yup,” he moved to her sid
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Chapter Four
                 I closed the door and let out a squeal. He actually likes me! I danced up the steps and closed the door to our house, mom and dad were watching TV in the living room. “Your back early,” he glanced up. I sat on the armrest, “Yea.” “Did you have fun with your friends?” mom smiled. I nodded, “I did, he introduced me to his friend Onyx, she books him gigs and stuff.” “That name sounds familiar…” dad muttered. I tilted my head, “Do you know her?” “No. It’s nothing,” he smiled faintly. Strange… “Anyway, did you confess?” she asked suddenly moving closer. Dad’s eyebrows shot up, “To Apollo?” “Obviously,” she purred. I shook my hair, “I didn’t have too.” “He confessed to you then?” her eyes sparkled, “How romantic.” I laughed, “It wasn’t a conf
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Chapter Five
       I didn’t have any time to relax, which meant that I missed Apollo’s show.On Sunday, dress rehearsal.On Monday, stage check and a final dress rehearsal.I kicked off my heels and fell on my bed after rehearsal, I felt so sick… the drowned notes were swirling in my head making me dizzy.“I’m so done with this,” I groaned.I didn't feel like changing out of my dress and decided to curl up for a nap, I yawned and closed my eyes only to be woken up again. I sat up and looked out my window, Onyx was sitting on my balcony gesturing for me to come out.What could she want?I climbed out of bed and opened the door, “Hey Onyx, what’s up?”“We need to talk,” her tone wasn’t threatening for once.I leaned on the door, “What about?”“You and Apollo… geez, it's freezing out here,
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Chapter Six
       While I waited patiently for Apollo to show up, Onyx was browsing my awards and music related trophies by my bookshelf. She hadn’t said a word since we got back to my room, and it made me wonder what was really going on. “I thought you were my friend,” I grumbled. She paused and glanced over her shoulder, “I am.” “So tell me what’s going on,” I frowned and shook my head, “It felt like I was in another place…” She exhaled and came over to me, “Ok. You want the truth? Here it is, you were transported to the Harmonic spirit realm.” “Your blaming my experience on a children’s fairytale?” I laughed a little, “Good one Onyx.” She sat on the bed in front of me, “Remember when I said Apollo is the son of the Muses? Well, I meant that.” “So what? He’s magical?” I rolled my eyes, “Yea right.” She grinned, “I’m serious.” “That’s enough Onyx,” We turned to face Apollo resting aga
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