124. A Hope

"Mafia members who are related to the Marko family," Kenan said slowly.

I stared into Kenan's eyes sharply. He said it so confidently.

“They did it? So, Marko's family is behind this murder? Why does it have to be Adipati? Why don't they just target me? I mean, Marko is in prison because of me, not because of Adipati. Why are they doing this?”

Kenan just shook his head weakly in response to my words.

"I will investigate, I will bring the culprit before you," Kenan said while stroking my cheek gently.

"You promise?" I insisted.

Kenan nodded slowly without the slightest hesitation.

“I doubt if they killed him to get revenge for Marko's capture. I'm sure there are other things that make them target Adipati,” Kenan said slowly.

I shook my head slowly. I don't remember if Adipati ever had anything to do with them.

“Is there anything I can help you with? How are you going to investigate this?” I urged Kenan.

The man just shook his head slowly, he looked at me deeply.

"Calm down, we have to
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