123. Panda Doll

I'm still here, I'm still with you, when dusk greets me, I feel your presence. You are a source of warmth, comfort, happiness. Why don't you take me with you? You went and left all these memories with me.

It's too fast, I'm not ready, I'm not willing to let you go.

What shall I do without you, Adipati?

What should I do?


Violet's gentle voice greeted my eardrums. The girl came to me and sat beside me. I don't want to see her, the whiny me will cry again if I look at my best friend's face.

Violet just accompanied me in silence in front of Adipati's grave.

"It's almost evening, don't you want to go home?" Violet asked quietly.

I looked up at the sky which was starting to get dark, the cold wind continued to blow at us.

"Can't I just stay here? Adipati will be lonely here," I answered quietly.

"No, he will be angry and sad if he finds out you spent time in a dark and scary place like this," said Violet.

Correct. If he saw me, he would definitely be furious.

“Your dad and Selena a
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