A Passion That Will Never Die

…Josh POV…

As we get back home, ready to step through the front door, I immediately stop her, “Wait!”

“What is wrong, Josh.”

I lift her from her feet and carry her through the door, as she only chuckles. Then slowly I drop her back to her feet, I see her, her long slender legs with a perfect hourglass waist, a body so hot you can melt honey on it. Long locks of blonde hair elegantly drop off over her shoulders. She is a beauty beyond compare.

She sees me admiring her intensely as we walk towards the bedroom. "What has go you so fascinated, Mr. Stephenson?"

I continue to admire her body, my eyes not leaving her once.

She comes to stand closer to me. Having her so close sets my heart racing. The sweet smell of her perfume attacks my senses, jasmine, and just a small hint of vanilla. She bites into her bottom lip, which sends me over that restraint that I was trying to hold. I look at her intently. A deep r

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