Falling In Love Again

Getting to know the person you love all over again is almost as refreshing as spring rain. Becca has shown me a whole different part to her; the all serious, all the time Becca has made a place for this funny and carefree one. If it was possible, I even love her more now.

We had an amazing evening on the beach last night. That one kiss just stayed there, one kiss. Even though I wanted more, I just got enough of what I wanted at the time. Oh, I promise you, I am going to sneak in a few more; she is going to say yes; she just does not know it yet.

The next morning my excited and ever so damn horny ass is awake at the crack of dawn. 

"Morning, sleepyhead. If you not up and ready in half an hour, then you going to force me to bring my sweet ass in there."

"Morning, Mr. Stephenson, even though I would love to see that sweet ass so early in the morning, this sleepy head is already awake."

"Well, if you weren't, you would not be talking to me," I smi

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