My Ordinary Love

My Ordinary Love

By:  EnjDy  Ongoing
Language: English
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Cass is a graduating student of business management in one of the well-known University in city A. Raised in ordinary way of living in small town of city C. She is a simple but attractive kind of beauty and also possess an intelligence that make her standout in her study. During her last semester in city A, she meet a handsome and rich man that she did'nt expect to be his boss after she graduated. And because of her innocence specially in opposite sex, she did'nt know that what her boss was showing to her is already because of his deep affection to her. Will cass can be able to put herself in the world of rich handsome man? Is her ordinary love enough to toughen the relationship that was sprouting.

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44 Chapters
Chapter 1
It's Sunday and tomorrow is the first day of school after the semestral break. The eighteen-year-old girl is busy preparing her luggage to bring back to the city where she's now pursuing her management course. Cass Lim is a loner person, she doesn't want to make many friends. She has only one close friend that she meets during her third year in the said university. She just comes from an ordinary family that cannot afford to buy leisure things for themselves. Cass's dream in life is to become one of the successful individuals someday. she has a simple and pretty appearance, fair skin that she inherits from her Chinese great grandparents, black and shoulder-length hair that makes her looks unnoticed in just one glance. After saying goodbye to her parents she trotted to the nearest bus station going to city A. Traveling all day can be tiring so after putting her things orderly, she drowns herself in the bathroom. Done cleaning herself she climbs up in her bed and immediately d
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Chapter 2
Inside the car, Josh was driving his way home. His mind was a little distracted by his mother's words earlier. Up until now, he did not think that someday, somehow those words would bother him. Unknowingly, josh thinks about what kind of girl could capture his heart. He doesn't want to set any standard, as long as they could get along with him, that's all that matters. To everyone's eyes, he is a cold and aloof person, unbeknown to them it's just his mask in order to steer clear of a prickly individual especially now that he is the new CEO of Stanley Manufacturing. It's already 10 pm in the evening when Josh arrives at his villa and quickly parking his car in his garage then striding inside his home. After taking a quick shower, he proceeds to his study room to finish some of his works in the company. .......... The following day seems to be ordinary to her. After her class in school, she immediately goes home to her apartment. Before sleeping she wil
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Chapter 3
At 7 o'clock in the evening, Cass and Liz were about to enter the shades bar. They're here to celebrate Cass's birthday and it's only the two of them because they're not the ones who make many friends. They don't like hanging around except if there's a special occasion that they felt like celebrating to some other place like this. After entering inside they choose the corner that has less crowded and ordered a drink for two. They just watch the people from afar while drinking silently. So they did not notice the unfamiliar figure sitting in the opposite corner where they were in. .......... Josh has always been punctual, so he came earlier than Robert agreed time. Sipping his wine he looks around but someone catches interest in his sight. The two quite beautiful ladies in the opposite corner where he sat. He silently scrutinized them from head to foot, he felt something that he couldn't explains it was. Without him knowing Robert has already found him and was also lo
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Chapter 4
Josh POV He was thinking the girl he just drop by to her home, she's beautiful and different to the other girls that he always meet. She seems not interested in him damn even in her bare face she is still attractive, simple but elegant. Something inside him says he want to know her more. But he felt erratic having this feeling he doesn't know why and what it is. The only one he know now that he did not feel this feeling before. He was lying in his bed feeling a little dizzy from the drink they take earlier. Its 2am in the morning and finally he drifted off to slumber unfortunately even in his deep sleep that face he encounter in the bar followed him in his dream. Its 10am in the morning Josh is still sleeping when his doorbel rang. He was annoyed by the non stop sound of the bell and force himself to get out of his bed, making his way to see who's disturbing his morning sleep. His mind went blank when he finally see who's in his door
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Chapter 5
Time pass by rapidly, and Cass graduation has already done. Now she has to start applying for a job that suits her studied knowledge. She never knows what is coming for her in the future, so she was thinking of applying to the most prominent establishment in these places hoping for a vacant position. For her except for the experience, all other qualifications are fit for any position. The reason why she has some sort of reluctance because she has no experience but she has to take the beat no matter what, trying is not a harmful thing to do especially in applying for a job.  It's been a week after sending applications to different companies in city A including Stanley Manufacturing hoping for a vacant position that would fit her right in. Thinking about that, Cass Lim just hopes to be hired in any of them. Today's weather is good, so after pondering what to do she decided to buy some of her needs. At Stanley Manufacturing CEO office, Josh is looking through the p
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Chapter 6
The working hour would usually start at eight o'clock but today Josh come to his office an hour before the work will start, deep inside him he anticipated her this time. From the last time, they meet she is always in his mind. Sipping his coffee while occationally looking outside his wall to ceiling window, he leans his back in his chair.  Cass is standing on the roadside a few meters away from her apartment waiting for a taxi to pass by, after a minute of waiting finally she hailed the taxi and got inside. She told the driver where she is going, when she arrived at the huge building of Stanley manufacturing she can't deny to herself that she was in awe and almost can't believe that she would be working in this company from now on. Upon arriving she trotted towards the front desk, but before she could speak the person in charge smiled then greet her politely, " Good morning Miss may I know who is your name please?" Cass answered," Goodmorning, I am Cass Lim
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Chapter 7
Cass entered her apartment, she closes the door but did not go directly into her room instead, she leans her back on the door and pondered for a while. Does she think if this continues who's a woman that won't fall for that outstanding man? only an idiot one. A few minutes later cass is preparing for her dinner in the kitchen after cooking she immediately fed herself then wash the dishes. She got in a shower before going to bed because of her work she felt a little exhausted maybe because she's new for the work so her system is still in adjustment. When her back touches on the bed she immediately drifted away to sleep.  Whoever in the spacious villa, Josh called his best friend Robert to come for a drink or two. Robert who knows his best friend better, said " You know? I have never seen you like this before and it never crosses my mind that someday my best buddy will be infatuated by a girl who he just meet." he said with a teasing smile. Josh stared at him wit
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Chapter 8
It's been a long night, and I'm not sure if it is fun going to a pub when I need to wake up early for work after tonight. My eyes feel gritty, and there's an ache stretching across my shoulders maybe this is because I slept in one position the whole night. Damn, how I wish I could crawl back into my bed until the pain in my shoulder will dissipate before I could get up and start another day for this week. But I was perplexed when I looked at my alarm clock on my bedside table and found out that I only have thirty minutes to prepare to go to the office. So I am rushing everything to consume the time, less than I usually did. Truly the time comes fast as it was. In the blink of an eye, it becomes an hour. An hour becomes a day and a day becomes a week without realizing it. Today, I become one month working as executive assistant of my outstanding Yummy boss. Oh my God! what was I thinking? The time and days that we spend working together make us more familiar with each other. We work
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Chapter 9
I felt tired while walking towards the parking area of the famous cuisine in city A. This day I only stayed three hours in my office after that three hours, I was out for a client after a client meeting. Even for lunch I still had to talk to a business partner. I don't even have time to break at least an hour of not facing those opportunists individual. I inwardly sigh at that thought, I can't do anything about it that's how business works. I sat down inside my car, my driver who is sitting in the driver's seat to look at me through the rearview mirror of my car, and I don't need to question him what was that look for. I told him to send me home. He nodded politely before starting the car and drove away through the crowded road. It is a wee hour so naturally, there's a traffic jam along the way but fortunately, it is not that bad this time, we still arrive early as we expected. As I reached the door of my house, I took out my keys I open the door and went inside. I place the
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Chapter 10
It is my second week of the second month of working with Stanley Corporation. Today is Tuesday, I have been waiting for a taxi for more than thirty minutes but there is not even one. When I was about to lose my patience Mr. Satnley's car stop right in front of me. He said with a smiling face," Good Morning Miss Lim, If your okay I can give you a ride." I who is looking at his smiling face was intimidated by his smile again. But I immediately mask it. I nodded my head then said, "Thank you, Mr. Stanley," while getting in the car and putting on my seatbelt as well. We arrived at the building in less than twenty minutes. I am the one who got out of the car first. I thank him again then go in first because he will park his car in the parking area reserved for his car. when I'm thanking him he just nodded his head without uttering a word. I rashly go up to my office. I don't need to Go to Mr. Stanley's office this instant because I already put the things as well as his schedule for today
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