Chapter 41

It was almost three o'clock in the afternoon when I was done digging those files, I lean my back on my chair to relax the stiff that I feel from my back. I saw my phone from the side and check if there's a message that I did not hear because of being too focused on my work. I am not mistaken I have a message and it was from Cass. When I open it, she was asking if I have any allergies to food. I felt a warmth reading her message. I decided to call her, when the call gets through the line I was answered by a hoarse voice that seems like just woken up from sleep. I ask her if I have disturbed her but she said it's okay. Maybe she was really sleepy that's why she decided to be absent from work today. I told her that I have an allergy to peanuts and that's all. We did not speak that long for I have a meeting to attend so I end up the call and promise to come in her place after work. I am excited to end this day because of her invitation for dinner and I also plan to get her something lat

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