Chapter 40

Cass POV

I felt the sun rays spreading their warmth across my skin as it pecked through the window, as I had forgotten to close the blinds last night. I open my eyes and look a the ceiling and the memories of last night flooded my mind, I realize that we are now an official couple started last night. Ugh, I subconsciously wipe my hands off my face that reminds me he kissed me. Oh, that was my first kissed its been taken away by him. I felt my cheeks burning with that thought, how would I face him. Last night I was like floating in the air after everything that happens because I can't believe what happen is like a flash of lightning. I woke up a little late today but I felt not in the mood to go to the office today because I don't know how I could handle my boss was now my boyfriend? What the heck was going on with my life. After thinking too much about the happenings last night I slowly get out of my bed and walk to the bathroom. Maybe I just need a shower to wake me up tota

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