111. A common goal

The next morning, I awoke early.

Rubbing the sleep off my eyes, I twisted on the bed to face Marcus who was still peacefully resting in slumber. I brought my hand up to brush across his hair, his soft strands slipping away under my touch. His face slightly moved under my caress, making me retrieve my hand at once. I didn’t want to wake him just yet. Yesterday wasn’t easy on him, and I could only imagine what he had planned today. He needed all the rest he could get.

Sighing, I got up from my seat and walked to the washroom. Once I showered and cleaned up, I got dressed and headed out to fix some breakfast for myself. It was still very early in the morning, the sun had barely risen above the horizon, so I was positive I could enjoy some solitude in the house. But I was quickly proven wrong when I heard noises coming from the kitchen. Could it be Amanda?

Frowning, I slipped inside slowly and was surprised to find Lucien hovering above the counter. When he heard me enter, his eyes shot
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Diann Cannon
Marcus needs to keep an eye on Lucien he playing both ends

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