My Perfect Mess

My Perfect Mess

By:  Tatum_Whispers  Completed
Language: English
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Sometimes even your best-laid plans will fall apart. That is what Rebecca James will find out after she sets a plan in motion to win the love of her life back. Her great plan sends her into a world where a girl of her class should never be seen. And just as expected she bumps into the love of her life, but after he mistreats her, a handsome stranger steps in to rescue here. She then starts losing herself in him instead, but when their relationship threatens to fall apart, she comes up with another plan to win his heart back. A plan for a plan, a plan for a failed plan. What Rebecca fails to understand, is that all her plans are destined to fail from the start But it does not stop Rebecca in believing there must be a plan to fix what has gone wrong with the things that are failing in her life. Can her ultimate plan get her what she desires?

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62 Chapters
Caught In The Act
Dear ReaderThank you for reading the first chapter of the book called, My Perfect Mess. My Perfect Mess was originally written as an Interactive Story Game. I am in the process of adapting it into a novel form. The original version contains a great deal of dialogue to fit the platform for which it was intended. Though you can enjoy the story in its interactive format too as currently published. (eg when Becca speaks, the format will be as this: Becca ~ “What is there to explain, Matt.”) Full adaptation is dependent on the popularity of the Interactive Story. Let me know what you think, of My Perfect Mess. Happy reading, Tatum Whispers *************************   He has done it again. As if the first two times were not enough, I am once again shattered. Why do I believe him every time? Why do I believe him when he says he won't do it again!   “Becca, please wait.
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The Plan
I think that turned out quite well, if I must say so myself. Matt could not take his eyes off me. He has never seen me in a dress like this. I think things might just be looking up for me. I need a plan. I need to show Matt that he is nothing without me. That he will never look or want another woman again.Finally, we pull up to the club.Spangles.The whole way, Sammy kept on telling me how Matt is no good for me. I know she is right. I know I should not forgive him. But... But no more sad thoughts...for tonight...time to have fun!“Hey, Bruno! How are you doing tonight?”“Hey, Sammy. Always better when I see you girls.”“Ahh, you so sweet.”“Hey, Bruno!”“Hey, Becca. Looking good tonight...What's the occasion?”“A cheating boyfriend.”Bruno laughs so loud you can hear a rumble in his chest.“You girls go on out; th
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The Cat Is Out The Bag
It's Friday night, and I am getting ready to go out. I still have not spoken to Sammy since our big fallout. Matt is still here...I told him that I am still thinking about it...I am...And this is why I am going to do this.  I pull at my skirt for the hundredth time...this is way too short...and these boots...I look like a stripper...but I am not...or am I...  I hope Matt is not in the lounge or the kitchen...but then again, he has to be, or this is not going to work...this is the plan.  I sneak halfway down the stairs...he is there.  “Hey, I am heading out...I will see you later.”  He does not look up at me at first but then...  “Where. The. Hell. Are. You. Going. Wearing. That!”  “I am going out, Matt.”&n
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A Handsome Stranger
I feel like I am going to faint! Sammy does not know for a fact what I am doing here, but I think she has a good idea. I pull Joanne aside. “Joanne, can you give us a minute and six shots of tequila.” “Sure, sweety, I will be back in ten.” I turn to Sammy. I offer her a tequila, and she downs it. “Sammy...” “Don't Sammy me! Why are you dressed like that and hanging out with barbie doll over there?” “I don't know how to say this...” “Well, you have two minutes, so you better spill it!” “You know when I told you...” “Told me what!” “That job...” “What job!” “The one I told you about in the kitchen...”
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Creep or Stalker
Matt is not home when I get in at 2 am Sunday. I do not see him for the rest of the weekend either. He has not called or messaged me. It is Monday afternoon when Mike calls, “There is a big crowd coming in, and we need the extra hands.” “Can Joanne not doit?” “Already phoned Joanne; she is on her way.” “Who has a party on a Monday anyway?” “Please, Becca.” “Okay, okay, I will see you shortly.” I hear Matt knocking at my door. I know this plan was to get him back, but his behavior that night has left me with second thoughts. “Can I come in?” “Yes, come in, Matt.” “Are you working tonight?” “Yes, I am.” “Why are y
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An Unexpected Turn
It has been a week since my encounter with Josh...I cannot stop thinking of him. Sammy is coming over tonight. I am only working half shift so that I can hang out with them afterward. I told her we could go somewhere else, but she insisted we stay at Spangles. Something about being close to Johno's work. I hear the doorbell ring, and Matt lets Sammy in. “Hey, manwhore!” I shout over to Matt, just as he is about to say something, “Matt, you better not say a word!” “Who is the boss now, Matty?” Sammy teases him. “Sammy,” I warn her too. “Not another word from you either.” She walks up to me and follows me back to my room. “So, did you manage to let Johno off his leash tonight?” I look at her while she blushes in frustration. “What is it that h
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The End Of Heartache
I wake up the next morning with a pounding headache...what the hell happened last night...oh...after the freak show in the parking lot, Josh took me back inside the club, and I consumed more tequila than my little body could. Handle...BUT wait, I am not in my bed!OMG, did I come home with Josh! What happened between us? I still have clothes on, so that is a good sign...but this is not my clothes...shit...fuck. Josh enters the room and smiles at me. He sees the horrified look on my face. "Don't worry, pumpkin, nothing happened last night." "I am not your pumpkin." He chuckles. "How did this happen?" "How did what happen?" "How did I get into these clothes? They, not mine." "Your tequilas started missing your mouth and ended on your dress... I had to get you into some dry clothes." "You can't undres
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Drive You Crazy
I wake up the next morning, and Josh is already gone. He surely keeps odd hours for someone that works in advertising. Sammy is coming over this morning to go through the final preparations for her sister's bachelorette party. I am looking forward to it…I have never been to a male strip club before. I have a shift at Spangles tonight. Sammy does not know that I am still working there…I am telling her this morning. It is not going to go down well. As I make my way to the kitchen, the doorbell rings. "Hey, Babe." "Hey, Sammy." "Grab some glasses; we are having wine." "So early?" "It is for my nerves." "It is going that bad?" "Not at all; everything is going according to my plan." "Last time one of us had a plan, it did not work out so well."
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Everything Is Not As It Seems
The boys slept over, but they left early again. I find Sammy in the kitchen; she is in a total flat spin, “Hey, what is wrong?”   She ignores me and continues pacing up and down, “Sammy! Breath! What is wrong? Is there something wrong with tonight?”   “I wish there were. This is way more serious!”   “What is wrong?”   “He said the “L” word.”   “What? Who?”   “Johno!”   “What “L” word…Oh, that “L” word.”   “Yes, and I didn’t say it back. I just froze. It's too early.”   “You guys have been together for a while now. If you did not say it back now, you would say it when you are ready.”   “Fuck!”   “Let us get ready; tonight is going to be epic. The boys don’t know where we are going, hey?”   “No idea at all!”   “I thi
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A Little Boy Trouble
We just found out that Johno and Josh are strippers! Or what did they call themselves? Chippendales! “What the fuck, Becca?” “What the fuck, Sammy?” Next, it is Bev that interrupts. “Girls, I think my panties are wet. Those two boys! The one’s muscles are so tight; I just wish he’d let me go further down. The other’s hands are so soft and sweet, yet so rough and hungry. I would not mind having those two boys all over me, driving me to ecstasy. I can only imagine what they can do with what they were hiding underneath those hats.” “SHUT UP!” Sammy snaps at Bev. “URGH!” I, too, snap back. “I need a drink; are you coming, Becca?” “Bartender,” I try to get his attention. “Six tequilas, please.” “And six J
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