The Most Beautiful Place On Earth

…Josh POV…

Our wedding was absolutely beautiful. After every disaster that happened, everything turned out perfect and just the way that Becca wanted it. It was her fairytale, and she was beyond happy. Apart from me being a ball of nerves and almost passing out a few times, I actually managed to get through the ceremony. 

And at least Becca did not say much about the amount of whiskey that I did have on my breath. I think if she could, well, she would have done the same.

The reception was just as perfect; it was just with all our friends and the real family members that we needed. Thank god, there was not embarrassing speeches and story to be told from when I was a young extremely naughty boy. I think Becca would have been embarrassed if she heard of more of what I got up to when I was small.

Our first dance was like the very first time I met her, it was special, and it is something that I will always remember. Though we really did not

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