Loving You Forever

Today I am taking Becca on a boat cruise to one of the small little islands. She is even more excited than she was yesterday when we went snorkeling. It is a small beautiful cruise boat that has a place where you can sit on soft white coaches and a long deck where one can tan. Knowing her, she is going to take as much sun as she possibly can.

I am standing in the bathroom, getting ready while she is patiently counting the minutes away.

"Are you ready yet?" I hear her scream from the room. "You are taking awfully long inside of there."

I only but chuckle at her as I walk back into the room, "Are you perhaps timing me?"

"I am starving, and I would like to get to the boat while the sun is still up."

I tackle her down to the bed and look at her into those deep beautiful eyes, "The sun is only coming up now, and don't use the babies against me."

She laughs at me as she tries to squirm away, "Oh no, you not going anywhere, princess, until you give

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