125. Clue From Wisnu

"Wisnu?" I shouted, surprised to see who was coming towards us.

I turned to Kenan who also looked confused.

Wisnu sat down and drank the coffee that we previously ordered for the informant who contacted Kenan.

"You shopped for necessities for your sister?" Wisnu asked with a smile.

I nod quickly.

"She's seven months pregnant so we bought some things," I said even though I was still confused.

"Someone keeps following me, so it's safer to meet in a public place like this, as if meeting a friend and having a casual chat," said Wisnu casually.

I nodded slowly.

“Why don't you message me with your own number? Or if you are being followed, you can say it in a message," Kenan said.

Wisnu smiled so widely.

"I don't know, I'm afraid if my number is tapped or something, it's just my worry. Technology is so scary these days.” Wisnu said, trying to look relaxed.

I nod quickly. I don't care what the reason is. I only need the information that Wisnu will convey.

“Recently on campus, drugs are spread
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