Chapter 39

Josh POV

I can't explain how I felt this time, I can say my plan for today was very successful. Cass and I become official and my plan to do it on my mother's birthday for the purpose of making her happy was successful too. After I send Cass to her apartment I did not go back to my parent's house. I go home to my villa, I want to be alone while thinking. I want to celebrate our relationship but maybe after one month, I would surprise her. I arrived at my villa, it is dark because betty is in the mansion so I am literally alone in my house this time. I park my car in the garage then entered the house and turn n the lights. I walk to my mini bar to our a glass of wine for myself before going into my bedroom. While sipping the wine a thought came to my mind, I am now a man that has a girlfriend. That thought makes me smile, I really come to this moment like an idiot smiling alone while thinking a girl. Is this really like this? I sigh and stood up to go to my bedroom. I remove

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