Chapter 43

Josh POV

I was so amused that I almost forgot that I was talking to her on the other line. Today is her day off so I called her thinking she was already up, but I didn't expect that it was almost ten o'clock in the morning that she is still sleeping. I was just teasing her when I told her that she would go out of her bed to open the door for me, but she did not let me finish speaking when she hung up the phone. I thought she was that sleepy so I did not call her again just to let her sleep a little longer. But when my phone rang and I saw her calling I have my initial guess and it was confirmed when she said that I fooled her. After I laugh out my amusement for her, I comforted her which it take a lot of effort to comfort her. Until now, while I was looking at the content of the documents that were piled up on my table, my mind is still on the conversation I was with her a while ago. I tried to shrug it off but it continue to surface in my mind. 


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